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Your Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders from About.com
Autism symptoms, red flags, resources, information, ideas, and support from that About.com Autism expert, Lisa Jo Rudy.
What Are the Early Signs of Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
According to the CDC, as many as 1 out of every 68 children may be autistic, so if you're a parent of a young child and worried about the early signs of autism, ...
What Causes Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
Most parents wonder whether something they did - or didn't do - might have caused their child's autism. While it is possible to nail down the cause of autism in  ...
Options for Autism Therapy and Treatment
Some help manage symptoms, other teach social and behavioral skills, and still others are intended to cure autism altogether. Find out what's out there, what ...
What Are the Different Types of Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism is a "spectrum disorder," meaning you can be a little autistic or very autistic. Until May, 2013, there were five "official" autism spectrum diagnoses,but the ...
What Is Stimming In Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
Answer: The term "stimming" is short for self-stimulatory behavior, sometimes also called "stereotypic" behavior. In a person with autism, stimming usually refers ...
Autism Screening Quiz - Autism Signs in Toddlers - Pediatrics
Does your child have any signs or symptoms of autism? Try our autism screening quiz to find out if your child needs further evaluation for autism or another ...
Autism Treatment Basics and Options - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dec 4, 2014 ... How do you choose a treatment for autism? How does one autism treatment differ from another? Which autism treatments are the most effective ...
Autism in Toddlers Checklists and Tests - Pediatrics - About.com
Dec 15, 2014 ... When people talk about tests for autism, they are usually referring to an autism checklist that can be used to screen toddlers for autism, and not ...
Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders Definition
Oct 17, 2014 ... Answer: Autism is a short way of saying "autism spectrum disorder." Its symptoms include differences and disabilities in many areas including ...
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