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Terri Mauro

Is being short a disability?

By November 15, 2006

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That's the question asked in a USA Today article that tells the story of a family who fought their insurance company to have their son's $20,000/year growth hormone treatments covered. The boy was diagnosed with ISS -- idiopathic short stature -- which doctors say limits victims to an adult height of 4-foot-11 for girls or 5-foot-3 for boys. Treatment with growth hormones helps, Eli Lilly has permission from the FDA to market its human growth hormone for that purpose (with the average total cost of treatment running $100,000 for a couple-of-inch increase), and the drug manufacturer figures there's about 400,000 kids in need of it. The need part is what's debatable, as there is substantial disagreement among doctors, parents and insurers as to whether this degree of shortness is a significant enough handicap to throw $40 billion at. What do you think? Note that we're not talking about dwarfism here, which generally involves an adult height below 4-foot-10 and may involve skeletal abnormalities; we're just talking garden-variety short. Should being diminutive be considered a disability? As a certified short person myself, I'd have to say no, but you can pick your own choice from the poll at right, and go on at greater length (height?) in the comments below.
June 26, 2007 at 6:59 pm
(1) Angelle says:

I am 18 years old and i am 4 foot 9 inches. Alot of people don’t hire me or they don’t give me big positions because of my size. They take me as some kind of big joke. I think that being short is a disability! I make minimum wage and work in a cash office at a store a little smaller than wal-mart. AND I MAKE MINIMUM WAGE! but yet i work in the office! People just see short people and say “oh they’re short.. they can’t do as good of a job as a normal person could so they will just get minimum wage” It sucks!!

October 6, 2007 at 9:24 am
(2) Des says:

I am slightly taller than yourself i am 4’10 but alot older.I know that it is hard alot of people misjudging you.I found a job in a bank in London.I was always complainning about being treated diffently .I had to use a step stool to reach all the binders i needed to use.Sometimes i had help to reach the things.In the end the bank could help me alot.Things have obviously changed and her there are alot of things changed like counters being lowered and card machines lowered.When i was younger there was nothing for me.I had to watch my twin sister overtake me in height and get a really good job and be on good money.Me it was the opposite.I didnt expect my twin to be 6ins taller than me.Even taller when she wears her heels has she likes to wear 4 in heels.so making her 9 ins taller.No one believes we are twins it is a nightmare.But we all live and learn

October 30, 2007 at 9:12 am
(3) Paul says:

I am the same height has Des,when i wear shoes to go out i am bang on 4’10 so without shoes maybe slightly under 4’10.I suppose no one will begrudge me saying 4’10 has i do need every inch i can scrape out of my body ha ha.
I am the shortest in my family my brother is 6’2 and 45 yrs old my younger sister is 5’10 43 yrs old.I am the oldest and 50 yrs old.Thinking about it i may have shrunk a little due to my age which is why i am slightly under 4’10.I do know i was always 4’10 by being checked at the doctors.What i would like to say is that i work in an office has a supervisor my salary isnt has good has my brother or sisters they have relativly jobs in t.v and radio.Mine is more using brain power has i have 10 people working under me which is a laugh has they are all taller and i know 5 are actually on a course to suceed further.Now some of these people are not the brightest sparks.I find a shorter person more willing to learn rather than a guy who isbeing helped due to his height.So no it isnt fair is it.My manager is a 6’4 tall guy and built like a s**t house.We both started together and that is the reason he is where he is and i am not there has they dont mind me covering for him when he isnt there.It is alot to do with being in authority can you imagine me a 4’10 tall guy having to go to meeting with my little legs dangling of me being over a foot shorter than the rest.I mean sometimes a few guys under me dont like me telling them what to do has they are 6’0 tall.
Getting back to H.G.H it isnt right to have parents pumping this stuff in if it is just so they can have a better life like a better job a chance of a love life.None of this stopped me i do however feel sorry for the primordial dwarfs has they do have it bad and if there was a miracle medical strategy for them then yeah.These people dont like a full life and are walking with giants every day the people below average height is nonsense.I got married to a wonderful tall woman i had 2 great tall kids who took after their mum not my height.I am the one who has to walk around in this small body and if i cane get a seat on the tube i have to try t hold on to a pole in the middle of the train and end up swaying everywhere.I got my height from my grandad he was 5’0 now 4’10 due to shrinking cause he is in his 90′s.I will possibly end up about 4’8 has people lose around 2 ins of height.At the moment i am the size of a 10 yr old boy they are usually the only ones i can look in the face of.Saying that i do have a aunt who is 5’0 so all together i am similar height to my grandad and my aunt.Outside it is childrens height at work no one is my height.The answer would be NO i would not want to have injections for height why put kids through it.The answer would be Yes i would have loved to have been the same height has al my siblings and my parents but that wasnt to be neither.We just have to get on with it though

October 30, 2007 at 9:34 am
(4) louisa says:

I am a woman 65 yrs old now so i have just retired this is my perspective on life.I am the youngest out of 10 kids growing up.Years ago we all used to have big families.There is about a one year difference in all our ages.My oldest brother is about 12 yrs older.Now all my brothers reached between 5’2 and 5’5 there were 7 brothers.My sisters reached between 5’0 and 5’5.My oldest brother was 5’5 he was very proud to be that height has when you saw out parents who were both shortish.My dad was 5’4 and my mum was 4’10.Now i has i said was the shortest out of all of us i am 4’4.I mean i know i was the youngest but surly i could have been the same has the rest of them.I suppose after having 10 kids i should have just been lucky with what i had hey. I mean i didnt expect to be a giant but why couldnt i have been 5’0 i would have been really happy with that.Okay the best thing was being spoiled by my mum who understood what i was gonna be going through.I remember her always telling me that i would have to fight for what i wanted.While being indoors with my family everything was great i got away with alot of things i didnt have pull my weight.It was only outside that things change.My younest brother was always looking after me at school i mean many a time was put in the rubbish bin in secondary school.I only realised that i was shorter than my friends when they did a physical to check our class for weight and height.It must have been just before going to secondary school the class lined up in age order now i was the oldest in my class and i was a good 6 ins shorter than the rest.I mean i think i used to keep myself with 2 shorter girls but when lined up in height that was when it struck me how much shorter i was than the class.My 2 best friends at the time were about 4 ins taller than me.Now when we went to secondary school in that summer both my 2 friends had shot up they were slighly over 5’0.I stayed the same i never got my height checked has it always bothered me watching everyone at school get taller.My 2 friends stayed with me all through school years which was good.Of course i had run ins when some guys would stick my blazer on the high peg knowing i couldnt reach it.Nowadays i am still this height i have only managed easy work has alot of things i cant do.I tried office work but even using a stool still didnt make me a height of 5’0 which used to be average for people years ago.I could not do physical work has i didnt have alot of strength.My favourite job was working in a primary school especially has i was the same size of preschoolers.I couldnt teach the juniors has it was too hectic and they wouldnt have listened any way the much younger kids could appreciate me more than the older ones so i stayed there.

June 26, 2008 at 6:48 pm
(5) Jessica says:

I am 4’9. I am trying to see if I am eligible for disability aid. I have never known so many short people. I love you and i don’t even know you. I wish that we can all meet. And to the 4’4 person, I wish I could give you a hug of LOVE. We aren’t dwarfs, so we’re not good for LPA, so what the heck can we do? I ‘d like for once to have someone my height come up to me and give me a hug; look me in my eye. I’m tired of the question, “how tall are you? ( chuckle chuckle)” I climb on counters at home to get stuff. My mom is 5’5 and my father is 5’10. What the heck! My gradma is taller than me. SHE’S ALMOST 80! This freaking sucks. Talking about it is about to make me cry, sorry…

August 23, 2008 at 12:08 pm
(6) Julie says:

I didnt realise there were alot more shortish people out there.
I am an adult fully grown with a height of 4’7 and 1/2 ins.I couldnt even make the 4’8 only when i wear shoes.I get young kids asking me how old and how tall i am.There was one time i was in a queue in a shop a young girl came up to me and stood right next to me trying to see if her shoulders were at my height.I turned to look at her and she called to her mum MUM AM I TALLER THAN THIS WOMAN.To which the mum replied OF COURSE YOU ARE DARLING.I looked at her and she was slightly taller and she mentioned that she was only 7 yrs old.Now i like fun but not being riddiculed at and felt it was in bad taste the mum letting her do so.I mean i have always been the shortest anyway but now that i am 30 yrs old i would like a rest without people abusing my stature.
I have had it since primary school having kids measuring up to me and saying how much taller they were.The days i used to hate was the sports day has i couldnt take part in some of the racesi just couldnt keep up with them i always came last and made the rest of them look good.The embarrassement came when my teacher put me in the races with kids 2 yrs below my class.She possibly thought it would make me feel better but instead it was worse if i lost to the younger kids.At the end of primary school we had to do a height and weight measurement before we went to secondary school.We had to do a oldest to youngest and then a tall to short one.
Now i didnt mind the oldest to youngest has i was the youngest in class there was a difference in height from my height at the time of age 11 yrs.I was only 4’5 the tallest was 5’5 who was another girl.I was a full foot shorter than her and she was always humble has she didnt like doing it.
When they did the shortest to oldest i was with 3 girls and 2 boys.We were all similar in height i knew i was the shortest anyway being 4’5 the others were no more than 3 ins taller than me so i could handle it better.
When we started secondary school there were loads of kids just starting and even though all the shorter kids used to hang out has if the boys played football they were always hit with the ball and hurt so they would be with us.We used to hang out even after school some of us which was nice.After being at school 2 years later down the line we had some new kids turn up and to my surprise one was a short boy he was always picked on at his other school and bullied badly.He used to tell me stories of what happened some wasnt very nice.His name was Robert but loved being called Rob.Now he was exactly my height i was really glad and happy that there was someone similar to me.Over these next few years some of my group got their growth spurts while being on the summer holiday.We had just reached age 15 and came back to start school.Some of my friends were now over 5’0 especially most of the boys.But we still stayed true to eachother.I was still pretty close to Rob has he didnt even have a growth spurt i was measured at 4’7 and 1/2 and Rob was still 4’6 he hated it and took it rather badly.I was always saying that it will come the growth spurt but all he would say was if you saw my parents you would see why i am disappointed.His dad was 5’0 and his mum was 4’10.He had just seen the doctor in the holiday time and was checked out with his height only to be told that seeing has his parents are short so will he be. The doctor said that hopefully he could manage a height of 4’11 has it looked like he took his mums stature.We were friends right through to the end of school we had an end of school party in our last year.I decided to go with Rob has everyone turned him down.When he turned up to pick me up he had a blinding suit on he stood proud he was now 4’9 tall.I decided not to wear heels has it would look much better and has we stepped out to the car he said quietly in my ear THANKS FOR NOT WEARING HEELS YOU WILL MAKE ME THE PROUDEST GUY THERE.Everyone was laughing at us not in a rude way only saying that Rob was actually a full inch taller than me.We had pics taken and looking afterwards i was surprised at our we were just right for eachother.
So dont forget short people can still find love as me and Rob are still together has we also work together in the bank.Rob did get his last couple of ins in his growth spurt but not till he was 18 yrs old.Me on the other hand stopped growing age 14.Rob was now a full adult height of 5’0 exactly like his dad and all the family are proud of him.
We may get married soon and then hopefully our own kids would be nice.

September 30, 2008 at 7:58 am
(7) Margaretta barli says:

i have accepted being short for years now.Obviously growing up it wasnt nice.I still wouldnt like to be classed has having a disability due to peoples height.Maybe for the little people below a certain height say like 4’6.I dont know really what i do know is that i wouldnt never/ever put drugs in me to just get taller.Nor would i ever go to China/Russian and have leg lengthening done.No way i mean we are given what we have so we need to work with what we have.I does get easier has you get older and i still look like a young lady nothing like my age.So that has got to be a plus hasnt it.The usual everyday things i still find annoying.Like the shopping now i am okay if i have my daughter with me has she is 7 ins taller than me and comes in handy for reaching the high things.I come in handy for the low items.I find it annoying when there is the last frozen meal that i need to pick up and it is right at the back of the freezer.If i am on my own i have to wait for someone taller to come along the aisle.Some of the trolleys are pretty deep and i have to reach it and nearly fall in it just to get the items out.When i am out on the bus i am okay if i am sitting down (apart from my legs swaying) that is.They are a couple of inches off the floor.If i have to stand and hold on i am lucky if i get my hand onto a low bar to hold onto.Same old trouble on the underground. I still get asked my age in the street mainly by the young children.Take last week a young girl came up to me and said that we were the same height she asked my age and i told her that i was 40 yrs old.She told me her age and she had just turned 10 yrs old.She could believe that she was face to face with me.I just her she looks like she will be lucky enough to grow taller than me has she was already my height.we were both just under 4’10 she did make me laugh and she mentioned that she was still one og the shortest in her class and if i saw her mum i would know why.Has i turned to look behind the girl funnily enough the woman was just like us she was a fraction taller than me and the girl.We all talked together and exchanged stories and had a laugh.Now i dont understand why the short woman want to have a tall husband.Some say that they dont want short children.Now me being short and my husband is 5’4 i believe that we short people should stick togetherhey.has it dont look right if a woman is under 5’0 being with a guy over 6’0.It looks like a dad taking his daughter out ha ha.Now me and Mark are well suited he loves being about 6 ins taller than me.Now what he doesnt like is having Marie our eldest being taller than him.Okay she may only be 2 ins but she loves wearing high heels and she is sometimes like 5 ins taller than him.We also have Lucas who is 17yrs old for some reason he has got my height so far he is only 5’0.I cant see him growing much more has for the last 5 yrs that has been his same height.I know they say that guys can grow till they are 21 but i cant see it in him.Saying that i have never encouraged him in saying that he will be has tall has his sister because it wouldnt be right.I just tell him lets see what happens hey you never know.

September 30, 2008 at 8:10 am
(8) Ben Morris says:

Now i come from an average height family my mum is 5’4 and dad is 5’10.I have 2 older brothers James is 25 and 5’11, Marcus is 23 and 5’9.I then have an older sister she is Samantha and she is 19 and 5’6.I am the youngest aged 16 yrs old and 5’0.I have been this height since age 11.All my friends just grew taller than me and i as left lagging behind them.My best friend is 5’10.Now i did have some tests done to see if i was gonna get any taller but my doctor says he cant see it happening.My bones in the legs have already fused and there will be no more growth.I mentioned that i thought boys grew till they were 21 only to be told that sometimes that happens.So since then i have accepted that i will be this height.Now i will never have height treatment done nor leg lengthen done.Whats the point i mean okay i may be short but so far the girls arent bothered by it.I used to say to my parents that maybe have older brothers and a sister they took all the height gene.I have an end of school prom to go to next year and i am already interested in someone.I would like to meet a really nice short woman so far at school there are 5 girls who are under 5’0 so i have the edge on them.i suppose that it will just be my luck that they have a growth spurt and i will then be the shortest at the prom.Especially when they can wear high heels.I will keep my fingers crossed though.

September 30, 2008 at 8:28 am
(9) Jasmin Alexander says:

Now being short isnt a bad thing,i come from a short family so things havent been too bad for us.It was more of a problem for mum though has her name before getting married was Julieanne Short.
Now my mum is 4’8
my dad is 4’10
me 15 yrs old 4’9
Simon 18 yrs old 4’11.
Now this has stemed back for years both my parents coming from short familes.Simon used to say for a joke didnt anyone ever think about marrying a tall person.The way we carry on no one in the family will ever top 5’0.So far he is right we are all under 5’0 followed by our g.parents and aunts uncles and cousins.
It seems to be a running joke that needs to be stopped we think.Maybe we could have been a disabled family has we are all short.Now i wouldnt like to be classed has one though.I mean where we live things arent too bad.Like the banks have disabled cashier counters which help us to see the person serving us.Mum have it hard if this counter isnt free has she just manages to get her head over the counter and they pass the things through to her to sign.The petrol pumps arent too high nowadays.Also the delicatessen counter has all glass so he can see everyone.I mean little things like that have helped and we are greatful for them.It mean that the companies are taking more notice of the shorter than average people.Now the only thing i dont like is the name calling i mainly get it from the younger schoolkids.Some are like just over over to the high school.i have girls who are 11/12 and they are nearly 5’0 already.I mean 3 ins is 3 ins taller than me and they are younger than me.It can be abit disheartening when one comes up and calls me a midget.Her friends then say what is my favourite sweets MIDGET GEMS.Now i usually hang about with about 6 girls surprise surprise i am one of the shortest but we range from 4’9 to 5’4.Now when i am with my friends we never call names to each other only nice nicknames.
last week in school i was asked by a new school pupil WHAT DO I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP.My answer is usually as long has i am taller than you i dont mind.
So me and Simon are gonna try and change our family.We both plan to marry tall people and hopefully change things.Has long has they are handsome Simon says.

