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Neighbor of a Boy With Autism Asks, How Do We Handle This?



Sometimes older blog posts get comments that request further opinions or advice, but since the original post is far off the front page, it's unlikely that anyone will see it to answer. I'm going to highlight a few of those this week, to get some conversation going on issues that we're all dealing with. First off is a comment from reader Chris in response to a 2009 post about hostile neighbors filing complaints about a child with autism. He writes:

OK, I have another perspective and I ask your help. I am a father of four young kids with one having Bi-Polar with a possibility of Aspergers. So I have some understanding of children with disabilities. My problem is I have a next door neighbor with 2 autistic kids that are driving me up the wall. One is a highly functioning good kid but his younger brother (12yold) is very loud vocally outside for hours at a time. What he does is spray their garden hose inside a 20' X 30' stockade fenced in area between his legs and yells and waves hands while only wearing loose fitting underpants (sometimes the wife and I have caught him doing this naked while the mom is not around .... disturbing for my 10 year old daughter and myself) This kid must go through gallons of water at a time. And all this is in a very small close mobile home park. My question is how do we handle this? The police have been involved on several occasions and we were told the mom is single and she doesn't have much resources for them. What can we do as far as maybe helping to resolve this annoyance or is this a situation that cannot be helped? My wife has approached her on several occasions about the noise and nudity but it seems that it has no effect on her. Is this abuse? Please help! P.S. My wife is a residential counseler for adults with disabilities and she has suggested resources to her but she was uninterested in her suggestions.

What would you advise? Share your experience and suggestions here or in the comments to the original post.

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