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What's New: A Podcast, a Newsletter, and More of Your Comments

By November 15, 2013

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Inclusive Class PodcastInclusion in high school was the topic of the Inclusive Class Podcast this morning, and that's a topic with some familiarity to me because high school is when my son's particular inclusion journey began. Dr. Lisa Dieker of the University of Central Florida was on hand to explain some of the issues involved in secondary-school inclusion and solutions that are being found to make it all work. Listen to the podcast and visit Lisa's site for more insight on the topic.

A few new things on the site in the past week:

+ New comments have been left on the following posts: "Tony Danza's Cure for Learning Disabilities: Just Try Harder!," "Neighbor of a Boy With Autism Asks, How Do We Handle This?," "When You're Trying to Promote Respect, Ditch That Other R-Word," "Will This Depiction of Down Syndrome Be a Horror Story?", and "Will Parenthood Get Asperger's Right?"

+ Today's newsletter featured the controversy over Autism Speaks's "call for action," and looked in a broader sense at how we talk about our kids. If you haven't already, subscribe now to get next week's edition right in your inbox. I'm still keeping a running list of responses to Autism Speaks; if you've seen or written one that I've missed, share the link in the comments here. There will be more blog posts coming -- today's Site of the Day is a flash blog being organized for this Monday on the subject. A new addition to the Readers Respond page for giving thanks to your child also provides some contrast to the gloom-and-doom depiction of raising a child with autism.

+ Just a reminder to follow me on my personal Twitter and Facebook pages, since the About.com-branded ones will soon be going away. You can also find me on Google+.

Looking for more special-needs news? Check the dailyweekly, and topic folders.

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