October 2, 2008 at 6:34 am
(10) Julie Sanders says:

I am a parent of a 7 year old daughter and a 9 year old son with both having below height for their age.My daughter is the height of a 4 year old and she is growing very very slowly.This is the same for my son he is the age of a 6 year old.Now i blame myself for this has i am also shorter than average height.My adult height is 4’9 and their dad is 5’0.Both children are finding it very difficult at school has they get alot of horrid things said to them.I know when i was growing up i took stick all through school life until i had my first child.I understand that children can be quite hurtful and dont think about the feelings of my 2 children.On occassions i have seen them in tears about things said to them,and feel that for some reason things have not really changed for the better.Now my 2 children tend to spend most of their breaktime with children younger has they feel happier being around them.i find it very unappropriate that schools do not help children to fit in with other classmates.I remember picking my daughter up from school when she was very upset and i went to the cloakroom to get her coat i noticed straight away that it was put on the higher hangers.So i asked her why it was there she told me that one of the bigger boys in her class did that so he could see her jump to try and lift the coat off.She said it happens alot and i mentioned it to her teacher who now keeps an eye on things.Both my children are around 6 inches shorter than the taller children in their classes and when it comes to school pictures they are always bunged at the front spo they can be seen.
Jonathon has been tested to see if there is a problem with the slow growth and so has Louisa and it has just come back that their bone structure is not too long and that they have worked it out that they will only grow till they reach the age of 11 for Louisa and 13 for Jonathon.We have told them so that it wont be too much of a shock.Louisa predicted height has been worked out to be in the range of 4’5 and 4’8 so she isnt looking forward to that.Whereas Jonathon has a predicted height of 4’7 to 4’10.He says he wants to head for the higher height has does Louisa.So i am hoping that they both get to have an enjoyable life despite their height problems.I mean it was never right to keep it from them anyway.

October 2, 2008 at 8:06 am
(11) Marshall Cavendish says:

Now i dont mind saying that i am short because that is what i am.When i am wearing my shoes to go out i am 5’0 tall.When i take them off i am a tichy bit over 4’10.Now in all my years of being this short i have never thought about being classed has having a disability.Maybe for the really really short people.In my case i have learned to adjust to my height or lack of it.I am now 60 yrs old and served 15 yrs in the british armed forces.I did 10 years in the army has they didnt mind the short guys.In the R.A.F it was abit difficult but i did really well there.I ended up leaving after 5 years in the airforce has i had an accident in the Falklands.I found a very decent woman when i came out and we ended up marrying.For a start off the height didnt bother her,in fact she revelled in being 5’8 and me 4’10.She is also a little older than me 65 yrs old.In the past year i noticed that some trousers of mine werent fitting as well as they should have so i bought a new pair of trousers and brought them home.Now this is the same size i always buy so i was abit surprised when they seemed too long.I suppose i should have taken more notice has the legs of my previous trousers were dragging on the floor slightly.So i tried them on and noticed they were a good 2 ins too long.Now these trouser are in the boys junior section and they were aged 14 yrs.My good wife decided to take them up for me saying that i looked funny with the hem dragging on the floor.So after that i decided to see my g.p to check me out.I was astonished has i have always known my height to be a touch over 4’10.Well over the past 20 years we apparently shrink with our age and i was told my height is now 4’8and abit.I thought it was abit drastick with losing nearly 2 ins.I was told that some people lose more so to be more greatful.I got my wife to check herself out with the g.p and she was told she is now 5’6 and half.She is older than me and not shrunk has much has me can you belive it.We have 1 son who is 40 yrs old and he is about 5’10 tking after his mum.Our daughter who is 35 yrs old she leaned more towards my height and she is 4’11.The last time i saw her she mentioned that she felt i wasnt has tall has usual but we still laughed about it has before we were really similar in height and instead she is about 2 ins taller than me.Simon our son has 2 sons and both are strapping young boy both are taller than me already.Whereas Linda she has 1 daughter who is only 4’10 and struggling with being shorter than her friends.I just say to her to cheer her up that I REMEMBER WHEN I USED TO BE HER HEIGHT and she laughs.So i can only say that height is definetly inheritied and so classing people has being disabled wont help anyone.I am now 4’9 and i could never class myself has being disabled.My wife might have to reach things more often than not but she isnt around i do need to climb on the worktops.
I remember when we had the family over for sunday luch and i was doing some of the cooking and need to get the spices down well because my wife does most of the cooking she likes the items up to her level so she only stretches a little.Now i couldnt reach the spice rach and decided to climb on the worktop when one of the grand kids came out in the kithen and said CAN I HELP YOU THERE GRANDAD i did feel abit embarrassed has he is pretty tall for his age.

October 2, 2008 at 8:52 am
(12) Stuart Martin says:

I am an average height male,but i have 2 girls who are gonna be on the short side of height.I know this has Rebecca is 12 yrs old and she is only 4’3 tall now she has always been short i mean her mum is tall either so we usually put it down to that.My wife is barely 4’9 tall she is about the height of 9/10 yr olds where i am about 5’7.Our other daughter is 13 yrs old and she is Paula she is 4’5.Slightly taller than her sister,now they have both always been short since being in primary school.Now they are both in high school.They both mention the same things like how it is so daunting walking through the hallways to their classes.Rebecca says she has on many occassions had to move out of the way quickly has the boys run to their classes and they gets knocked over sometimes.Paula helps Rebecca has much as possible in school and they usually hand around together in breaktimes.I know that they are gonna find it hard struggling with being this short and we have also found other families with kids being classed has little people.Paula doesnt like being called a little person has she feels that she still has time to grow she says she would be happy enough if she reached her mums height.Rebecca is the funny one and say she will be happy if she is her dad’s height.I usually say that if i could i would let them have some of my height has i would have loved being like my kids and wife.I mean Paula has about 2/3 years max to grow and i cant see her getting these 4 ins i think she may top out at 4’6 or 4’7 but no more has i have noticed any grow for 2 years.Rebecca is the bright one and she she will be happy with how things turn out at the moment she has just had abit of a growth spurt and we actually thought she was gonna equal Paula in her height but she has stopped.So even if Rebecca has about 3/4 years to grow i feel she will still be in her same position.She may get a couple of ins if we are lucky and reach about 4’6.Both our daughter have some lovely friends at school and they manage to look after them.So there is no roughhousing near them.Both tell me they dred having to do p.e has alot of the sports arent cut out for them.When it comes to netball they cant defend nor can they score.So they get sidelinned alot.Now when it comes to trampolining they both enjoy it has that is an easier sport to do.The trampolines are about nearly 5’0 from the floor and it takes 2 girls to let the kids put the foot in their hand and push them up.What they dont like is when the teacher just lifts them up has they feel abit embarrassed by having it done.
About a month ago now we went to a meeting of little people in our town and quite a few turned up to see what was happening.Now i was the tallest person there so i felt abit out of the way.My wife was well at home has she could speak to people her height.Rebecca and Paula like going over there has they feel the same with being with same height children.We mainly spoke about what families have had to do with regard to adjusting their houses has they felt it isnt right for the kids to miss out on doing things.I noticed that the shortest person was a girl it turned out she was 6 yrs old and 3’9 tall.Her parents told us about adjustments they have had to do and how she is attending a school that isnt mainstream has she wouldnt fit in.Paula mentioned about her friends how they are all normal height and look out for her and Rebecca when people run around and how she had been knocked down and banged her head.She says she is happy enough there though has she is now used to being one of the shortest in the whole school.Okay they may have to have lunch a little earlier than the rest to get there lunch and settle in but that is all.I think that Paula seems to hold a grudge more so than rebecca has she feels that the oldest kid should be the tallest and she would hate it if Rebecca grew taller than her.Rebecca tells me that there is 2 girls who are also struggling with height issues one is in her year and one in the year above Paula.The older girl is about 4’7 and the younger one is 4’6.They say the worse are the short guys they try to hang out with the tall boys and they just cant match them for speed or strength.They try to play football and are forever getting knocked off the ball.They are the last to be picked for the teams.One is William and he is in Paula class.Now William is about 2 ins taller than her so only 4’7and sometimes can be nasty to Pauls saying how he is taller than her and he will grow and she wont grow.One of Paula’s friends that is taller than him soon puts him right and says that he will never be as tall has her.Especially has she is 5’6 already and one of the tallest.I think Willaim tries to act tough has he tries to be aggressive to other boys.Never to the tall guys though the ones he picks on are about a couple of ins taller than him.Then there is Paul now he is a lovely boy he is in rebecca class and he isnt fazed about being short he loves it.Sometimes they might be a tall boy will will pick him up and say look Paul this is what i see when i walk what do you see he just laughs about it.He loves being friends with Rebecca and Paula.He says the best bit is being has tall has Paula has they are the same height.Paula did try the wearing heels but couldnt manage them.Lots of kids noticed and laughed about it and her feet ached at the end of the end of the day.
So everything is sweet in our household and when the kids grow up they may have to have lowered kitchens if they dont get taller.

October 2, 2008 at 1:59 pm
(13) Rashita Cohen says:

I would like to say that being short doesnt make me disabled or not be able to do other things like everyone else.I mean where i live now i must be one of the shortest people there.I am 4’7 tall and i blame it on my heritage has the tallest out of my family and outer family is 5’3.That just happens to be an uncle of mine.For me it isnt a problem ha i have learned to accept my hight and fully embrace it has i have good family around me.At the moment i have just had my 16th birthday and had all my family members round.When everyone reaches 16 it is such a big deal we have to dress up and party.Lucky for me my cousin who is a few years older than me lent me her dress has it fitted perfectly when i wore shoes with heels on.That was so i didnt have to adjust the dress just in case someone else needed to wear it.Now this was a good night for me has when i am in school i am forever having to look up to people when they want to talk to me and it is abit of a nuisance.Here at my party the height thing just goes out of the window has we are all short anyways.My uncle says whenever there is a gathering he loves coming to them has it is the only time he seems like a giant and stands out.
I have had all the name calling and bullying but has i have gotten older it seems to stop.I have never liked being called a dwarf and i would never accept the word.Yeah i am short maybe has short has the new children coming up to high school.My friend Lizzie says every year look Rashita a pupil your height.She does say sorry to them after…
I only wish that clothes could be made for children that are short has i am fed up looking in the childrens department.I know i will never be able to buy off the rack clothes but please make the childrens clothes sensible for shorter adults.I have friends tall and short probably so i dont stand out too much.I just think that the teachers could be abit more understanding towards me and the other shorter children because since i have been at high school i get the same old joke like…When i answer a question i get told all the time to stand up.To which i just say SIR i am standing up.
I can understand the pain of the p.e lessons has i have had to endure exactly the same and i cant keep up with the taller kids at running.I mean i dont think that i should be a start off has one of the teachers always does because i still come in last.We had a stand in p.e teacher and she decided to change the running order and had us measure up and split us into 2 groups the tall group and short group.We had to run round the track once and the short group we were given a quarter off the track.Within about 20 secs the tall group had caught up with us it was shocking.The few short friends i have are 2 my height and 3 abit taller.I havent quite found a pupil for the school dance yet but i am hoping to.

October 2, 2008 at 3:37 pm
(14) Sarah Markes says:

I think if asked alot of woman would not like to be told they have a disability due to being short.I find this true has i have a couple fo short friends male and femal and i am always being told that they just work round things to be able to do them.None have ever mentioned saying it is a disability to be short.Okay we may have to use objects to get things down from the top shelve if the cupboard or climb on the top of low cupboards when i have forgotton that i may need something after.My 15 year old daughter usually finds me trying to knock things off shelves and instead says can i help you.Now she is 5’6 and i am 5’0.It is funny how things are turned around like while she was growing up i was always helping her.Now she says it is her turn to help me.My son is also already has tall has me and he is 12.So the kids do come in handy for me.Being called disabled is not one i would reccommend sorry.

October 8, 2008 at 8:29 am
(15) martin howes says:

I am pretty shocked to hear from so many shortish people.Needless to say i am one as well.I am 25 now and i have a twin sister Trisha.All through our birthdays we had to endure the height chart.I remember starting it when we were about 6 yrs old.Trisha was always about 4 ins taller than myself from that age.When we had to share our bedroom Trisha was allowed to sleep on the top bunk has mum was afraid i would fall out of it.We were always put in the same classes especially from primary school.When we did gym i couldnt hack it has if it was running i was one of the last and Trisha was one of the first.She could even manage the horse to jump over and ring the bell at the top of the climbing rope.When sports day came we did numerous games like throwing the basketball in the net and a 3 legged race plus normal races.The 3 legged race was hard for me when i was paired up with one of the boys it was okay if they were short has well if not we struggled has the taller boy could walk faster than me and take longer steps. I also had to do the height measurement in our class before leaving for high school.I was the 4th shortest in class along with 3 girls.Trisha was about 6 ins taller when we were about to leave primary school.It was when we were going to high school mum checked out heights.I was measured at 4’5 and Trisha was about 4’11 without shoes on.I couldnt even blame her for wearing heels has she didnt wear them at the time.I was taken to my g.p to see if their was a problem with my height i had a few tests done and was told that if i wanted to go on h.g.h it may help to catch up with Trisha.I was to take an injection in my thigh everyday for a few years.This i did for 4 yrs all it ended up making me do is reach my final height sooner rather than later.It turned out that Trisha was lucky to get my dad’s height and i had my mums height.So with my dad being 6’2 tall she was gonna be destined to be up there somewhere anyway.Now my mum was 5’0 tall and i was told i could be somewhere between 4’9 and 5’2 if i did the h.g.h. When i stopped taking the h.g.h treatment i had been 15 yrs old and my height was measured at 4’9.I was pretty annoyed has i didnt even manage to reach my mum she had 3 ins on me.So i can only say that growth hormone treatment works for some people and not others.To this day i still didnt grow another inch.Whereas Trisha managed to reach 5’9 a full foot taller than me.No one believes we are twins and i certainly dont look my age.Take when me and Trisha celebrated our 21st birthday i was embarrassed to have to keep showing i.d when we went to a club.Trisha no problems she just walks in.I have to take my i.d everywhere even when i drive.I am forever being pulled over by the police for looking too much like a kid.Driving is a nightmare anyway has when i go out i have to strap 2/3 cushions on the seat to see over the dashboard.Being 25 and looking like a 10 yr old isnt nice.I hate having to buy clothes has the only ones are in the juniors the trousers come up perfect if i buy a size 10 year old.I like to go to NEXT shop has they cater for juniors much better.The styles are good and up to date.Now when it comes to shoes that is a different story has my feet are only a size 1 and for that reason the size is quite popular and always sold out.Trisha has a size 11 and she struggles.So i suppose we are abit similar in some ways.I have a couple od best mates and they are overly massive compared to me they are all over 6’0.I suppose that i felt that i would be okay being with tall people.There is also 2 short guys Harry he is 5’4 and Leslie he is 5’2.Trisha has met a guy who is abit shorter than her and she loves it being taller that is.His name is Louie and he is 28 yrs old and 5’5.I on the other hand have benn on a few dates with girls not as many has my friends though.I tend to get picked out by the taller girls.The tallest so far was 5’6 and her dad wasnt too happy about me and her so that lasted a short while sorry about the pun there.I am working with a great woman at the moment and am thinking for asking her out she is 21 yrs old and she is 4’11.We have been on lunch dates and now i want to ask her out has she seems happy when we are together at lunch.She doesnt even mind the height being in her favour has she said that i make her look taller when i am with her.I usually just say that she makes me feel shorter when we are together.Of course we do get the mickey taken out of us but we just laugh about it.

October 8, 2008 at 8:48 am
(16) mutha cowli says:

All i would like to say is that being asian and short it is not a problem for me has from what my family say is that being asian it is expected to be short.That is from my mum who is 4’10 and dad who is 5’0.I also dont mind has i am a female who is 4’5 and 16 yrs old.I dont expect to grow that much taller.Especially when my nan is also my height.I am happiest when i am in my grandparents company has with them both being short i am in good company i suppose.Now what i dont like is being in my last year and being one of the shortest in the school.I have kids who are 11 yrs old and being my height and asking am i bothered by it.What i dont like is everyone pointing the fact out that i am really short.I am on average about the height of a 8 yr old.I remember praying every night when i was 14 yrs old for me to grow taller buy it never happened.I have been this height since i was 13 yrs old.I know that girls are supposed to stop growing from about 16 yrs old so my days are probably numbered.I am beginning to think about when i get older has i know my grandmother has started shrinking.She is 82 yrs old and about an inch shorter than me she says that she may lose upto 3 ins in height.So by my calculations i will lose 3 ins and then only be about 4’2.That cant be right can it.I have an end of school party next year and i feel that i wont be able to go with anyone and may have to miss it.The only people around my height and in my year at school are.there are 3 asian guys who are 4’9 4’11 and 5’0.I may ask one of them has i know that when we speak they are always going on about a date for it.
I dont like the names that i get called being this short,names like short stack half pint and the worse is being called a dwarf.I know that i am the height of one but the word i hate it.I dont mind the little person name has that is what i am.I get asked thing like what do i want to be when i grow up, was i one of the extra’s in charlie and the chocolate factory.The jokes are never ending for me.

