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Terri Mauro

Shaving cream for head lice?

By January 11, 2007

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Because children with special needs may be unable to use chemical shampoos with Lindane, or sit through the ordeal of a careful nit-picking, I'm always on the lookout for solutions that will be as non-toxic, sensory-friendly, and simple as possible. Yesterday, reader Marilyn Weimer e-mailed me with an idea I absolutely love: using shaving cream to smother the little buggers. I've tried greasier choices like olive oil, petroleum jelly, and mayo, wrapped in plastic, then a shower cap, then a towel -- but they all make such an awful mess, and are so hard to wash out. Not so with shaving cream, reports Marilyn; all you need is a shower cap to cover the shaving-creamed head. Leave it on overnight, and it washes out easily in the morning. Brilliant! Have you figured out an innovative head-lice solution that respects your child's special needs? Share it in the comments, please, and I'll mention it in a future blog entry. Photo by Terri Mauro
January 11, 2007 at 11:48 pm
(1) Wendy says:

Hi Terri;

Came across your latest regarding head lice and special needs children I have been working for a company called Licesquad for just over a year now. It is a God send for many parents. We offer in-home services for parents to remove lice and their eggs using pesticide and chemical free treatments. What would take an average person many hours, we can accomplish in as little as one to two hours. Our professional Nitpickers have a background in hairdressing, registered nursing or as a personal support worker. Some of our Nitpickers even have a background working with special needs children. I have experienced many Moms crying on the phone they are so overwhelmed with the lice infestation. Many have tried for months to eradicate the lice but it keeps coming back. Our Nitpickers also educate the parents on the in-home visit, in order to have the parents better prepared should this arise again in the future.
Our goal is also to educate the public as there are so many myths out there.

January 15, 2009 at 11:24 am
(2) Leslie says:

I have tried Marilyn’s shaving cream idea on head lice and it’s the best solution we’ve ever found! I let the kids have fun with it putting it on, let them sleep in the cap, and the little buggers were smothered by morning. Plus it washes out easily. Best home remedy ever!
Thanks Marilyn!

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