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Top Categories of 2012

By December 28, 2012

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Top 12We've looked at the most popular blog posts and articles of the year. Today, our attention turns to the subjects readers were digging for, with lists that look at the most-viewed topic categories and news categories of 2012. What were you looking for this year?

Top 12 Category Pages of 2012

In addition to this blog, the About.com Parenting Special Needs site has more than 2,000 articles sorted into categories and subcategories to aid your search for information. The following categories received the most views in 2012, suggesting that lots of you were browsing for help with behavior, school, and therapy.

  1. Handling Your Child's Behavior Issues
  2. Equipment: Shopping for Your Child's Special Needs
  3. Special Education: Getting the Best School Experience
  4. Early Intervention: Help for Babies and Toddlers
  5. Today's Special-Needs News and Views
  6. Therapeutic Activities You Can Do at Home
  7. Functional Behavior Assessment
  8. Getting a Diagnosis: The First Step Toward Helping Your Child
  9. Sports for Children With Special Needs
  10. Tax Benefits
  11. Therapies: Learn More About How They Help Your Child
  12. Reactive Attachment Disorder

Other frequently accessed folders included ones on developmental issues, special-education news, CAPD, and ODD.

Top 12 News Topics of 2012

Every weekday, I look for blog posts around the Web that are worth sharing, and tuck them into the Today's News and Views folder. The links then move to a weekly news folder and a topic folder. These are the news folders readers most looked into in 2012, though they're not the ones that necessarily got the most entries placed into them. (I don't have any easy way to tally that, but I'd guess Parenting News would be higher on that list than this one.)

  1. Today's Special-Needs News and Views
  2. News on Special Education
  3. News on Asperger Syndrome
  4. News on Down Syndrome
  5. News on Learning Disabilities
  6. This Week's Special-Needs News
  7. News on Cerebral Palsy
  8. News on Special-Needs Sports
  9. News on Developmental Disabilities
  10. Special-Needs Entertainment News
  11. News on Autism Spectrum Disorders
  12. News on Disability Rights

Just out of the top 12 were folders on speech and communication, FASD, and childhood cancer.

For more of the tops of 2012, follow my blog posts here over the next week, and keep an eye on my month-by-month tallies taking shape at 2012 in Review.

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