October 9, 2008 at 6:54 am
(17) Mick Russo says:

I wouldnt like to say being short is a disabilty mainly because i possibly dont suffer as much as someone who is shorter than me.I would say that mainly these really short people like primordial dwarfs need to be in a position has they seem like they suffer the most from all types of dwarfs.Now in my position Yes i am short and below average height for a guy.I am 57 yrs old so possibly with a wiser knowledge of life i hope.Yes i have had ups and downs regarding my height has i alays felt it was unfair on me but then when i reached teenage status things just clicked into place.Now i found growing up that i was never going to be a giant in my family has my mum was 5’2 and dad was 5’4.Now we have a background of all the family being decendants of Italian families.When we have family gatherings maybe the tallest is 5’9.Growing up was pretty hard if guys wanted to look big and pick fights with me it just wasnt fair and on numerous beating i did have to take the guys were like powerhouses to me.I was very slight in my strength and height.It was in high school where i was ridiculed and suffered from depression.I think i reached my height when i was about 16 i was about 5’0 tall if that.I had plenty of friends who helped me out if there was problems.What used to annoy me was that there were 2 guys within my height and they weren’t picked on only me.I put it down to being an Italian and the others were not.When i was asked my height i always said that i was 5’0 mainly because girls said they were that height and i was the same height has them.It seems that height is more important to a guy than a woman.It just occurred to me after i visited my doctor that after thinking i am still 5’0 i am now 4’11.So we definetly do shrink with age i agree there.I used to have plenty of jobs some worked out okay some not.I met my wife at a party i was invitied to and we gelled straight away.I was just having a rest after dancing with friends and this woman came up to me and we chatted.I hadny noticed her there from the start off.She sat down and we talked for quite a while.When a song came on that we both liked we danced.Has i got off from my chair to walk to the dancefloor it then hit me.She stood up and walked with me has i turned i realised that she was a good 6 ins taller than me.I looked to see if she had heels on and she hadnt.We had a few dances and no one took any notice of us.At the end i asked her if she wanted to go out for a meal in the week.Good for me she said Yes.I picked her up in my car and the night ended up very decent.We chatted in the car about of my height bothered her to which she said no.Mainly alot of her friends ar short has well so i would fit in.We met her friends and it turned out she meant her women friends.She was the tallest out of all of us.We have been married now for 35 years now and we have 2 daughters and 3 sons.My sons are both taller than me has they take after their mum One is 5’5 and the eldest is 5’6.The 2 daughters sadly got my height One is 4’11 and the other is 5’2.Me and the youngest who is now 24 yrs old she is bang on my height until she wears her heels and she is then about 3 ins taller.We are all one big happy family and we embrace our Italian culture to the full.

October 9, 2008 at 7:06 am
(18) Paula Grace says:

Being short isnt a disability i am average height 5’9 and 25 yrs old.When i am out i try not to wear high heels has they make me to be something like 5’11 tall.So i always try to wear uppers with very little heel.This is my perspective.I have a group of friends who are between 4’11 and 5’6.we have always known eachother.I have on many situations defended them if they were picked on.To me they are the lucky ones has when we go out who is left standing at the end of the night in the club ME.All my friends find guys who want to dance with them.I think the short guys are worried incase i crush them lol.I struck it luck about a month ago and managed a dance with a tall guy things didnt pan out for us.Most of my friends now find themselves with guys and there is just 3 of us without.I did managed a couple of dates with a shortish guy he was about 5’6 tall.The problem he was the one with the hang up not me about height.I like short guys they are very sensitive rather than a tall guy who just stumbles about.My friends have only ever complained about their height in a way of not being able to compete with others.They used to say that they would love to be my height and i would love to be theirs. So i hope this helps you in thinking that being short is a disability why isnt being too tall a disability.

October 11, 2008 at 6:44 am
(19) Maggie Stewart says:

I am the parent of a short statured child she is age 13 now and only the height of a 8 yr old.Now i aint very tall myself being 4’10 but my husband is also relatively short he is 5’0.Now living in this day and age shorter people are being treated differently to the taller ones.I know that they get shown alot more respect me and my husband endured this problem in the work environment and during schoollife.So it seems that things havent really changed.We have a son who is 16 yrs old and he is only 5’0 just like his dad and we had so many problems with him at school.He was tormented and treated like a young kid.We dont think he is going to grow anytaller and so far he is accepting it.Our daughter on the other hand is not she is at least 6 ins shorter than her school friends and is in her second year at high school.She has some good friends who try to help her and stop the bullying.Her height at the last measurement was 4’5 and she is told all the time she must be a real life oompa loompa.She comes home in tears if she is called a dwarf we have tried to help her.She has also tried counselling has she gets depressed alot.We have had a long conversation about problems which could occurr in later life and how best to deal with them.She told me how she wouldnt mind if she grew a little more has there are 2 other girls who are short has well but 1 is 4’8 and 1 is 4’9.I just hope she does get this little more height has at the end of the day 3/4 ins will her her to adjust abit.She told us that the 2 girls arent too bad about their height but there are 2 boys and they are finding it difficult to handle they are both in their last year at high school and 1 boy is 4’10 and the other 4’11.All through school they have been the most nastiest of schoolboys always trying to copy the taller boys and hang out with them.maybe they will struggle with their height problems i dont know.So far we cant only hope that she gets abit taller and we can all relax.I mean being 13 yrs old and having to wear clothes aged 7/8 is very hard to take foe a teenager.If we buy her age clothes they are too long and wide for her.In the long run she is better off has they come up much better in the 7/8.Her shoes are still in kids size 10 all her friends have size 4/5.I alway tell her that she is the best kid in the world and no one can take that away from her.So what if she has to wear 3/4 inc heels when she is older whatever makes her feel better in her own body.I still buy some kids clothes i cant but s.m.l. has they come up too long.My feet are also a size 3.

October 13, 2008 at 8:11 am
(20) Natasha Wilson says:

I thought i would check out.I am 17 yrs old and have an older sister 18 yrs old.My height is 5’4 so possibly just about average.My older sister is 4’9.Now i see that there are a few people that are shorter than average.I dont think that she would like to be put in a category with having a disability.She obviously cant do some things without climbing on the worktops in the kitchen or having something to hand to knock the item down.I mean i have been in the same position grabbing a kitchen tool to knock something down.The main thing that really annoys us is the fact that she is older than me and shorter.People dont believe her age and say that i must be older.Both our parents are not too tall mum being 5’2 and dad 5’5.Buying clothes is a nightmare for her has she always has to look in the juniors dept.Dont get me wrong i still cant get off the peg trousers.For her it is hard.She has just started drivinh lessons and she has to pull the seat up higher and move it close.I have been out to clubs with her mainly because she takes alot of stick guys try to lift her up and spin her round.A quick kick in the groin area soon puts a stop to that.She never gets served in the bars has the bartenders just look ay over her head and i then have to take over to buy the drinks.Getting chatted up isnt a problem but they all seem to be tall guys.Some are like well over a foot taller than her.She says that she would be happy if she found a short guy.Mainly because she has had to look up to people all this time.At the end of the night she is sometimes quite lucky if a guy comes up to her and dances and he is something like 5’5.So far this has happened about 3 times.The guys tend to be very sensitive and always say that they arent alway lucky to find anyone to dance has the tall woman knock them back.Hopefully she will find someone she loves and will be similar in height.

October 14, 2008 at 2:00 pm
(21) SUSAN GEORGE says:

I would say that being short is a disability,okay i’m not as tall has my friends but it dont bother me.I mean if they brought the average height down then i maybe would be okay.It seems that there are an awful lot of short people and it dont seem fair that we cant buy clothes to fit us perfectly without altering them.I mean i even had to have my younger sisters clothes altered to fit me when she grew out of them.Now some people may think that is a shame but to me it is not.I mean being 4’10 isnt no big deal at school i was okay has i didnt stand out that much till near the end of my schooling.There was about 8 girls and we were all between 4’9 and 4’11.There were 3 boy who found it stuff they were all under 5’0.With the shortest being 4’9.He used to blame his parents has they were both shortSaying that our height is to do with genetics and i just happen to take after my nan.I am now 25 yrs old and still never grew another inch since school.Both my sisters are younger one is 22 and she is 5’2 followed by the 19 year old she is 5’3.Now i dont know why they are younger and taller than me but i just say that is life.I still see alot of friends from school and some grew abit taller.We went to a club and saw Marty, Will, and Dan.They were the short guys at school and even after about 8 yrs from school they still stayed the same height.When we hooked up with them it was fun we chatted and got on like a house on fire.Daniel who is 4’11 mentioned how he had a crush on me and we laughed about it.All through the night we danced and had fun.I ended up at the end of the night being friendly with Will he was always the shortest out of all of us.Lucky for him i decided not to wear my high heels has they have about 4ins on them.I do feel better in them but they are uncomfortable all night.I told him about my heels and how they make me to 5’2.He laughed and said good job you didnt put them on then has you would be 4ins taller than me.Since that night we had got to be rather friendly and been on serious dates.I always remember not to wear my killer heels has it feels better for both of us when we are similar in height.We still meet up with all the other has it wouldnt be right would it.

October 14, 2008 at 2:12 pm
(22) James Langton says:

I do agree with alot of guys that being short is not very good for us.I was always brought up that the guy should always be taller than his woman.I have been with numerous woman on dates and by the end they say Naw i dont think it will work out.I suppose that is better than being stringed along for my money being spent on them.I lived with a woman who was about 5’8 and i was 5’0.She mainly did the cooking but on special occassions i used to do some.Now she used to put all the items out of the way in cupboards.I used to have to get a chair to boost me up.When she heard the chair going she knew i wanted to reach something.We stayed together for a while then it fizzled out.Now i dont mind being this short i wouldnt call it a disability just annoying in my case.When i am out shopping and i cant reach an item i tend to look out for a woman.The guys tend to snigger if they see me trying to knock something off the shelf.The woman tends to come over after me looking like a lost little boy.The first thing they say is AAAHHH aint you the cutest thing.It seems to work alot for me.Take the woman i am now married to she is 35 like me and her height is 5’4.I usually say that she can reach the high things at shopping and i can do the low ones.Indoors it is great with her being with no shoes on has she is only about 4 ins taller.When we go out she wears heels and she is then 5’7.Thus making her 7 ins taller.Off course we get the mickey taken with her being taller than me.The good thing is she doesnt taken any nonsense from anyone and tends to stick up if a guy says what you doing with that short guy.We have a son who is 4 yrs old and on his way to being a big boy not like me.We also have a 6 year old daughter who is taking after me for height.Which i am sorry for.

October 20, 2008 at 8:27 am
(23) michael mcmanus says:

I dont think that short people want to be put in a group seperate from others.I like being me and everyone accepts me for what i am.While growing up i didnt grow has big has my brother and sister.My brother is 35 yrs old and 5’7 my sister is 30 yrs old and 5’5.Me i am 28 yrs old and 4’7.I didnt develop very well while mum was carrying me.I dont mind being like a foot shorter than my brother has i used to always say that it was because my brother and sister was older.I tried everything to make myself taller i did exercising stretching hanging from the door frames.I also was told that drinking milk would help.Maybe for anyone else but not for me.I have a good job working in a junior school, i could never do a secondary school has the kids would be too rough.In my class at the moment i have children who are age 10 yrs old.Their last year till they move on to the big school.I feel on a level par with them has i am about alot of their height.There are 5 children who are quite short for their age.YES abit shorter than me.The 2 boys i think may not get very tall has when i have seen their parents they are both slightly over 5’0.One boy has a very tall dad so i usually tell him maybe you are just slow at growing.The three girls ar brilliant when they were measured in my class for a review of their height and weight they were 4’4 4’5 and 4’6.The tallest pupils in my class are 2 boys they are both 5’3 and a girl 5’1.If i need to get the books out of the store cupboard they come in handy.I have now been married for 9 yrs i found someone to accept me for what i am.My wife is obviously taller than me has there wasnt no one shorter than me.She is 4’10 wowee some people might say.She loves it when we go out and she puts her heels on then she is about 6 ins taller.Now we knew we wasnt going to have tall children.We have Steve he is 8 yrs old and he is gonna be like me short i do feel sorry for him has he is taking it so hard.Mainly because his 2 sisters are already taller than him and younger.We are trying to help his self esteem has i have seen some of the kids in his class and they are like 6 ins taller.So far he is the shortest in class he was measured aged 2 and the doctor has said that the tallest he will reach is slightly taller than me if he is lucky.I tell him all the time that it is no big deal being short i know i am way below my average height.I looked it up and i am like a little over a foot shorter.

October 20, 2008 at 8:35 am
(24) brian harper says:

I would just like to say that being short isnt a disability.I come from a short family none of us is over 5’4.I am 40 yrs old and i have a son who is 17 yrs old.My height is 5’2 my son is 4’10.I cant even see him growing to 5’0.I know he really wants to but i dont think so.We have 2 daughters who are 15 yrs old and she is 5’5 followed by the youngest she is 12 yrs old and 5’2.He cant understand why his younger sisters are taller than him.At times he can be very angry and frustrated about the height thing.Take when he left school he was one of 3 boys leaving school and being 4’10.There were about 8 girls who left school and they were between 4’9 and 4’11.He has left school nearly 2 years now and still sees his friends who have since leaving school just grew from being short to tall now.He does have one frien who they go out with and he is 5’0 now.Poor Robert seems to have stood still there dont seem like any more height for him.I just tell him that some girls still like a short guy so dont worry.

October 21, 2008 at 7:52 am
(25) Jasmine Morris says:

Being the mother of 2 short statured children beggers belief in that short stature isnt a disability.My 2 children can do most of the things has their friends.At the start off that were upset because they were noticeably shorter than their friends.No one knows why this happened so we couldnt explain it to them.Me and my husband are 5’7 and 5’10.So pretty much average for us.The 2 girls are now aged 16 and she is 4’8 then there is the other she is 4’9 and 14.Sian being the oldest has accepted she will be this height has she cant see any change.Donna says she would love to be abit taller for her it is a possibility has she could still have a few years growth.No i didnt want them to have g.h.t has it wouldnt be fair.Okay they will be shorter than average but since being teenagers they fully agree with what they have been given.They say they intend to work with what they have.Sian is doing work experience which is a good idea there are some of her friends and they work together.So far Sian has tried working on a computer in the office but finds the worktop too high and the computer far back from her.She says the most annoying thing is people always say to her AAHHHHH HOW CUTE and HOW OLD ARE YOU THEN.
Some of the boys in her class always pat her on her head and she gets upset.Donna is alot more sensitive and laughs if this happens.Obviously not as much has Sian.

October 21, 2008 at 8:06 am
(26) george adams says:

This is what it is like for me, i am 17 years old and in the body the size of a 9 year old.I work in a supermarket store straight from school.When i was last measured i was 4’7,that was when i was 15 years old at the doctors.My mum knew i was going to be short has she checked me out when i was in pre school i was abit shorter than the others.Then in primary school same there still short.That was the worse day of my life being told at 15 this was my final height.Usually guys grow till they are 21 i mentioned to him but his reply was because i hadnt grown for ages that was it.So there i was going through all my schooling being 1 of the shortest.Off course i was ribbed about my height all the tall guys in my class found it funny lifting me up to their height and saying THIS IS WHAT WE SEE, WHEN YOU ARE DOWN THERE.The tallest pupil when we left school was Justin he was 5’10 well over a foot taller than me.Never once did he pick on me he used to hang around us and stop the problems.My mum is 5’7 and dad is short 4’10 so what did i expect Yep to be short.Maybe not this short but abit nearer to dad.People tend to laugh when we go out for a meal has when we get in our seats my legs are never touching the floor and hurt has they rub the chair.Sometimes dad is the same his feet dont always touch the floor.Mum sometimes wears high shoes so she tends to be nearly 5’10 about a foot taller than dad.Me i get asked do i want the kids menu,i then reply NO THANKS I AM 17 years old now.

October 21, 2008 at 1:11 pm
(27) Tina says:

I am 4’9 i’ve been looking for a job for almost a year now and still cannot get one because of my height. i’m too short everyone says. some one will be hiring and i’ll go in for a job interview and the next day they say there not hiring any more same with every place i’ve been too. I’m tired of it. I need help and don’t know what too do. Please help me

November 8, 2008 at 5:48 pm
(28) lucinder craven says:

I am just letting you know that i have 6 children aged between 8 yrs and 25 yrs old.Now i know i aint a giant with a height of 4’9 my husband is 4’10.I know that people are probably thinking well what do you expect your children to be giants.Nope i didnt i mean all the children are fine apart from being pretty short of height.It goes like this
JUSTIN——–25 yrs old————4’7
MARTIN——–21 yrs old————4’9
SAMUEL——–18 yrs old————4’10
JAMES———14 yrs old————4’6
JULIEANNE—–10 yrs old————4’8
PAULA———-8 yrs old————4’7
Of course we knew the children would be short but that isnt any reason has to why we shouldnt have children.Okay people laugh at us when we go out especially when none of us made it to 5’0.We looked at it that nothing stopped us from getting on in life me and my husband can drive a car we both had decent jobs and still work to this day.I remember being told that i would only get a job in a circus.I didnt end up there but in a bank so i was okay.My husband worked in the ministry of defence.Ending up has a supervisor.I know the children do find it very hard has nowadays it is a different generation.Take Justin he has had numerous interviews for work and not taken on.He is told all the time maybe working with kids may be a good job for him.I hear Justin and Samuel arguing all the time about who is the strongest and toughest.Justine has on many occassions been hurt badly by Samuel.We have talked to Justin and his answer is that he always thought that he would be the tallest out of the siblings.
He says that it is only a matter of time before Paula gets taller has already she is bang on his height.I feel that James may be the next one to take over poor old Justine.Paula makes no big deal about her height and hopes that she doesnt grow taller than Justin especially when there is such a long age gap.Apart from that the boys look out for eachother.It is a shame that the boys cant look up to Justin being the oldest they dont always show him much respect.But we all live and learn i suppose.

