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Terri Mauro

Candy Control, Birth Control, and More of Your Comments

By November 14, 2007

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Readers are sounding off in the comments all over this Parenting Special Needs blog, but it can be hard to find and respond to those opinions when they're on posts past this main page. To give you an easy view of the outrage and the outreach, here are some of the things your fellow readers have been saying in the past couple of weeks. To join the conversation, click on the link to get to the post, then click on "comments" to read the entire comment and add your own two cents.

"Kudos for everyone whos finding peanut-free candies! Im the only one in the house who can eat peanut, and my portion of the loot is getting smaller and smaller every year! Ill miss it, but its so good to know that the message is getting through." -- sylrayj on "Five Ways to Use All That Halloween Candy"

"I was ambivalent to this whole issue, until I read this post. I highly recommend it for anyone who would be interested in the actual facts. http://joeleonardi.wordpress.com/2007/10/21/birth-control-for-children/" -- dee on "School-Dispensed Birth Control Puts Some Kids at Risk"

"My son picks at his cuticles, but he has done it less since I showed him how to use the nail clippers. Now he knows he needs to get some 'white' to cut. Also, I liked the Berenstein Bears idea of money. Give 10 coins (or other credit) to the child in the morning. He loses a coin for every nail that is bit during the day." -- Liz on "The Dangers of Fingernail Biting"

"A co-worker of mine has a daughter with Chiari Malformation and does not have any medical insurance and cannot work due to the severe pain she is in daily. Does anyone have any ideas on who can help her with the surgury and hospital costs?" -- Rhonda on "Extreme Makeover to Help Family With Chiari Malformation"

"This is the first time the boys have had a big bunch of sweets. I was wondering what to do with it all. apart from file it.in the trash So far theyve been dipping in each day but it send them wild and in turn their mother. So lets see how long that lasts." -- melitsa on "Five Ways to Use All That Halloween Candy"

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