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What Is Asperger Syndrome?
Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a developmental disorder at the "high-functioning" end of the autism spectrum (see also Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)). Children ...
Preparing the School for Your Child with Asperger Syndrome
Teachers can be great allies in keeping your child with Asperger syndrome safe and successful in school, but you'll need to make sure they have all the ...
Book Review: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome
This looks like one of those cute gift books, but it's got a serious purpose: to provide a description of Asperger syndrome behaviors in the context of a creature for ...
Asperger Syndrome
Sometimes called the "Little Professor" syndrome, Asperger Syndrome is at the high end of the Autism Spectrum. Because it is relatively mild, it's often ...
What Are the Diagnostic Criteria for Asperger Syndrome?
For the first time, it includes some mention of anxiety and sensory disorders associated with Asperger syndrome, though those disorders are not required for  ...
Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis - High-Functioning Autism
Jun 9, 2014 ... What is Asperger syndrome? Asperger syndrome is a high functioning form of autism. Could you or someone you love be diagnosable with ...
Asperger Syndrome: Why to Get Diagnosed
Jun 18, 2014 ... Asperger Syndrome (AS) is neither life-threatening nor is it curable. So why bother seeking a diagnosis if you're already an adult? Here are ten ...
Does Asperger Syndrome Still Exist?
Jul 26, 2014 ... In May, 3013, the term Asperger syndrome was removed from the official diagnostic manual. Does that mean you have to stop saying you have ...
Adults and Asperger Syndrome
Many adults are now being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, and children diagnosed with the disorder are growing up. These articles are resources for ...
Treatments for Adults With Asperger Syndrome
What happens after an adult is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome? What treatments are available and what do they do?
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