November 8, 2008 at 5:56 pm
(29) Mandy Douglas says:

Being a short person i must admit that the worse problem is not being shown any respect.I am age 18 and barely 4’10 tall,i know i am not gonna grow any taller this is my lot.At the moment i am doing a course to get me into schooling kids.Mainly because i have never liked my height and feel that maybe working with kids will make me feel better.I have younger cousins that are taller than me and sometimes saying things about my height.The worst are the boys with some being like between 10 and 14 all taller than me.When out shopping i get pushed into and knocked about it just aint fair i feel that way.

November 9, 2008 at 1:10 pm
(30) maggie smith says:

I think that there are more woman then men that are short.I mean that in a group of 10 adults i will always come up has being the shortest.So i am used to it by now.I wouldnt like to say that i have a disability has then i would have to be put in a group.All i am is shorter than alot of pople.I can make eye contact with my 8 year old grandaughter.I have made eye contact with all my grandchildren and my own daughters and sons.TILL they grow has they get older.I am now 65 yrs old and used to stand at 4’9 i was the shortest out of my immediate family.Now when i had a physical at my g.p’s he measured me at 4’7 and abit.I said to him where are the 2 ins nearly.Only to be told that when we reach our 40′s we start to shrink slightly.I said but over an inch and half.I mentioned that i thought i was getting shorter has i as now able to look into my 8 yr old grandaughters eyes.whereas 2 years previous i was taller than her.I was abit shocked and said like how much will i shrink then.Only to be told in excess of 3 ins.So before my days are up i could be has little has 4’6.I mean i already cant reach things i cant climb on worktops cause i am too old i will have to get a step stool.When i got home i mentioned it to Larry my husband who is around 5’2.I said for a joke lets check our height has i have just been measured at 4’7 and abit instead of 4’9.Larry got the tape measure and agreed that i was that height and he marked the wall slighly.Larry then leant against the wall and i had to use the step stool to get a proper measurement.Larry came out at abit over 5’0.He was quite astonished and said that he didnt feel shorter has because i was short he took no notice od it.So Larry is still about 5 ins taller and he still climbs on the work tops though.I do think about what it would be like being 4’6 and i reckon i probably wouldnt be able to buy many clothes for myself.
Our children didnt worry about their height with the 3 men being between 5’0 and 5’5, and the 2 woman being 4’11 and the youngest reaching 5’6.Thus taking after my brother and she used to revel in being taller than her parents and brothers.Even now she comes in handy if we need something on the top shelf.Our eldest hated the fact that being 12 years younger than his younget sisters and her being 6 ins taller than him affected him abit.I havent told him that he cn shrink up to 3 ins before the end of his life.Never mind we live and learn hey.

November 13, 2008 at 5:49 am
(31) Lewis Sutherland says:

Being short isnt a disability for me maybe more of an inconvenience.I am now 17 yrs old and my height is just a nudge over 4’10.When i was much younger i used to laugh about my height i felt i could handle it more then.In primary shool i was okay has there were no problems.I then got into junior shool i was about 10 years old and a girl came up t me pointing out that she was taller than me.I never really took much notice till we had to endure the height test for one of my lessons.That is when i knew that i was pretty short,most of my friends were taller but we were all treated the same.A few of my friends were a good 5 ins taller.So in this lesson we were called to the back of the class to stand from short to tall.There was 4 girls all my height and 3 boys we were all told that we were 4’5 in our last year at juniors.I was glad i wasnt the shortest.Then we had to do oldest to youngest now i was one of the oldest in class thus making me the shortest.
All through growing up in my house i took no notice of my height,there was 5 of us and i was the oldest out of us.There was a 2 yr gap between us all.Mum used to do the height chart for us.My sister had just had her 8 birthday and we were both the same height.I was always told that boys tend to grow later than girls so dont worry.In high school it was the same there all my uniform had to be taken up and altered and the sizes bought were aged 8 and i was now 11.I didnt mind being short from the start of high school has there were quite a few of us.Over the years they all grew upwards and i remember reaching 4’10.Has we still had the height chart i was aged 15.There were kids coming into school who were roughly my height.I did get into a few scraps with big boys trying to prove a point but i usually stood my ground.Some of the girls were a nightmare they would say thing and laugh at me.Gemma was 13 at the time and she was now over 5’0.I then had to endure my brother Simon getting taller than me.I am now the same height of Louisa and she is 11. We both have the edge on Marcus who is younger than us but only a couple of ins shorter than us.I can tell that Marcus and Louisa are gonna be taller than me because their legs are longer than mine.I remember my mum spoke to me when i was 10 and told me that i may have the same body structure of my nan has she was very slight.Both mum and dad was average height so i thought i would get dads height at least.He is 5’10 mum is 5’9 so i cant see any reason has to why i am this short.
I am now working has a car mechanic and doing well i do get annoyed when i get asked to slip under the cars when the other guys cant reach it.I suppose that is the only thing i have to deal with i am okay with that.

November 26, 2008 at 9:26 am
(32) marjorie hamilton says:

I love being short if i wasnt then i would be just like the hugh majority.I am 29 yrs old and never thought about having a disability.Apart from my height there is nothing else different.I dont like being put in a category like i am always being labelled has being SHORT i know i am for god’s sake.Ever since i can remember i have always been one of the shortest at school. I even have 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister shorter than me.I am 4’5 tall and suffer with dwarfism.My body is the full length but my legs and arms are short.Lucky for me i have a wonderful husband Mark who is abit taller than me,he is 4’10.We have just had our 3rd child the eldest is 8 yrs old and she is a little person like me at the moment she is 3’9 i hope she does get abit more taller has at the moment she is taking it hard.She gets very unhappy when other children treat her badly.She has quite a few lovely friends and they try to help her alot she is getting to the age where she wants to wear clothes like her friends but the sizes are no good for her.We also have a Mariez and he is 6 yrs old the last check up he had regarding his stature was that his build will be similar to his dad so he will be taller than me and his eldest sister.The last height check he was 4’1 and that is when laurieann had problems at school.Older children where saying that she will be a midget especially now her brother has gotten taller.Then last but not least is Tilly she is now just turned 5 yrs old and so far we checked she is only 3’1.Way shorter than alot of her friends.We have decided that this is enough has they all get along nicely and help eachother.It is a shame that we have these short children but feel that it shouldnt stop us from being good parents.I know Teressa is very annoyed and she does blame me has she tells me alot of the time after a bad day.I usually have to tell her what is best to do and that maybe she wont be much taller than 4’5.She is just very unhappy whereas Mariez is just a happy lad he says all the time that he doesnt want to be bigger than his dad has that isnt right.Tilly is a very bright girl and accepts herself she is very funny when she tells her oldest sister that she loves her being older and taller than her.So all i can say is that it is true short parents equals short children.

December 1, 2008 at 8:30 am
(33) Marsha Cummins says:

I dont think being short is a disability if anything it is just an inconvenience for us all.I mean we can more or less do the same things has our taller counterparts.Okay and maybe sometimes we look like we need abit of a helping hand on some occassions.Mainly having to reach something.Being old it doesnt seem right for me to be clambering over work tops to reach something i need.I tend to get my kind husband to reach the things i need so as not to keep having to call him.I am now age 58 and my height used to be 4’11 now i am 4’10.My husband is 5’5 now whereas before he was 5’6.He had the right idea when he fitted the kitchen for us that it was best not to put the cupboards too high anyway.We have a son who is 35 and he is 5’7 followed by our daughter she is 5’0.I always think it is nice to have family within your height.I mean i spent all my working years being one of the shortest around.On some occassions it was the same for BIll he was always told he was short.It never bothered either of us.I just think that the clothes industry could have helped the shorter than average people.I could never buy decent clothes.My wedding dress was altered alot due to my height it was a good 6 ins too long.Bill had the same problem with his suit but we both managed.It can only be pet down to genetics has my mum was short like me but dad was pretty tall.We have 2 grandsons who are both taller than me and Bill.The granddaughters are also slighly taller than me.I still end up with all the cuddles in the world from my family always telling me they will protect me.It does make me laugh.So definetly being short is not a disability but still an inconvenience..

December 1, 2008 at 8:44 am
(34) simon landers says:

I may not be has short has some people on here but for a guy i am still short.Having a disability No way being different maybe.I am 32 now and i have a height of 5’2.I am the shortest guy at work and am just within the height of some of the woman.I would say possibly about the 4th shortest out of all of all.The rest are woman,so i cant understand people when they say YEAH but woman are supposed to be shorter than a guy.I have 4 cousins who are all younger than me but all taller and not by a little bit most of the guys are nearly 6’0.Even my younger sister managed to reach 5’6 and my older brother is 5’4.I think it is because our mum is 5’0 tall and our dad is 5’7.Me and Lucas never dreamed that Michelle would outgrow us but she did so when she was 15 years old.The only good thing is not looking our age.I remember having driving lessons and the instructor mentioned that i may have a problem with reaching the pedals.He wasnt wrong i had to push the chair so far forward and raise the chair to bring me loser.It didnt bother me has i passed my test straight away which was good.It took our sister 4 attempts.The most annoying thing with being short is trying to talk to the guys at work some try to ignore me or make snide remarks like speak up.I have a girlfriend and she is roughly the same height has me.Well when we dont wear shoes,when we go out she has her heels on and she is like 5’5.She always puts her arm around me to show people height doesnt matter.It is only her dad likes to mention me being short that doesnt help.So i am happy with who i am is everyone else has they should be.

December 3, 2008 at 9:31 am
(35) marti billings says:

I remember when i was a kid and i think it was when i was 6 or 7 at the time.I was a few inches shorer than my best mate and we were both the same age.I think i was the shortest in clas and i found the most annoying thing was that other kids at school kept pointing it out to meI was the same height has some kids in the class below.I didnt take much notice of it until i reached 11.I was then lagging about 5 inches shorter than my mate.My mum was pretty average she was 5’7 and dad was shorter than her.He was always making funny remarks about how short he was and how everything was just a joke.He was just a fraction over 5’0.My dad used to just say he was 5’0 he said it made it easier than having to say 5’0 and a very little bit.I also had a brother who was a couple of years older but he also had a problem with his height.I used to say to him Well least you are taller than me.I was measured at the g.p and when i was 15 years old it was the worst thing i ever heard.He told me that i was done growing now and that this will be the final height.I was measured at 4’7 aged 15.I was very upset i used to blame my poor dad saying it was his fault.Mitchell was 18 and left school he managed a height of 4’11.I still have 2 years to go at school and it is very frustrating being this short.I have kids way younger than me asking how old i am and not believing me.My best friend had reached 5’4 by this time.She always looked after me if there were people pushing and shoving.Now when i think about the names my mum and dad called me make me think that they knew way before me that i wasnt going to be tall.I was always called their LITTLE ANGEL.That stays with me the most.Now i dont mind being the shortest in the family because i am 21 yrs old.I am still 4’7 never did grow anymore so the g.p was right.Yeah i do need the step stool around the kitchen to help me has my brother gets fed up with me asking him to reach things.It is not that but i dont like climbing on the kitchen work tops and he does.Mum is realy decent she is so helpful for me.All my clothes need altering and she does it without moaning.If i say i will cook tonight she helps me gets all the things needed so i can get on with it.I also have a cousin he is 15 now and he is also on the short side.He wont go to the g.p to chek his height has he fears he is going to struggle with his height.When i last saw him he was about 2 ins taller than me and he was the shortest at the school.He just wants to be like his dad who is about 5’5 his mum is about 5’6.So we cant see why he cant reach his dad’s height.We still dont like to be classed has having a disability though.Yeah i may be the shortest person in a group of people but if they could just take time to listen to us we are quite brainy with a good head on our shoulders.

December 3, 2008 at 9:49 am
(36) michelle beckett says:

I am 45 yrs old and i have 3 children.The oldest is Brett he is 22 and his height is 5’2.Then comes Julian he is 19 and he is 5’5.Last is Elaine and she is 15 and she is 4’6 tall.The doctor says that he cant work out why she is so small and that her bones are fused together now so she will not get any taller.I took her to the hospital and there the doctors said that they may be able to help with some treatment.It is an injection in her leg.Elaine says she dont really want to do it has it may hurt her.We are leaving it up to her to decide has she is 15.The hospital say that they can possibly help with getting about 3/4 ins.She doesnt feel that the extra height will make that much difference.Has it isnt guaranteed she may do the injections and gain on 2 ins thus making her 4’8.She is still going to be short.I feel that it is all my fault has i am also shortish my height is only 4’9.She says all the time that children should be shorter than their parents and she is happy to be shorter than her mum.I do feel that i should try to help her has i understand being my height is not much different to being her height.Neither of us wear high heels has what is the point.My husband is also only 5’2 tall but we would have thought she would be like me or her dad.At the moment she is still at school and has to hang around with alot of the younger children starting school has she feels better.All her friends have now all hit over 5’0 and she is at least 6 ins shorter than them.She tells me that there is a couple of children in the lower years who are pretty short.One is a vietnamese boy who is 13 now and he is only has tall has Elaine.I know his mum and dad and both of them are under 5’0.Altogether she spends time with about 10 children who are all no taller than 4’9.She gets to help them how to settle in and where it is safe to be at breaktimes and lunchtimes.They say the best thing is that they are pushed to the front of the lunch queue so they dont get hurt when the other children push at the back.They all tell eachother stories about what they hate about being short but that cancels out the plus stories.I do regret that we could or should have helped her earlier but she is quite adament that she is happy has who she is.

December 8, 2008 at 5:12 am
(37) Lisa Aimes says:

I wouldnt think that people of a short stature would want to be classed has having a disability.I know there are some really short people like the primordial dwarfs it is alot different for them.I am just a shorter than average woman.In fact i am the shortest in my family but i just put it down to being the youngest.I am now 19 and i know i aint gonna get no taller so i am stuck at being 5’0.What is average anyway i dont mind being shorter than alot of people it is a good thing.I have a brother who is 21 and he is 6’0 now also is another brother he is 25 and 6’2.Then is my sister she is 27 and 5’8.My mum is also 5’7 and dad 5’11.I do have my grandmother who is around my height.The last time i saw her she was my height.I just get so annoyed when i see my cousins especailly the girls and they are all taller than me.Has my grandmother says at least you can wear heels then to make you look tallerI know that but i would have liked to be similar to my older sister.I would have killed to be 5’8 but instead i am 5’0 on a good day.

December 8, 2008 at 5:35 am
(38) James Davies says:

Being short isnt having a disability i have read the other comments and see that i am in the same position has alot of people.I dont like being put in a group has then it makes you feel that you are different to alot of people.I am now 68 years old and have alot of experience regarding being short.I remember growing up and not too much was mentioned about my height being short.While at school i learnt to compensate for this by being abit more agressive to others.I also did some time in the army in the 2nd world war.Has i couldnt get into the other services.I was told that my height would be ideal to go in the navy but only on the submarines.That didnt appeal to me so the army it was.That straightened me out with some issues i had.i came out of the army and met a lovely woman she took me as i was and never ever tried to change me.When i left the army i had my physical to make sure i was good to leave.My stature at that time was 5’1.Coming out of the army helped my confidence and there was no problem with woman after men who was in the army.I even reached the rank of sergeant which some of the regiment thought funny having to salute a guy who was nearly a foot shorter than some of the big guys.I then threw myself at meeting a woman i always thought it would be pretty hard but i was quite lucky.I then met Pamela she was such a breathe of fresh air she used to work in a bar near to home.I worked up the courage to ask Pamela out and to my astonishment she answered with a YES.Now i have always loved taller women i think probably due to being in the army and having to look after my regiment when out and about in Normandy in France.This bright vivacious woman was a tower of strength for me she was abit younger than me and she was 5’10.When i met her father and mother they seemed pretty shocked that she was with someone like me they mentionedHer father was a strapping man he was 6’2 and her mother was tall also she was 5’8.I mentioned that my height came from my mother has she was a sweet little thing she was barely 5’0 tall.My father was a littlt taller he managed 5’4.So i came bang in the middle fo them.We have our own family now after getting married and i have always loved a large family has i was an only child.We have Ben he is 5’11 James he is 5’10 Susan she is 5’7 and Mark he is 6’1.All the family laugh at how heights has i never managed to have a short child they all outgrew me.So i never want to be in a disability group has it would be very fair.

