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Terri Mauro

The Quality of Our Parenting

By September 18, 2013

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You Are a Good ParentYesterday's news had items about people judging us to be bad parents without knowing what they're talking about, and a post today on Love That Max looked at the flip side: people giving us kudos on our superlative parenting without knowing what they're talking about. I've certainly felt that moment of happiness at being complimented instead of cursed, followed closely by the disheartening realization that the sentence "You're such a good parent" has an unspoken ending of "for cheerfully dealing with a child like that." No way to feel good about that without endorsing a dis of your kid. I also related pretty hard today to an Easy to Love But Hard to Raise post about some parenting moments that will never garner praise, but still involve cheerfully dealing with a child like that. People only recognize our awesome skillz when we're doing things normal parents do without fanfare, apparently. If you have any bees in your bonnet about this topic, share on the Readers Respond pages for things people should never say to parents of kids with special needs and things they should.

Also in the special-needs news today:

+ It may not quite be classroom party time, but it's certainly having-a-chat-with-the-class-mom time, or volunteering-to-be-class-mom-so-you-don't-have-to-explain time. So the Nut-Free Mom Blog's post on "Working Around Food Allergies at Class Parties: Some Fun, Food-Free Ideas for Everyone" should come in handy for strategizing parties to come or convincing people that your kid's not a killjoy. If you're still at the point of filling the teacher in, check my article on "Preparing the School for Your Child With a Food Allergy" for some good resources to share.

+ If you're wondering how the Affordable Care Act will affect your child now and in the future, the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism blog has a detailed rundown of the issues involved. and the work that still needs to be done.

+ The Thriving blog from Boston Children's Hospital has a neat post about two brothers who received heart transplants and their trip to the 2013 World Transplant Games in South Africa. Also neat: an app that makes PDF files accessible to people with vision impairments, described in a post by About.com's guide to Assistive Technology.

Looking for more special-needs news? Check the dailyweekly, and topic folders.

Illustration by Terri Mauro

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