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Terri Mauro

Smart Wives, Misled Mothers, and More of Your Comments

By April 11, 2007

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Readers are sounding off in the comments all over this Parenting Special Needs blog, but it can be hard to find and respond to those opinions when they're on posts past this main page. To give you an easy view of the outrage and the outreach, here are some of the things your fellow readers have been saying in the past few weeks. To join the conversation, click on the link to get to the post, then click on "comments" to read the entire comment and add your own two cents.

"I'm not an Alpha Mom, and proud of it. There are plenty of smart moms out there who are also smart wives ... I rarely see anything in these articles about the husbands/fathers. The moms say that they are 'kidcentric,' but where does that leave the husband? Sloppy seconds?" -- Julie on "Are You an Alpha Mom?"

"You must have been paid a good chunk of money for this advertisement. Are you just blind to the real facts about government sponsored lies, and how mercury and all the other jazz in vaccinations are real bad on all people. And you're so eager to mislead mothers to poison their children and cause future life problems for them." -- slayertoman on "Study: Unvaccinated Kids Put Communities at Risk"

"My child came home healthy. He contracted a virus ... After 5 days in the hospital, he was given many antibiotics his skin stunk. When he was unhooked from all his gear and I held him, he had small shimmers where is little body would shake like it was cold when he wasnít. I asked the doctor about it and he said his neurological system probably hadnít developed yet. The problem I have is he didnít shake when I first took him home. The doctor said he didnít know how long he had gone without oxygen at home and that neurological problems such as seizures could show up later in life. Within 2 years it was aparent he had Tourette's. A very minor case. I still think that immunizations have something to do with it also specifically the 'mercury' they included." -- Linda on "Are Autism, ADHD, Tourette's on the Rise?"

"Itís so sad that insurance companies defy common sense in their attempts to avoid paying for important procedures such as this one for this boy. They obviously were thinking of nothing else but seeing if they could bully the parents into believing the procedure was merely 'cosmetic' with no significant meaning otherwise." -- Cynthia on "Insurer Says Breasts on a Boy No Big Deal"

"Thanks for mentioning the autism post, since Charlieís diagnosis, autism has become a center of our existence and one of my main focal points is not seeing a diagnosis as a death sentence." -- JanB on "Spelling Out the Signs of Autism"

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