December 26, 2008 at 2:16 pm
(39) jefferson osbourne says:

Being a short guy i have had to endure people all the time mentioning my height it is such a pain.I have just turned 50 years old and i have just found out i am now 4’9, i used to be 4’10.I guess thats what happens when we get older.We have to look forward to shrinking.I would never like to be described has having a disability though.My wife who is 5 years younger than me has not lost any of her height though.She is still 5’5,and she says all the time that she would never change anything about me.I am lucky enough to have a son and daughter,Sandra has had it good and managed to reach 5’7.Unlike Marcus who is 3 years older than Sandra and quite abit shorter than her.Marcus only managed a height of 5’0 and sometimes he say that he would have loved to have been taller.I on the other hand liked being short has i was always being helped when i need it.Times change and Marcus is now 25 so he wont grow.saying that though i like to help Marcus’s confidence when i can and if i need help he is always on hand.So far Marcus has found it hard finding a woman has he tends to get alot of tall woman chatting him up.His ideal woman is someone near to his height has he feels much more comfortable about his height then.I knew all along i would meet a lovely taller woman than me so i was lucky.

December 26, 2008 at 2:31 pm
(40) steven lewis says:

I am an average statured male my height is 5’10 i am married to a gorgeous woman she is slightly shorter than me 5’10.We have 2 sons and 1 daughter.Our daughter is 12 years old and already she is 5’5 so she will be tall.We then have a son who is 15 years old and he is 5’8.The oldest is 16 years old and he is 4’6 we are told it is to do with his medication for a.d.h.d..The name is ritalin now he had been on this for 10 yrs now.We were never told that this medication was going to stunt his growth has we would never have used it.He is one of the shortest kids in his school and he just takes everyday has it comes.His brother and sister tend to look out for him if there is any trouble at school.He is just coming into his last year at school and they are having a disco for them.Peter has been looking out for something to wear we know a suit is no good for him so possible a jacket and trousers.He has managed to hook up with a girl in his class she is obviously taller than him but also the shortest girl.We have seen her alot has they hang out together she is maybe about 4’9 and has mentioned that she would like to wear high heels and how does he feel about it.To our surprise he said that he would love her to wear her high heels if she didnt mind he didnt wear his so they both laughed.I have now managed to find a pair of trousers for him which are aged 10/11 and they still need taking up.His shirt is fine has the age is good for him.His jacket is black and the sleeves near altering.Apart from that he will look a picture with his girl on the night.I would never say that he has a disability just that he is different from his classmates.

December 30, 2008 at 3:51 pm
(41) margeretta samuels says:

Being short is bad enough but i ouldnt like to classed has having a disability.Okay i may have trouble doing certain things but i dont give up till i have done it.My height is 4’8 and i am 18 years old.I even work in an ofiice where i know that i get treated differently to the rest of the workforce.I am the shortest person there and i do feel uncomfortable.The most annoying thing is trying to speak to my workmates and they just stare at me has if i havent got anything to contribute by chatting to them.My manager is a woman and she is nearly 6’0 tall but she is the only decent person sometimes.All the rest of the woman are from 5’0 to 5’8.The guys are just massively tall.I blame my height on my mums side has all the woman are shorter than 5’0.I have 3 brothers who are all over 6’0 like dad.I dont mind being this short when i am ith other relatives has it doesnt feel awkward.Also being from Thailand doesnt help has most of the population are no taller than 5’8 if that.I possibly am also on less money than the rest of the workmates.I find it strange how mum met my dad has the rest of the family thought that she would marry someone local.Instead she met dad who is from England.We have been in England for many years now and we know nothing else.The wedding pics were good has it was before the kids were all born.Mum looked so out of place with my dad family really tall.Mum had her 3 brothers and 2 sisters there plus her mum and dad.It was like short on one side and tall on the other.My brothers are pleased that they took after dad.I didnt mind taking after mum even though she is a little taller than me.I remember always mentioning that i wanted to be taler than her and i was always measuring myself on my birthdays.Never quite reaching her.My mum is about 4’10 and i am level with her 2 sisters we are bang on with our height.My great grandmother who is 97 now she is very slight of build but can manage to get around.I noticed 2 years ago that she was shorter than me and she had shoes on.I mean it wasnt pleasing for her to have to mention that she was losing quite abit of heightI remember she was always taller than me around 4’10 like mum but now she is down to 4’7.So working this out by the time i am her age i will be even shorter has she seems to have lost 3 ins i will end up about 4’5.I dont think i will live it down being way shorter than i am now.
I have a cousin who is 9 yrs old now and he is already past my height and he always feels sure about making passing comments about being taller than i.I love lui chen chi she is a darling and being 10 yrs old she tends to be attracted to me she follows me everywhere when we meet up.She feels that she can talk better to me than her parents.At the moment she is struggling at school she is bullied and picked on and i try to help her.The problem is she is way under her average height for the class she is in and the doctors have checked her out and said she has a growth disorder.They say her adult height is going to be between 4’2 to 4’5.She is taking it hard.I just say that there is a chance she could get has tall has me hopefuly.So we all hope for her that she will be okay.

January 5, 2009 at 6:24 am
(42) Colin Peters says:

Now being shorter than average has never bothered me.I may be a good 4 inches shorter than my friends but who is counting.I have just found out that my height is 5’2 after a check-up at work.Now i dont mind being this short in fact there isnt anything i cant do.So i wouldnt class myself has having a disability.My wife is a very gracious woman we have now been married for 25 years now.I remember when we used to date i was forever asking her if she minded my height but she seemed to like it.My wife stands at a height of 5’4 so not too tall.Well until she wears her heels when we go out that is ha ha ha.That is okay though i always say,has i am used to being with tall people anyway.We have 3 splendid children Andy he is 24 yrs old and he has managed a height of 5’1 then comes Grace she is 22 yrs old and she is 5’5 then last is Steven he is 21 and barely reached 5’0.I have had it all through the boys schooling WHY are they short i just say look at my height that should explain everything.I think that Andy found it worse when he reached 15 Grace had just gone through her growth spurt and she was already at 5’5.Andy did all that he could he was forever doing excercises to try and stretch himself.Andy was barely 5’0 then Steven was such a clever boy he was always saying how he looked up to Andy when they were younger.Andy had to endure that fact that Grace was gonna stay taller than him and hopefully Steven.So in the end he accepted it and said that it looks like Grace will be the one we all look up to and laughs about it.Steven works in the ministry of defence and loves the work.Andy got a job in an office which he likes apart from the digs about his height.With Grace well there is no problems there she is doing a graduate course at the moment and loves it also.We would never like to be classed has having a disability okay we may be short but there are poor shorter people than us..

January 5, 2009 at 7:00 am
(43) sandra kennady says:

I have read the posts on here and i feel exactly the same has alot of you.I dont mind being short but i didnt like being the oldest out of 3 others and being short.I am 21 and my height is 4’9 my brother stephan he is 19 and 5’2 then comes becky she is 17 and she is 5’5 then last is caroline she is 16 and she is 5’6.We think that Caroline may have abit more growing still to come.Stephan he is expecting to grow abit taller has he keeps saying that guys can grow till they are 21 years old.I cant see it has i have mentioned it to him loads of time.He will just be let down when he reaches 21.Now me i have been letdown by my height through most of my life so far.Now mum was 5’6 and dad was 5’4, so not giants by any standards.It took me ages to work out why i was short mum wasnt a bad height but dad was shorter than her.It was when i was 8 years old and i was at a wedding i couldnt even make it being a bridesmaid because i was quite abit shorter than my cousins so they were the lucky ones.My nan came up to speak to me at the reception i was only about 4’2 at the time Stephan was now a couple of inches taller than me she said that it looks like i may struggle with my height. I asked her what she meant has i didnt understand her then she told me how she was only 4’9 tall.I said but to me you always looked tall she just said that whatever i gain in height to use it to my full potential has i shouldnt let it hold me back.I then managed to get into a gym class after school i suppose i should have noticed then that i was in a suitable group of kids and able to do something without our height stopping us.I went to the gym class for 7 years until i was 15 years old.I even got to win a few cups it was within this time that i grew to my full height i dont know properly if the gym class stopped me from growing due to the exercise.I mean all the kids in the gym class were all under 5’0 but we could sprint and sommersault all over the place.I didnt mind my time in the lower shool has some kids were pretty short has well.Taking this into account i was still one of the shortest in my class.When i reached upper school i had to get my uniform for the new shool.The blouses were in the ages of 8 yrs and my blazer was nearly down to my knees my trousers were age 7.I had just turned 12 yrs old.It was such a shock the school was so big and on the first day we were put into our classes.I remember walking along with a chinese brother and sisters they were twins.I started laughing saying how it would be good to be in the same class has i saw some tall kids in our year.The twins stood either side of me and has we walked to class i noticed our reflection in the glass that we were all the same height.It turned out that when we did a height check i was a fraction shorter than the twins.It wasnt long until Kai grew taller and went with his new friends.I seemed to hang around with lots of girls and boys that were shorter than the rest.Most of the time we were laughed at especially at p.e if we couldnt match the rest of them.We did prover our worth when they did races to see who would reach the top of the climbing rope.I won my race against a girl who was 6 ins taller than me.The rest of our group did really well also.By the time i left school all my siblings were there then.I had managed to reach my height of 4’9 by the age of 16 Caroline was just starting her first first year there and when she came up to me to find something out she was already 5 ins taller than me at that age.I had to look up to her when i spoke alot of kids in my class asked if she was older than me to which i just said NO. I remember having to look up to her since i was 15.I think that people under a certain could possibly be classed has disabiled but i dont know weather they would like it.Now when i see my nan i can understand what she was trying to tell me and i have taken it fully onboard.

January 7, 2009 at 8:50 am
(44) lucinda green says:

I dont think short people have a disability they can still do the same things as average statured people.Maybe it takes longer or to do the same thing a little differently.Being shorter than alot of people has never hindered me i used to say that i was just different and it would be a boring place if we were all the same.I would have loved to have some shorter friends or family but it wasnt the case.I still to this day hate the snide remarks about my height my answer is just the same has ever i am who i am so get over it.Now that i am 65 yrs old it isnt so bad but when i was a child it was different has throughout my schoolife i was shorter than most of the other children.I always wanted to humble and gracious like my 2 older sisters but trying to keep up with them was not possible they always looked after me though.I did have a brother 2 years younger than me and it didnt take him long to sprout taller than me.I think the last time me and my brother were similar in height was when i was 10 and he was 8.The main person concerned with my height was my mum she tried everything and took me to the doctors to be checked out.The only thing i can congratulate the doctor on is being bang on with my height.He said that for no apparent reason i was in the lower percentile for my age height.No tests could say what was wrong just one of a few i was told many years ago.The doctor said that my height would be around 4’6 when i was a teenager that was my heightNow being much older has we all know we lose some of our height.Now granted i expected to shrink abit but i think when short people shrink it seems to get noticed MORE rather than an average height person.It occurrs when we reach our 40′s from then on so i have had a good 25 years to shrink and that is just what has happened.So i cant even say that from a respectable height of 4’6 which isnt really you know it sounds more 4’6 rather than 4 and 1/2 feet.My stature is now down to 4’3 and 1/2.So to lose 2 1/2 ins is alot.My husband wasnt a really tall guy has i met him when i moved to Scotland to work.Obviously to me he is tall but i was actually quite lucky to me him.He stood at a height of 4’10 he used to joke that least his dad gave him something if only his short height.He also has lost some height due to his age but not has much has me though.He still stands at 4’8 and 1/2.We had 7 children and didnt let anything stand in our way has we both wanted quite a few children.All their heights range from the 3 daughters 4’7 to 5’0 and our 4 sons 4’9 to 5’2.Even to this day i have always been the shortest in my family and probably till the day i die ha ha ha.

January 14, 2009 at 8:19 am
(45) Donna Spencer says:

Being short has never bothered me nor my husband.I am 4’9 and my husband is 4’10.I have never been one for high heels so no problem there then.Having to look up to the majority of people can be abit annoying.It can help coming from short parents so it is a long line of generations from what i know of.Apparently the tallest person is 5’6.The shortest being 4’6.Over the years i have felt abit of a grudge especially in work has i am called upon for lots of things.When it comes to other things like having to reach for items on high shelves i come last.None of us what like to be classed has having a disability though.We have a couple of kids Dominic he is 10 and so far his height is 4’5 Tina she is 12 and 4’7 then comes Kris he is 16 now and he stands at 4’5.The doctor says that they may get abit more height especially Dominic and Tina but he doesnt hold much joy for Kris.He is such a lovely boy and he has loads of friends.It is just keeping up with them.He has 1 more year at school and is doing exams at the moment.All the time at school he has never been bullied only been in the wrong place at the wrong time.So he had been knocked over due to his size.I know he has a few girls that adore him has sometimes they knock for him.Lucky for him he isnt shy so he loves the attension.Next year he has a disco to go to and there are a few girls wanting to go with him.There are about 5/6 short girls in his year and the fact that about 4 have now grown a little taller concerns him.He has some short friends who are mainly over 5’0 but William is abou 4’9 and Sam is 4’10.He says that he prays everynight to be taller when he wakes up the next day.So far he is still lucky to have Sian who is about Kris’s height and so is Nievetta.Now we didnt have kids to touture than while they grew up i mean there is nothing wrong with being short statured jusy abit of an inconvenience with buying clothes.Kris wont even go clothes shopping the other 2 are fine with it.Kris feels that having to go into the juniors and measure him up is degrading.He hates checking his height for the right size.Having small feet doesnt help has sometimes their sizes go quicker.We do honestly hope that Kris can grow a couple more inches has he says that being the shortest at school is bad enough but being the shortest at parties when we have gatherings and he is short there to.He says he feels much better at home has then at least we are all short.

January 19, 2009 at 6:06 am
(46) Larry Hindes says:

Coming from a short family i knew from the age of 12 about my shortcomings.I started taking notice when my mum walked me to school about the age of 5 she used to do so many days.Has i walked into school i always looked back and sa her chatting to some of the other mums.She always seemed quite tint to most of them.Me i was just abit shorter than the rest of my class but i didnt mind as i had loads of friends.When i started to get older i couldnt quite keep up with some of the class some kids were like about 4 ins taller.I still was pretty short but i mainly had alot of girls who were also short.I always thought that dad was really tall untill he came to parents evening he was way short.I suppose that it was because mum was short she used to always tell people 4’9 and shrug it off.It took me ages to realise that dad was 5’1 so only a few inches taller.When i started high school i had about 6 boys and 10 girls who were also pretty short so i didnt stand out that much.I couldnt quite make out why some of the girls were a full head taller than me and sometimes chuckle has i walked passed them.I think i was in my 3rd year at high school and all the boys had then gotten taller than me some were like 6 ins taller at least.There were still a few girls that used to find it okay being short.I used to say that i wouldnt mind reaching my dad’s height has that would be okay.When the boys replied like what is his height i just said 5’1.That made the class really laugh i was surprised when alot of the kids parents were pretty tall.Needless to say i was short when i left school but i did manage to reach 5’2.Even dad was proud saying that he was happy for me.I mean what is an inch anyway not much.Me and dad still look like a pair of bookends when we stand together.When i go to work i manage to find mens shoes with about 2 ins on them so i am around 5’4.There is proabably a few woman shorter than me when i wear them but they make me feel better.Has for being disabled i dont think so.Maybe the really short people.It is just the word that classes you has something.

January 26, 2009 at 5:58 am
(47) James smith says:

I would only think that extremely short people could be classed has having a disability.The only problem with that is do they.I am shorter then average 5’3 i am married to my wife of 30 yrs now and she is 5’5.We have a son who is 5’1 and a daughter who is 5’7.I hear that it sometimes works out that way that the son takes after his dad and the daughter takes after her mum.Now being short never bothered me i used to always be the shortest in a group of people.My 22 yr old son doesnt accept it though has he is fed up with knock backs while trying to date woman.Our daughter loves being tall and especially has she is 20 yrs old she always wanted her older brother to be the tallest.I just say that we cant all have what we want and that tall people sometimes want to be a little shorter if they are way tall.

January 26, 2009 at 6:05 am
(48) kai K Chong says:

Being chinese everybody expects us to be shorter than most people.My dad is 5’0 and my mum is 4’10.I have 2 brothers both 4’11 and i am 5’0.i also have 4 sisters who are between 4’9 and 5’3.No one in my immediate family are any taller than 5’5.We have all had problems with people mentioning our height mainly on the boys side.The girls just laugh it off has they say we are expected to be shorter anyway.Has for being looked at having a disability i dont think so.So what if we have to look upwards to talk to our work collagues that is just one of many problems.I feel sorry for the guys that always pick on us for our height have they nothing better to do.At least we dont look all gangly when we walk.Also our clothes seem to last longer for us which is a plus i suppose.

