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Terri Mauro

Helping Your Child, Um, 'Observe World Toilet Day'

By November 19, 2013

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ToiletIt's World Toilet Day today, I see from a post on Larry Ferlazzo's Webites of the Day and a GraphJam graphic, and perhaps a way you'd like to celebrate that is moving your child in the direction of using the honored device. Toileting can be problematical for kids with special needs for a variety of reasons, and tackling the job of training is one of those battles you may have chosen not to pick until your child is really really really ready, never mind what age that happens to come about. If you're contemplating taking this task on, I have directions for the "No-Pants" Toilet-Training Method that finally did the job in my house. If you're not there yet, though, take comfort in 10 reasons to be thankful that your child's not yet marking this particular occasion. Do you have some good training tips? Share them on the Readers Respond page.

Also in the special-needs news today:

+ Thanksgiving being a food-intensive holiday, it's kind of a minefield for children with restricted diets and their hovering helicopter moms and dads. About.com's expert on celiac disease has a newly updated guide to gluten-free pie crusts so you can make a dessert your kid can eat, and The Savvy Celiac has posted a gluten-free stuffing-mix taste test. I have links to gluten-free and allergy-safer options in my Thanksgiving Restricted-Diet Recipes folder, along with tips for starting a tradition with your child, dealing with that other kind of dressing (the type that goes on your child, not inside the turkey), and giving thanks for your child on this chaotic day of extended-family overload.

+ Following up on yesterday's report of outrage over an R-word shirt and a "deal with it" attitude, today News.com reports that the shirts have been taken off shelves, and the petition demanding that has been closed. In the aftermath of another R-word protest, Disability Scoop reports that Chuck Klosterman, who writes about ethics for the New York Times, has offered to donate $25,000 to the charity of choice of the blogger who called him on his past use of the R-word. Kari Wagner-Peck, who writes about her son with Down syndrome on the blog "A Typical Son," shared Klosterman's response and apology in a post last week. For those who wonder why we have to get up in arms every time this slur gets thrown around, there's a post today on Down Wit Dat (a 2012 Reader's Choice Award Winner for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog) that explains why it's never about "Just a ..." shirt or a joke.

+ The blog WonderBaby.org describes the Perkins Panda Early Literacy Program designed "to introduce your child to books and braille," and tells how you can win one in time for the holidays.

Looking for more special-needs news? Check the dailyweekly, and topic folders.

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