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Your Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders from About.com
Autism symptoms, red flags, resources, information, ideas, and support from that About.com Autism expert, Lisa Jo Rudy.
Autism Treatments - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
What do you do when autism treatments don't work? How do you decide whether it's time to take action? Here are concrete questions to ask as you determine ...
Autism 101 - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
The way the media presents it, you'd think that autism is autism. But not so. In fact, "autism" is actually a collection of diagnoses, each a little different from the ...
Autism and Children - Pediatrics - About.com
Autism can cause children to have problems with communication, interacting socially with others and they may have certain repetitive behaviors. Learn about ...
Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders
What is "real autism?" There are official criteria describing each of the autism spectrum disorders, but there's still plenty of disagreement. Find out how a top ...
Adults and Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
What is life like for adults on the autism spectrum? Find opportunities for self- advocacy, meet and greet other adults with ASD diagnoses, and find resources for ...
What Causes Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
In addition, studies have shown that parents from families with autistic members are more likely to have autistic children, and families with one autistic child are ...
What Are the Early Signs of Autism? - Autism Spectrum Disorders
According to the CDC, as many as 1 out of every 68 children may be autistic, so if you're a parent of a young child and worried about the early signs of autism, ...
Autism Through the Lifespan - Autism Spectrum Disorders - About.com
Autism changes everything. It changes the way parents view their child, and sometimes each other. It changes the way a child is educated, fed, socialized and  ...
Autism Treatment Basics and Options - Autism Spectrum Disorders
How do you choose a treatment for autism? How does one autism treatment differ from another? Which autism treatments are the most effective? Which is the ...
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