January 27, 2009 at 11:42 am
(49) Joey says:

Im 46 and 5’3″. It’s proven that shorter people get less opportunities, less pay, less respect etc, So it should defintly be considered a disabilty and shorter ppl should be able to collect compensation. People are extemely ignorant about this whole thing and it’s been that way forever. I’ve had some really sad days in my life because of being ridiculed and picked on because of my height. Not to mention being overlooked by the ladies and sucky pay.. How come its not a law that every company has to have a percentage of shorter workers like its a law that you have to have so many minorites?? Its becaues the law makers are taller too. Thats why they got elected over the shorter canidates. I’ll never forget how it broke my heart when my 10 y/o says jeesh Dad.. you’re not very big at al.. already at his age he can see thats its a very undersireable disability and he doesnt wanna be like me ;( If we got enough people to write to our law makers about this we could make a difference..

February 14, 2009 at 8:21 am
(50) Marietts Arabel says:

I think that the main reason with being short is that we never look old enough.I have had this problem for years especially when i started work.Some people think that it is a plus but not when i have to keep proving my age even to this day and i have now turned 40.My height since my schoolday was barely 4’9 i was lucky to have some tall and short friends.The tallest friend was 5’9 when she left school.She was even taller than some teachers she was always saying how she would love to be shorter.She used to come in handy when we couldnt reach something and also if people tried to bully us she was always there for us.We all still meet up and chat i dont always look at myself being short has it is best to think possitively about our situations.Having been married now for 25yrs to a guy who is 5’9 and being about a foot taller than myself never caused problems.I didnt set out to look for a tall guy i think it was that the short guys werent very confident i mean they only had to ask for a dance or anything.i would have loved a short guy but maybe the kids wouldnt had especially the boys.We have 2 daughter they are 24 and she is 4’11 and then comes 22 she is 5’4.Then comes our sons they are 20 and he is 5’7 and 18 he is the tallest 5’11.Harry sometimes feels that with being older than Simon he should have been taller he hates being shorter than him.That is why he has abit of a wild streak about him he tries to bully Simon but Simon never lets him get away with it.We have told him that he may still grow but he wont have it and just says that there is more chance of Simon getting even taller.I just say that it is only 4 ins what is the big deal.Maisie is exactly like me and never lets her height bother her she doesnt mind being older than her sister and 5 ins shorter.She always likes to wear high heels anyway.It does annoy me and my husband that he seems to always want to point out people shorter than himself we get it all the time he gets great pleasure at point out me and the girls and saying that they should be annoyed has well has i am to bleme for their height.Their dad always comes down hard when he goes through these phases.he has said that he gets puts off by some girls has they always mention his height i cant quite work it out though.Some people can be so wicked sometimes.

February 21, 2009 at 6:14 am
(51) Susan Reede says:

I have never thought of myself having a disability being short is just one of them things.It is alot to do with genetics so if people dont like being short it isnt the end of the world.Some people say that it is harder for a guy to be short.We should all be treated the same anyway.I mean i aint way short i just ended up being the shortest out of a family of 6.I used to say that my brothers and sisters got all the height has i was the youngest.Which wasnt the case has they are all different sizes anyway.I am now 40 yrs old and have a family of my own.My husband is about 5’5 and i am 4’10.Apart from the fact he is taller than me and used to always say that he never thought he would find a shorter woman who didnt mind his height.Height shouldnt stand in the way of letting you get what you want.My husband works for the ministry of defence and has never felt different or been passed over for jobs.We now have 3 children the daughters are pretty short they are 17 and 15 and both havent grown anymore.The oldest if 5’0 and the other is 4’10.We then have our son who is 12 years old and he seems shorter than his friends.His last measurement he was 4’6.The doctor says that having short parents it works out like that.We are hoping that he does still grow has he hates being this short.He tells us that in his year at school there are only 4 of them this short.The other 3 are girls and they are his height, until they wear high heels he says.I know that the worse thing is being treated differently to the others has on occassions in p.e he cant manage to race against the taller boys in his class.He foes come top in the rope climbing though.Some of the boys make fun of him being short but that is mainly the older boys.He does have a few friends who are tall and short so that doesnt bother him.His best friend is a boy he has known since he was 8 years old.The boy is also short but he is about 4’9 now.There isnt much we can do but his sisters are pretty good to him.

February 21, 2009 at 6:28 am
(52) Adrianne Misha says:

I agree that being short is an inconvenience that anything else.Keep having to look up to speak to people,looking out for someone to get an item down from a shelf in the supermarket.I dont mind the looking young bit has i am now 60 yrs old.I have been married quite a while now and my husband is relatively short like me.I am 4’9 and he is 5’0.I have grandchildren taller than me but i still love being the shortest around.We have a son and a daughter our daughter is 4’11 and our son is 5’3.Me and my husband came from large families and in my family the height went from 4’9 to 5’7.My husband their height ranged from 5’0 to 5’9.We were both the shortest in our family.I hated it growing up has all through my senior school i was the shortest from start to finish.There were about 2 kids similar to me but for some reason i was the one picked on mainly.I used to have teachers telling me to stand up when i had to answer them.When infact i was already standing up and the class would always laugh.That used to be the standing joke when i was around.The only thing i can say is dont let your dreams fade away has we are not much different to the taller people.

February 25, 2009 at 1:20 pm
(53) Brian Mcconley says:

I am of average height 5’9 and my wife is 5’2.We have 2 sons who are both short statured from my wifes side.Our daughter is average height taking after me she is 5’7.Joanna is 17 now and i think she is happy being quite tall.On the otherhand her 2 younger brothers Sean who is 16 he is 4’11 and Shamus who is 15 and 4’10.They cant understand has to why they are shorter than their older sister has most of their friends are taller than their sisters.To me they are both like 2 peas in a pod Sean feels that he can still grow taller has some people say boys grow till 21.Shamus is happy enough has he is he likes being with the shorter people in school.With sean he has tried everything to make himself grow taller.I think it is because of his age being 16 he tends to look for shoes with a heel so far he has found a pair that is 2 ins on them.Sean has some tall friends and i think that is why he wants to be taller because the boys are well over 5’0.

March 13, 2009 at 3:34 pm
(54) Steven Morrisson says:

Being of short stature is quite hard to live with especially being a man.I am now 36 years old and my height is 4’11 my wife is 5’1 so we are quite evenly matched has i like to put it.Till she wears high heels that is.Obviously it can be a pain when we go out and she is around 6 inches taller than myself.We have a son who is 13 now and even to this day he doesnt like being shorter than his friends.He hates the clothes shopping where we have to pick up items where they are aged 8/9 years old.His shoe size is also only a size 10.It didnt bother him much till after doing a gym lesson one of the boys managed to grab his shoes and clothes and looked at his sizes.Now Carl got very embarrassed when he found out he was in smaller clothes and shoes.
He was always the shortest in class but this bothered him more so.I think he is around 4’8 or 4’9.He does have a couple of short girls in his year and 2 boys similar to Carl.We also have a daughter Rosie and she is 12 years old but she is already 5’0.No one belives that he is older than his sister due to their size and he gets really annoyed by it.I think she may grow somemore has she is still young.I do hope Carl picks up abit more height has he feels that he cant always keep up with his taller friends has he isnt has strong physically.Rosie is pretty good and she always looks out for Carl has she knows what some people are saying.She has a very wise head on her shoulders and we are very proud of her.

March 25, 2009 at 2:30 pm
(55) louisa roddick says:

I am of average height for a woman i am about 5’6 my husband is 5’7.The thing is we have an 8 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.Now the pair of them are lovely little things.I say little because that is what they are Jake is 8 and he is way shorter than all his friends he is 6 inches shorter than the next child.The same for Jessica she is 10 and she is also way shorter than her friends.I knew something was wrong when they were both born has they were taken away after the birth.Jake was born weighing 3 llb and Jessica weighed 3.2 llb.They did all sorts of tests has they were both born not very long.After Jessica was born she was allowed home after 3 months and we were told that there was a gene in my husband that gave the children a growth hormone problem.We thought that it would only be Jessica but it also affected Jake.Throughout school Jessica would ask questions as to why she was shorter than her classmates so we had to explain that she wasnt going to be their height.Jake also noticed the same thing and we did the same by explaining to him that he had the same problem has Jessica.Jessica goes through phases i think it is only when someone mentions that she is shorter than she gets annoyed.I think it was about 3 months ago she came jome in a terrible mood and i asked what the problem was.One of the children in the infant school asked her why she was the same height has her and that why she was in the junior school and she wasnt.Jessica did really well explaining to her but then the girl turned nasty saying that she was always going to be really short and not grow much.With Jake he is okay has he says that having Jessica with him helps him to adjust in school.Like when they hang their coats up they have hangers which are put lower for them they also have lockers which are low to help them.Now that Jessica and Jake is at this age they have been told properly by the doctors and they now know how tall they will actually grow to.Both of them took it very well they were both measured by the doctor and told so far their heights.It turned out that Jessica was 3’7 and Jake was 3’6.The doctor said that we are hoping by our judgements that Jessica could reach 4’3 and Jake hopefully 4’5.We were told that there wasnt any treatment for them to make them grow has if anything it would just make them reach their heights sooner rather than later.So since their 5th birthdays i have always checked their heights on their birthdays to show them how much they are growing.Which so far isnt very much.I think that what is worse for them is that there are rarely children around that are going to be little like them.I mean they are both handling it well and we are trying to make things comfortable for them.I think that in the near future we may have to remodernise our kitchens to help them so far we have a couple of stools for the kids.Like 1 is in the bathroom by the sink and 1 in the kitchen to help them.I think that it would be great if we could find other children for them all to mix and make friends if they are going to be short.I mean so far it isnt very nice when they try to play with their friends and they try to keep up with them.Especially Jake he likes to play football but it isnt always possible when the ball is kicked too high he has been hurt before now.Apart from that they are really good kids.

April 5, 2009 at 8:07 am
(56) Peter Marshall says:

I am 42 now and i have always been short my adult height is 5’0.My wife is 40 and she is 5’4.We have a son who is 15 now and he is pretty short.At the last measurement he only managed 4’7.He hates being the shortest in his year and also in a couple of the years below.He has younger girls asking him how old he is and he just gets annoyed.He said that when there was a new kid start school his friends shouted out HEY Keith someone is shorter than you we think.I turned to look and it was a girl just starting school and she was only 12 and she was a little shorter than me about 4’5.After about a couple of weeks this girl decided to wear high heels giving her about 3 ins thus making her taller than me.So that didnt last long.Now Keith has always been short all through his primary education but he is such a bright boy.He even gets asked help now from the older boys so he feels okay.I did used to tell him about me at school and being quite short i remember being the shortest guy when i left school.I hope to god that he will grow some more as i think it isnt going to be very happy.I know for the last 3 years nothing as happened and he cant really handle it.He does have tall and shorter friends they are between 5’2 and 5’9.Keith thinks that they are still growing and why hasnt he carried on.
We also have Dana she is 14 and she is 5’5 we noticed her growing taller when she was 9 she was one of the tallest in her class and she just carried on growing from there..I think she outgrew Keith when she was about 8 she was 4’10 and Keith was 4’5.So he only got to grow 2 inches since then.Since then she just grew and now she stands nearly a foot taller than him when she wears her shoes.The doctor has explainned that he thinks Keith should manage another couple of inches as he could grow till he is 21.Saying that it could pull him up to 4’10 and then that would be better than 4’7 i suppose.

April 18, 2009 at 7:04 am
(57) Mrs Jennifer Walker says:

Just to let you know that i am average height and we have a short statured daughter.My height is 5’6 and my husband is 5’10.We have a son who is 15 years old and he is 5’7 already.We have noticed that he is in the taller half of his classmates.We then have Francesca she is 12 now and just about to start high school in September, she is 4’0 tall.We didnt know till she was starting nursery school.When i dropped her off on her first day that is when it struck me Francesca was about 3/4 inches shorter than the rest.We decided to leave it and see if she was growing properly.It was when she was 6 and she had only gradually grew.We decided to take her to the doctor and i was getting worried.The poor kid has so many tests and we had to wait 2 weeks for the results to come back.The doctor explainned what the problem was that Francesca wasnt growing enough hormones.She could have had some treatment but i was put off by the side effects.We were told that she would end up pretty short unless she got this help.We asked how tall she would be and he said judging by the leg measurements she would be no taller than 4’6.Well we thought about it and decided that if she reached 4’6 we would still be able to deal with the lack of height.We had to explain what was wrong with her when she started to realise that she wasnt as tall as her friends and that she had very small feet and hands to the rest.We thought that when she got older we would explain why we decide on not letting her have the treatment to help her grow.The time had come when she just turned 12.We explainned fully that there were complications with the treatment and the side effects.She accepted the reasons and we explainned that hopefully she will reache the height the doctor said she may reach which is 4’6.We also explainned that she would still be short and that we can get around the problems she may have later in life.Since seeing the doctor we have always checked her height ever since on her birthday.Now over the last 3 years she has only grown 2 inches.She was under 4’0 for ages and we thought she might not get this far.Now our problem is being 4’0 and starting high school in September.So far all her uniform is being altered but we have more worries about her walking around school.I mean she is going to be alot shorter than her friends and also with the other pupils.We have spoken to the head teacher our concerns about how she will cope getting from class to class.Has the chances are higher for her being knocked down when she walks to class.We have been told that while changing classes and at breaktimes she could have someone to keep an eye on her and let her out slightly earlier.Another good thing is that they already have a short statured girl there and she will be a great help.The girl is in her second year at the school and she is only 4’4.Meaning Francesca will know her for about 3 years if that.Now we know that she isnt going to get 4 inches in the summer buy we are hopeing she get abit of height.Has she may only have till she is 16 to reach her adult height and being 4’0 will be very hard for her.Whilst being 4’6 would be much better.

April 21, 2009 at 11:51 am
(58) Jane V. says:

If too short is a disability, then so is too tall! I am female and 6′ tall. I had 1 date in my life who was taller than me. Guys are really put off if they’re not taller. I got the tall and skinny jokes when I was growing up. If kids can’t bug you about your size, they’ll come up with something else. In my opionion, everyone gets ribbed for something. Short, tall, fat, skinny, smart, dumb,…

May 13, 2009 at 2:11 pm
(59) joleen martinelle says:

coming from a short family i didnt expect anything less that what i was given.It seems that going back over generations everyone in the family married short people.I can remember pics of my great grandmother and great grandfather both were like bookends exactly the same height.They were both around 4’10.The wedding pics were a laugh has there was no one over 5’5.Then came my mother she is 4’9 and my dad is 4’11.They had 3 children me at 21 and i am only 4’8 then comes my brother he is 20 and 4’10.lastly is our baby sister she is 18 and she is only 4’6.She apparently is the shortest there has ever been out of our family.Growing up was okay has it was only when we went outside that we stood out.Mum and dad had good jobs and felt that they need the kitchen remodelled has she felt it was abit dangerous cooking in there.She found it a struggle using the cooker and didnt like usimg stools.So everything is lowered.So good job we intend to stay here as it wouldnt be no good for fully grown adults.We all had wardrobes that werent made too tall has we wouldnt get any use out of it.I dont like hearing what some people say even adults i always here then say AAAHHHHH look at them i mean we aint freaks are we.Okay we need abit of help getting some shopping items when they are way up.Some people dont know how to talk to us some seem to think they need to crouch down to talk to us especially women.I say it is because they like to feel taller than us.Jodie is now 18 and she gets the most hassle i have been with her when young kids come up to her and say how old are you.There was even an occassion when a girl who was about 7 or 8 and she was Jodies height.She said to her i hope i dont end up short like you.#
So no i dont think being short is a disability it is just a pain.Especially when adults are ignorants to the fact that we are human just like then but shorter.No we dont like being patted on our heads has it hurts us.We also dont like being lifted up like rag dolls so if people could just let us be we can all live together.

