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Terri Mauro

Your Comments on Special-Needs TV and Stressful Behavior

By January 11, 2013

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KeyboardPopular culture was on your mind this week, with comments coming in on older posts about The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and Atticus Shaffer from The Middle. A rare hopeful comment turned up on the much-commented-on Autistic Kids, Violent Adults, with reader Maggie telling about her autistic sons and grandchildren and concluding, "I think we have the perfect family to show that Autistic children and adults are like anyone else, individuals. Having a child with autism takes a lot of patience and love, but it's nothing to be afraid about. Most bad behaviors can be controlled with patience. Some children, however, exhibit behavior at times that can only be controlled or medicated." A comment from reader Alice on the post Parent "Coming Down to the Ropes" on Twins' Behavior shares her experience with her son's behavior challenges, mentioning medication as helpful and also sports: "Football, Basketball, wrestling. It keeps him busy, teaches so many positives, too many to mention. Plus you get a little break and they learn to take direction from other adults & make friends."

What's on your mind today? Add your thoughts to these or any posts you find on this Parenting Special Needs site.

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