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Terri Mauro

Goodbye Holiday Anxiety, Hello School Anxiety

By January 7, 2013

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Tell Your StorySo we survived the holidays (didn't we?), and all the stress and anxiety that goes with those 12 day-ruiners of Christmas, and now it's back to school for our kiddos. Some of us may celebrate the return to routine, others may dread the return of homework, but chances are all of us have some anxiety about the upcoming academics-heavy, test-intensive, IEP-scheduling stretch of school. Those concerns are turning up in some of your contributions to the site, with a reader calling herself only "Mother" venting some frustration on the Readers Respond page for IEP complaints:

"My 8-year-old has a lot of disorders. Well our last IEP meeting they kept blaming the medication. And that they don't see any problem and that it's a good thing he doesn't explode during class and waits till he gets home to explode and hurt himself and scream and cry. If he does it at school he gets yelled at and clip moved down and has to walk laps in front of the other students. He has a mood disorder broken down he has depression, anxiety, self esteem, self image, ADHD and so much more. Can you imagine how he feels?"

School anxiety is also on the mind of forum poster logansdad, who's seeking advice for helping his son:

"My son has a lot of anxiety about school.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What does an IEP for an anxious student involve?  He is in a small school now but we are thinking of changing to a larger school where he may get more help?"

I responded with some links to articles on this site -- including a review of a book that really helped my daughter with school anxiety, The Anxiety Cure for Kids -- but if you've got some suggestions, please post them in the forum. How's your back-to-school going? Share your own school anxiety in the comments.

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