June 3, 2009 at 8:12 am
(60) Mrs Harriet Davis says:

I would like to say that i and my husband are of normal height.Me i am 5’5 and my husband is 5’9.We have a son who is 12 and he is only 4’5 tall,also there is our daughter she is 10 and she is 4’4 tall.When we go out shopping it is horrendous when we have to look for clothes for the children.They also dont like looking at clothes for the simple reason they have trouble finding suitable clothes to wear.We usually start out with checking their heights on a height chart in the shop.Both their heights are shorter than what they should actually be for their age.Jessica’s comes out at age 6/7 and the length is fine for her.George usually gets embarrassed about doing the height chart as he knows he is short anyway for his age.He likes to check out the trousers his age but they are too long for him and if altered they would look funny on him.So George gets his height checked and comes out at age 8 yrs.The length is perfect for him.I think we will struggle when it comes to his school uniform as he starts high school in September.I think it is harder for George being short because all the other boys in his year are taller than him.He says that some of the younger kids are forever coming up to him and saying why is he so short.I know on occassions that he gets picked on mot by the kids in his year but some younger ones that think they can be nasty to him.His friends are pretty good as they look out for him if they see anything going on.When he has his school photo’s he always says to his teacher if he can stand at the back instead of at the front.She said that it would be hard to notice him but George mentioned that if they could stand on a bench with some of the not so tall pupils as well.George seems to be accepting that maybe he may be short even when he finished his growth spurt.I just tell him that he may still grow and that girls grow taller first then boys catch up.This got him rather worried has he said that Jessica may grow taller than him first.I have checked this out with the g.p for both of them and we have been told that they both have a growth problem and will not be like their friends.So both of them are the shortest in their classes and when i see them in their school shows i notice the difference alot then.George is about 6 ins shorter than the tall pupils in his class and he looks so much younger because of this.There are only 3 girls that are about 3 inches taller than him and 1 boy that is the same.With Jessica it is a little different as she has a few girls short like her and so it is good company but she is still the shortest in her class.So we really hope that they can manage these extra inches that the g.p says that they could reach…

June 9, 2009 at 6:37 am
(61) jasmina nadal says:

I come from quite a big family there are 6 of us altogether.Our mum is 5’0 and dad is 5’4.So we didnt expect to be giants so no surprise there has to why we turned out all short for our ages.It is quite funny i suppose really when none of us reached over 5’0.It turned out like this i am 17 and only 4’8, then comes Drew who is 18 and 4’10 then it goes Billy who is 20 and 4’10 next is Jason who is 22 and 4’9 then comes Kristine and she is 23 and 4’11.The oldest is Coleen and she is 25 and 5’0.I did believe that the oldest would be taller than the rest in which it is in our case.I think that jason and Billy were surprised that Coleen was taller than them because boys usually are taller than their sisters.Well not in our case.It wasnt too bad for me has i realised while growing up that i was never going to be tall after seeing my sisters and brothers reach mediocre height.I think that the boys were treated harshly while growing up by kids in their class i remember them coming home from high school in tears saying kids were calling them midgets and dwarfs.When it came to doing a panto at school we were usually picked to play small people i hated the snow white and the 7 dwarfs has a few of us were usually picked.Even to this day i still get called names i get shouted out hoi you munchkins and i ger embarrassed.We are not midgets or dwarfs we are just short for our ages and that is okay if people can accept it we can so it shouldnt be any bother for anyone else.I have just started work and the drivers of the buses still think i am under age and pay for a child ticket that is how it goes.At work people think i cant do same things but i just say that i can still do things it is only if i need something reaching down my brain is fully functionable it is just the lack of height for us.Okay it is embarrassing when young children ask how old we are when out but we just explain and they are okay.With teeneagers it is different has they always want to point out the difference.Lastly when tracelling by train and i cant get a seat it is a nuisance when i cant reach the bar to hold on as they are way up high.If i can get close to inside the train i can hold onto the bar that runs from top to bottom and i am okay then.If not i am falling and wobbling everywhere and i do see people watching and sniggering.SO WHAT…

June 18, 2009 at 10:13 pm
(62) IttyBittyMe says:

Ok…I’ve read most of your comments, and really found them to be most depressing. I’m almost 29 years of age and barely 4’10″. Yes, I get looked at, yes small children constantly “comment” on my size, measure themselves next to me, get “holla’d at – wud up shawty” by clueless men, etc… but the truth of the matter is, I don’t really know that I’m short. No I’m not in denial, so don’t respond saying perhaps I need counseling etc.. What I mean is “you act like a victim, you will be treated like a victim, and bottom line is: you are a victim”. Ever hear of the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages”…I’m sure almost all of you have. I don’t let my “shortness” create problems for me. Yes, I use a stepstool (snicker), yes- i climb on the shelves at wal-mart.. yes, sometimes I avoid that item on the top shelf for fear of busting my rump in the middle of the aisle and drawing additional attention to myself. I’M SHORT… dugh… My daughter just turned 7 and is fast approaching my height. Some of her classmates comment and say things to her like “dang, I’m taller than your mom”… and she responds “can your mom crawl through the McDonald’s play place with you? – didn’t think so”. God has blessed me with a healthy beautiful and SHORT body… It’s who I am. Did I wish I was a little taller – of course (my husband is 6’00)… did I wish my feet were a little bigger – HECK YA – Its a pain in the butt finding size 4 shoes!! But being short is apart of who I am… My friends say “you wouldn’t be you if you were any taller”… and I don’t really realize how short I am till i see a picture of myself squeezed between two “normal” adults!!! I often joke with people and say “I’m really a 300 pound 6 foot tall sassy woman”… my attitude and personality do not scream short! I don’t allow people to talk to me disrespectfully, and have the series of “snappy come backs”… but I have found no need to use them any longer. I’m happy with myself, my daughter loves me, my husband loves me, and I can play in the McDonald’s play place, and shop in the kids section where the clothes are much cheaper!!! SHORTNESS is awesome!!! Hold your head up high (maybe even a little higher to gain 1/2 an inch)… and be proud of who you are. After all… its the little ones you have to watch out for!!! :) Loving all my short brothers and sisters and wishing you a long and happy life full of short bliss!!! :)

July 23, 2009 at 1:58 pm
(63) margie howden says:

I hear what you are saying Ittybittyme.I have encountered lots of difficulties being short.I am just abit shorter than yourself i barely stand tall at 4’9.My husband is 5’5 and we have a son who is 5’7 and a daughter who is 5’0.Our son is a very sensitive person and accepts that he wasnt going to be a giant when growing up.I mean he is still 15 and may have abit more growth.Our wonderful daughter is such a caring little girl okay she isnt the shortest in her classes but some of her friends are way over 5’0.Her best friend is 5’9 and they get along great.Has for me i have been mistaken for being younger that what i am.So maybe it is a good thing.I dont like the clothes that i have to choose from has they tend to be juniors.Has for my shoe size it is only a size 2 and very popular with the younger girls.I also have useage of stools around the house but i am used to it by now.At school i was always called muchkin and shortstack.Has i have gotten older they have stopped.I dont like it though when young kids come up near me and ask their mum if they are taller than me.Now that is disrespectful.It is alot to do with the kids parents and the way they are brought up.I remember when i was after a box of breakfast in the top cupboard and my daughters friend stayed the night and she saw me struggle with getting the big box down.I was on a stool and i also had a long handed kitchen utensil and i still couldnt reach the box.She noticed me and came into the kitchen and reached up just like that.When she put it down i said for a joke “IF ONLY I WAS THAT TALL”.My son jokes abit about me being short when we were out and he says “YOU ARE JUST THE RIGHT HEIGHT FOR ME TO REST MY ELBOW ON “.When his dad spots him doing so he tells him off.

July 25, 2009 at 5:30 am
(64) tamzin jacobson says:

We have a daughter who is 10 years old now and she is alot shorter than her friends.I and my husband are both decent heights, me i stand at 5’6 and my husband stands at 5’9.We also have another daughter who is 9 and she is already 4 inches taller than her older sister.Beth is the smallest in her class whereas Trina is one of the tallest.I hope that Beth can grow somemore has she seems really upset when she comes home from school and says a boy said this to me or that to me.I have checked her out with the doctor and he says that she may have abit more growing but no much more.the growth plates have closed already and she is only 4’5 tall.She doesnt like it when she cant play with her friends half the time or keep up with the running games.She says sometimes she spends time with the younger children at school has she fits in better.They all know her at school and treat her okay it is just the minority few.Her feet havent grown in ages and she has been in the same clothes.Beth tries her best to act like a big sister for Trina but like anyone if someone is bigger than them it takes more persuasion to get something done.Usually it is the other way round when children grow it is the older child passing their clothes down.When Trina outgrows her clothes i then have to alter them to fit Beth.At school Trina likes to keep a lookout for her big sister to make sure everything is okay and she does try to respect her.It is just some of her friends taunt Beth and Trina has to step in.I remember when she was 7 and she came home from school in tears she told me that some older children said that she would be a dwarf if she didnt start growing.When i see her walk off with her friends to go to school she just looks so much younger than them.She always struggle with her school bad has it is so heavy.We are hoping that the doctors prdeiction may be sopt on for her.We were told that she could reach 4’7 as we cant help her to gain more height.She seems happy enough with what she has been given and hope that she does get the little bit of height.

August 8, 2009 at 2:57 pm
(65) Jason Lewis says:

I think that short people get abit of a raw deal, naw i aint short but 3 of my best friends are short and they get alot of hassle.Dont get me wrong i love being my height, i think it is supposed to be average so i am happy being 5’10.My 3 friends are 5’4 5’3 and the other 5’2.When we go out it tends to be the tall guys that feel it is funny taking the mickey out of them.Well when they are with me it isnt okay and i will stand up for them.has mainly because the guys are too drunk anyway so it is easier to take em down.For some reason they have all taken to learning ju-jitsui and all 3 are doing well.They learn the art of weapons and also they know karate.So for me it is understandable for them to want to stick up for themselves.They arent disabled people they even accept their height it is just morons that keep bringing it up.They know they are short leave them alone.They also get their full share of woman chatting them up rather than the other way round.They are even short woman so they have more going for them than me at times.So i will be on the lookout as to what happens.

August 11, 2009 at 10:01 am
(66) Mrs Janice Granger says:

For me being short is more of an inconvenience especially in my job.I am 30 years old and i work in a high school my main problem is my lack of height has i only stand at 4’10 tall.I teach children between 11 and 17 and the bulk of the children are way taller than i am.I have had to have the white board changed so that i can roll it up and down has i cant reach the top of them.I have a lowered chair and desk that have been made comfortable for me.Of course i do get alot of hassle from the children like the usual crack is What do i want to be when i grow up.At first it used to be the older children that came up with the wise cracks but now they have gotten over it.I now get the children just starting the school and as soon has they notice how short i am there is no end of wise cracks.Someone usually tends to put the books back in the cupboard after lessons and they find it funny sticking them on the top shelf i then have to hunt around for a stool to give me height.If not i have to wait for the class and get someone to reach them.The name i am called mostly in class is Titch which is totally annoying when the pupil is a girl and she is barely 5’0 herself.She made a joke about she likes me being her teacher has it makes her feel better with her height that someone else is shorter than her.If pupils get annoyed when they have done something wrong i usually have to stand back from the pupil to do so as i found that pupils used to say to me Am i big enough to say it to their face which i would do so.I just found it intimidating when the pupils are nearly 6’0 and over a foot taller than me.I do however come in handy for the short statured pupils if they have problems i am like a magnet and they usually say what is wrong.There are some pupils that are still quite short YEP shorter than me a couple of boys are only 4’5 and they seem to be growing terribly slowly the girls dont mind being short so they are happy being as short as the boys.Me well i would have loved to have been taller like my brother and sister.My sister is 5’6 and my brother is 5’10.I just laugh and say that i am the youngest so i expected to be the shortest.

September 27, 2009 at 8:07 am
(67) jheri says:

I am a tall (1.90 m – about 6’3″) woman. Mostly I’m happy with my height, but finding clothes is a problem as is fitting into some spaces. I’m also very thin and can shift around, but there is not enough room for my legs in most economy airline seats. Since I fly a lot on business I was able to get my employer to agree to make sure I fly business class as having your legs locked in place can cause very serious medical problems.

Many men are upset with the idea of a tall woman and I get stared at every day. I think I have that in common with very short people. One of my friends is an extremely tall woman (2.00 m, which is 6’7″) and finds it very difficult to drive many kinds of cars. Desks don’t fit and she regularly hits her head on door frames. She is proud of her height and would not trade it, but there are many expensive modifications she needs. I don’t think she would consider it a disability.

Many products are designed to fit from the 5 percentile female to the 95 percentile male. This leaves some of us out (I’m taller than the 95 percentile male). There are some European countries that use “universal design”, which usually tries to cover narrower ranges, but with two or three size ranges. So public restrooms, buses and things like that will go from the 1 percentile female to the 60 percent male and then the 50 percentile male to the 99 percentile male.

I do think most people get used to their height, whatever it is, in their 20s.

October 27, 2009 at 7:23 am
(68) sherry Gayed says:

hi all just wanna tell you all who feel short to have confidence ,take it easy ,but above all have faith that God has created you in the best shape you’re soooooooooooooooooo unique so nevermind, how tall or short you are, never seek to get others attraction coz believe me it’s nonsense just seek to live For God all your life time seeking His will in your life .Don’t worry about being attractive to a guy coz if you just surrender yourself to God He’ll send you the right person at the right time just put your trust in Him

November 16, 2009 at 8:28 am
(69) Camille says:

I am 4’10″ and the idea that someone would consider this a disability is ludicrous to me! I come from a small family, we’re all very petite. This is genetic, based on ethnic background, etc; I consider it along the same lines as getting blue eyes from your dad.

An obsession with tall stature strikes me as particularly American: the bigger, the better phenomenon. Further, different ethnic groups have different “average” heights. Our obsession with tall leans towards racism. In Guatemala, I was normal height. I’ve never had much of a problem being made fun of because of height, but this might be because I’ve always lived in big cities with a lot of diversity. I do believe it must be harder in other parts of the country.

Also, re: people get paid less due to height. It is true that short people make less money than tall people. Fat people also make less money, women, people of color, etc. This is discrimination, it is not due to any of these minority groups being “disabled”

December 30, 2009 at 2:54 am
(70) Willie says:

To get to the basics of the question, my fiancé is 4’8″ and I am 5’8″. I feel that it is at a major disadvantage to people who are shorter than average and there should be consideration for a disability act. Fact is that there is an average height. There are restrictions for people who do not meet certain heights because of safety. Child seat laws require a height of 4’9” in the use of booster seats ion vehicles. If there can be a potential risk for people who do not meet height requirements, then special consideration for disability should. She has difficulties in many ways around the house, in stores, and when we had to purchase a new vehicle we were restricted to models that allowed not only to see over the front of the car but to be able to touch the pedals. This became a major issue because 90% of the vehicles in our price range and that fit our needs did not fit her needs. And I do not see any relationship to racism in anyway. It is an insult to me as a Black man to even hear or see that as a comparison. People choose to discriminate. We would have to say that manufacturers are discriminating against short people, which is not the case. They are required to meet “average” standards. Obesity has been declared a disability, when in most cases it is a lifestyle choice of those who are obese. And their obesity can be helped, when a person’s height is a permanent aspect of their lives (outside expensive and ludicrous procedures used).
So, should it be a disability? I say Yes, without a question, only facts that support this need.
Some jobs (i.e. flight attendants) have height restrictions. Amusement Parks have height requirements. What is at normal heights for most are out of reach for people her height? Are we to say that they just can’t have a normal and same fulfilling life as others because they are too short? Who are we to say that they should not be compensated for their inconvenience? Why should they not be? What kind of compensation, I can’t say, but I do think they are allotted some consideration.

January 28, 2010 at 4:39 am
(71) simon hillier says:

I suppose with us short people we all get labelled as something obviously not many nice things.I think that maybe some people feel that they are more dominant when they see shorter people.I have suffered from these people who have made my schoolife very negative.In the end things worked out for me and i have now been married for 20 years now.I was pleasantly surprised when i met Dannielle and she accepted me for who i am just short not having a disability.My height is 4’10 and i came from a rather short family no one in my family was any taller than 5’5.Dannielle on the other hand comes from an average height family and she is 5’8.We have a son who is 14 and he is 4’11 i hope he gets taller.Then comes Marion and she is 16 she is 5’9 taking after her mum.Thats what makes me think Micky might take after me.Done get me know Marion is really good she looks after Micky if he is picked on at school.So i suppose that is what i have to look forward to is being the shortest in our house.
At work everything is good and i have alot of women coming up and trying to help if needed.Mostly it is reaching the high files on the top shelves.I did try the stool but it was on wheels an i nearly had an accident so i get this extra help when needed.Apart from that everything is good and hopefully things will work out for Micky like they did for me.

February 5, 2010 at 10:01 pm
(72) Jazmyne says:

I’m 34 years old and only 4’11! But I always say I’m 4’11 1/2! I was told the other day that I could apply for a handicaped license plate because I was under 5′!! Of course I can’t find anything online about it. Everyone in my family is taller than me! My husband is 6’1! (I’m not sure how that happened!) :) I can’t say that I feel like I’m disabled or handicaped though! I’d feel stupid saying that! I have no problems running or walking in fact I actually like doing thoes things! I’m just short! :) The only problem I have is reaching for things on high shelves! But I just look for someone taller or get a chair. People do ask how tall I am and make rude comments but the laugh is on them because I like being short! Plus…I trip a lot! LOL! I’m kind of what you’d call a klutz! I could just imagine if I was taller and tripped!!! OUCH! :) ha ha

February 24, 2010 at 4:32 pm
(73) Hgarner says:

I am 14 and 5’2. i get made fun of at school by being called “leprechaun, gnome and dwarf”. i am currently writing a paper on why being short is bad. i have 30 reasons and wish to have 50. Please send me your reasons via email. My email is hgarnerhp@gmail.com…please label the subject as short reasons. thank you so much. i finaly feel accepted by someone real.

April 29, 2010 at 11:00 pm
(74) Susie says:

I think its only disability if you allow it to be. I’m 4″10 and I believe that attitude has alot to do with it too.

July 5, 2010 at 2:58 am
(75) Suzzie says:

I am 17 and I am 4,11. I know I am going to stay this short and I do not plan on changing it. What I lack in height, I will make up with persona. I know that being short will not make me any less smarter then the next person. If I have to work hard to make others see that then I will bring it. It is all about personality.

September 23, 2010 at 3:32 pm
(76) Amy says:

My name is Amy. I’m 35 years old and I’m only 4’3″. I am married with kids. I would say to a certain extent that being as short as I am is a disability. There are so many things I can’t do that other people can do. Luckily I have a job that I sit at a desk b/c I couldn’t work a lot of places b/c I couldn’t reach things. I would like to once benefit from being short.

November 15, 2010 at 4:03 pm
(77) Samantha Martinez says:

I am 19 almost 20 years old. I work at Mc.D’z its not easy even my boss’s say that after I work along shift I look extremly tired. I dont get much hour because of it and I really need the money. I’m still in high school I dropped out 3 times but im trying not to be like the rest of my family and not get it done. My nana was about my higth when she passed away, I’m 4’10 and my doctor told me like 2 years ago that I wont grow anymore. Being short is a disabiltie and i’m part blind to so its really hard for me to drive. Im glad i found this website because it helps me alot knowing that their are a lot of other people just like me out there.

November 22, 2010 at 3:23 pm
(78) Cassandra says:

I am 27 years old and i have been 4ft 9in sense i was 15 have not grown an inch more I am the shortest in my family other than my kids. I have three boys ages ranging from 10 to 5 my oldest is a foot shorter than me my middle is the same height as him maybe a inch shorter and my youngest at 5 is 3ft 2in my oldest just hit alittle over 50lbs and my middle weighs in at 62 and my youngest is only 33lbs I weigh about 115 it is horrible when you are short and doctors put your kids at a normal childs standard I am not doing anything nor will i do anything to change their height. To me there is nothing wrong with being short other than not being able to get alot of jobs.

December 17, 2010 at 9:45 pm
(79) jamie aragon says:

hello everyone, i am 4’9″, 26 years old and all tho i dont think being short is a disability, i have to say that there are a lot of things that are very challenging. i feel that i am limited to certain jobs because of my height. i have a 7 year old who is also very short and i think she may be shorter than me when she stops growing. as of right now i am unemployed, im not sure if me being short is an issue with that but i feel like people see me as a little girl because of my height and for that reason they dont take me seriously.

August 6, 2011 at 12:41 pm
(80) Jennifer says:

At 28 years old, i am currently 4’10″ from Leicester, England. Ive been told in the past that i could claim disability allowence and more recently ive been told of someone who is the same height as me that they have just be given a disabled parking permit. Even though the extra money would come in handy, i refuse to even look into the option of claiming as i dont believe that there is anything wrong with me, we all complain about all these people that claim benefits, even though the government says they are entilted to, that are perfectly healthy but cany be bothered to get a job so on so on… And as i dont think there is anything wrong with me, why be one of those people that we complain about??
Me personally, i love being small, i get to wear the biggest heels possible and not look like to tall.
Ive been quite lucky over the years as ive never had anyone bullying me about my height, but then again id like to see someone try as what i lack in height i certainly make up with personality…
Regarding family im the smallest out of all of the family, im an only child so cant compair to siblings but all my uncles are all reaching the 6ft bracket.

But to answer the question about is it right or wrong to go for growth hormone or have your legs broken as a child so you can gain that extra inch or so, i personally think that its down to the individual yet in the same breath, we all turned out alright, didnt we, and we werent given the option of these treatments?? I dont think these procedures should be something that you could claim off insurance as i would assume that they would fall into the catagory of cosmetic, and its not like you be able to have your teeth done or even a boob job through your insurance if there is absolutley nothing wrong with what yourve already got…

But hey ho, thats my opinion im sure that someone is bound to have a different opinion…

October 22, 2011 at 2:59 am
(81) Lindsey says:

Hey my name is Lindsey. I am 23 and I have been 4′ 9″ , 4’10″ basically my whole life. i dont mind it but it gets to me everytime someone ask how tall are you. some people think i am the youngest in my family when i am the oldest just because i am little. I applied to see it i get it or not but prob not. I usually jump and reach for things i need or i geta step stool. good thing i am still young lol or i’d be getting a step stool a lot more.

October 23, 2011 at 9:34 pm
(82) sarah T says:

I see a lot of people commenting here who are 4’10” and under, I’ve see that very rarely, but as a woman who is 5’0” I would say I see women about my height all the time where I live (in the city) sometimes I feel alone about my height but when I started paying attention I saw that a lot of women are the same height as me or at least in the same height range (under 5’3”)

But I have only seen a few women shorter then me, maybe once every 6 months. But if I went out on a typical day to any event or place with more then 30 people I always see someone my height or just a little taller.

The fact that I see so many women near my height makes me mad when people ask me questions about my height or make rude comments. Because I don’t consider myself a kind of person who get’s out the house a lot but when I do I always see short stature people so I assume anyone who makes a comment to me about my height get’s out of their house a lot less then me.

I also have noticed on my college campus I find the largest concentration of women my height, even though we are at least 18 and most of us have stopped growing, it seems like a lot of us are there. However in combination with my height I am also very petite and I have a young looking face and I think that makes me look a lot younger then I am.

Of course I have had problems with my love life, not that men don’t like petite women because they do, but I’m a lesbian and it seems that women seem to have a harder time dating a woman shorter then them then men do.

October 27, 2011 at 4:17 am
(83) Felicia Hambrick says:

I am a 19 year-old female whose height is 4’11″ (4’11.5″ to be exact). I know that there is NO CHANCE that I will grow any taller. I know i listed the .5 in my height, because to me it matters, but I do not consider myself disabled because I am significantly shorter than my friends and family. I don’t even see how being that “short” would even begin to be a disability.

October 29, 2011 at 10:24 am
(84) Linda says:

Hi, I voted that being short is not a disability but now that I read the blog and thought about it a little more, I suppose it is like anything else that makes one different from the accepted norm of a society. I am at present 4 feet 11 inches tall. I lost an inch when I broke my back a few years ago. I’m 65 and now shrinking as well. I also lived in Europe for my first 10 years after WWII in the Austrian Alps and food was scarce, especially protein. It caused me to not grow as tall as I could have. Both my daughters are 5’4″ tall. I used to have a pretty face and when I drove in the car I would get a lot of attention from men, but when I slipped out of the car (I always had a pillow I sat on) their attentions strayed else where. Obviously height made a lot of difference. Today I am a teacher. I teach 5th grade. The students are always comparing their height to mine. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they surpass me toward the end of the year. Many come back to see me from 8th grade to say goodbye as they toddle off to high school. They tower over me and smile. They feel victorious and we laugh about it. It is always difficult to be a little different than the norm, but also a challange to be met. My best girlfriend was 6’2″. She had a terrible time too. We looked very funny together but the meeting of great minds will not be stilled, even if, or because, we are different.

November 2, 2011 at 1:03 am
(85) Shorty says:

I just turned 18 years old and I have been 4’8 since I was 11 years old. The doctor said I am done growing. Now I have graduated high school and looking to get into college, however no one will hire me because of my height. How am I supposed to pay for college and get a good job? I cannot live on minimum wage the rest of my life (IF someone finally hires me)… I am a very intelligent and capable girl, but this does disable me. I suppose even if I did get a job, I wouldn’t be able to reach anything. So what can I do but sit around and let people think I’m just lazy instead of disabled? I am sorry for all the short people like me. I went through so much torture for it when I was younger, and it still comes up from time to time. None of us deserve to go what so many of us have gone through.

January 11, 2012 at 12:25 pm
(86) Derrek says:

A note of encouragement.
I’m not short and can only imagine the difficulties being short presents. How ever, I’ll always remember walking thru a mall and being stopped by my friend. I heard a voice saying ‘Excuse me’ and looked down. I’d been daydreaming and didn’t see the owner of the voice until then. I saw a perfectly scaled, tiny woman, wearing a professional business suit. She was literally standing below my line of vision. She was polite but firmly standing her ground. My first reaction was ‘Wow, she’s magic.’
A walking marvel. I apologized and stepped aside so she could proceed. Later I realized 2 things. First, I was embarrassed to have got in someones way, second I was pleased to see someone different, and in a most amazing way.
Being short may be something you’d prefer might be different but there are many like me, who merely see you as just another person. But instead of having a different face, or hair colour, you have a different height. I take people as they are, big or little. Be the best you can be, and I’ll stop bullets for you just as I would any one else.
And please know, that you are making this world a little more interesting just by existing. Be proud, Shetland ponies are one of the most sought after horses on the planet for a reason.
They’re different, and special in their own way.
Discrimination is always wrong, perhaps even tall people just need to grow up.
Hope this provides a different perspective. Have a good one…

January 23, 2012 at 1:32 pm
(87) Sarah says:

WOW! I’m a short, 4′-10″, woman in my mid 30′s. I have never seen being short as a disability, not once, not ever! Sure people notice you more, but I take that as an advantage. People that I met when I was in H.S. and haven’t seen in 20 years STILL come up to me and talk & say “I remember you from…” I love it! I married a tall man, 6′-2″, and we get some looks, but that’s OK. We all make comments about how tall someone is, why is that OK when we get mad when people make comments about how small we are??? I haven’t found that being short has hindered my career at all, in fact, I think it has helped. I was an interior designer for 10+ years & people remember me from other projects. I am now an RN & I make people feel more comfortable because I am not towering over them when they are in their hospital beds (so I’ve been told). I LOVE being short! As my dad (also short – 5′-2″) always says “We just didn’t stand in as big a pile of manure as those tall folks!” That’s all from an Irish leprechaun! :)

February 22, 2012 at 2:52 am
(88) Erin says:

Hmm…I seem to be different from the majority commenting. I did not come from a family of short people. My mum is 5’9″ (tall for a girl growing up in the 50′s). My dad is 6’0″. My twin brother is 6’0″ and my younger sister is 6’1″. I stand at 4’8″. How come I stand out so radically from my parents and siblings? Well genetics like to throw in a curb ball on occasion. I received a x-linked genetic disorder. It is rare and I cannot absorb Vitamin D through my skin from the sunlight. My height is a symptom of my genetic problem. If I don’t take prescribed concentrated supplements my bones will weaken, among other health issues associated with lack of vitamin D and calcium.

I think I could qualify to be considered having a disability.

June 9, 2012 at 9:27 pm
(89) Kris says:

To those saying you don’t have a job because of your height — I’m studying to be a doctor and I’m 4ft 10, I’ve never been looked down in an interview because of my size and I’ve had a number of jobs at 17/18 that paid double minimum wage. You have a bad job for your own reasons, don’t blame your height.

August 13, 2012 at 3:38 pm
(90) anoyomous says:

I am just under 4 ft 11 (4 ft 10.75). I am a female college student, 20 years old, in a sorority, with tons of friends and an amazing boyfriend. Yea being short sucks, but it really is not that big of a deal. There are so many other problems a person can have besides being short. What about people who do not have any legs at all? Or people who are homeless and starving? People who are mentally challenged? Before you feel sorry for yourself, take a look around and you will see that the majority of people have it way worse than you do. I say that if being short is your biggest problem, then hey you must have a pretty good life. I am short and it has never bothered me, yea people will joke about it just it is all in good fun. So I do not take offense, most of the time it is just boys flirting with me. Being short is not the end of the world it all comes down to confidence and how you carry yourself.

August 16, 2012 at 5:08 am
(91) constance bruce jones says:

We are parents of short children they are both 16 now with height of 4’9 and 4’11 both are twin boys.We also have a daughter who is 18 and she is 5’0.I and my husband are average height he stands at 5’10 and i am 5’6 or 5’7.We both have this gene that affected our children with their growth development. It affected them all only by the time we knew it was too late.We couldnt even try the ght has it wouldnt have helped them due to this problem.The boys took it quite hard being shorter than their friends while at school.It seem to take ages for them to get into new clothes for their uniform.I am just glad that they has eachother.For Jasmine it was different she loved the attention of being shorter than her friends.They were always helping her and looking out for her.The boys were the same until they went to high school and struggled.For the first 3 years their school uniform stayed the same it was aged 9/10 and they were 12 at the time.They have just finished there last year at school and when i saw their last school photo taken it really hit home for me and my husband.Some of the children were nearly 6’0 their best friends were both 5’7 and 5’9.I hope that they dont get judged too much with the way they are.Has there are some nasty people around like at school that picked on them. I really wouldnt have minded if they both hit 5’0 i think it would have made them better.I hear that people can grow till they are 21 i would love it if it happens and they can gain abit more.They havent grown for the past 2 years now so i dont know

August 16, 2012 at 8:23 am
(92) Terri Mauro says:

Constance, I picked up a couple of inches after age 21, from 4’8″ to 4’10″, so there’s hope. Didn’t even realize it until I was measured for a choir robe at church.

January 17, 2013 at 8:36 am
(93) julie sanchez says:

Being a parent and not being able to help one of your children is a terrible feeling.I know i am not tall i reached 5’1 my husband is 5’5 so we didnt expect tall children.Our oldest is 16 now and just about to leave school he is Stefan and so far he stands at 4’9 he hasnt grown much over 4 years.He was always the shortest in class out of the boys.We had him tested and probed and everything only to be told he could reach 4’11 if lucky.He gets frustrated when people think he is younger than he is and get help from his friends.At school it was always the younger kids that pointed out his height.We also have Erica and she is 15 she was last measured at 5’3 which didnt help Stefan.He says he would be happy if he reached 5’0 has some of the girls in his year are taller than him and it seems the ones around 5’0 take time to speak to him.He has been heard having a cry but i think that is when he has a bad day with kids.

January 20, 2013 at 4:09 am
(94) Jason Kirkbride says:

I wouldnt class being short has a disability but it can hold you back.I mean if we were all the same size then it would be a boring place.For me being 32 now and only 4’10 i am roughly the same size of 13 yr olds.I do have a dad who is 5’5 and a mum who is 5’1.So they arent really average height.I also have a sister who is younger and she is 5’6 and a younger brother who is 5’3.I think i got my lack of height from my grandmother who is 90 now but she is only 4’7.She was infact always 4’9 so she as shrunk 2 ins.So i know what i have to look forward to in later life.When we go out i am genuinly the one that is taken has being the youngest and so can be frustrating.If we go to parties and pics are taken i am usually shoved in the front so i am seen.I do however have a wonderful wife who is obviously taller she is 5’5.We have 2 children who are both growing up okay.There seems no problem with their heights.So i suppose that i have to look forward to also having children that are taller than me.They do understand that i am shorter than many other parents has when i pick them up from school they always say why cant i stand at the front so the teacher can see me and they can get picked up.Also when i went to their parents evenings they would ask why was i shorter than other friends dads.At least they wont have this problem.

April 5, 2013 at 5:56 pm
(95) anonymous says:

Here are the heights of my family:
Oldest brother- 6’1
Second oldest brother- 5’8
Me- 5’3
Mom- 5’6
Dad- 6’2
Step-dad- 5’11
Step-mom- 5’6
Younger sister- 3’10 or 3’11 and 5 years old
Younger brother- 4’0 and 6 years old
Mom’s grandma- 4’11
Dad’s grandma- 4’10
Mom’s mom- 5’3-5’4
I’m assuming I got my height from my mom’s mom, unsure about my dad’s mom’s height

May 11, 2013 at 8:14 pm
(96) Brooklynne says:

I feel like I am way too late commenting on this but I’m sixteen and 4 foot 7 and I can’t even drive ): and I always get asked about how tall I am with laughing too and I can’t reach stuff at my house…I’m trying to figure out if this is a disability because I can’t drive unless I pay thousands of dollars for all of the stuff and I just can’t afford that…I really need help..

June 4, 2013 at 10:07 am
(97) Brit says:

First of all I want to say that I love all of you.

I’m 18(3 months to 19) and 4’11.5. I never wanted to be tall honestly, but asked almost everyday ‘How would my life be if I was a little bit taller?’. Up to 5’2, nothing more…

Since the day I first went to school I’ve been the shortest of the class, except some boys used to be shorter, but they didn’t help.

My height had kept me away from romance, concerts, responsibilities… I cant even act like I’m 18 yet. My hands are rather tiny, and everyone keeps telling me how tiny they are. Even these conversations make me feel insecure, because I feel like ‘I’m not an adult yet’. Generally I look 15-16.

Yet, I’m not frustrated about my height anymore, because looking younger or not, I’m 18 inside and one can do whatever they want, unless they are mentally ill.

+There’re so many short female celebrities who are under 5′.
+Parents above, all of my short boy friends in school gained many inches after they hit puberty around the ages 16-17. Don’t feel desperate, doctors can be mistaken either.

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