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Developmental Issues for Children with Special Needs
Information on developmental delays and disabilities, and comparing your child's progress to "normal" development.
What Are Special Needs? One Term, Many Definitions
A family dealing with developmental delays will have different concerns than one ... Medical issues for children include serious conditions like cancer and heart ...
Issues in Developmental Psychology - About.com
There are a number of issues in developmental psychology including the age-old nature vs nurture debate. Learn more about some of the major questions about ...
Problems That Occur During Prenatal Development - Psychology
Prenatal development sometimes deviates from the normal course. Learn more about problems with prenatal development and some of the common causes ...
An Introduction to Child Development - Psychology - About.com
In some cases, developmental problems may be a result of environmental changes. Death, divorce, and traumatic events can cause children to experience  ...
Development and Behavior in Down Syndrome
The phrase “developmental delay” is often used to describe both the mental and ... Medical Concerns and Care for People with Down Syndrome · Everyday Life ...
Early Childhood Development Overview - Psychology - About.com
Developmental psychology seeks to understand and explain how people grow ... Issues in Developmental Psychology · Major Theories of Child Development ...
Developmental Psychology - The Psychology of Development
There are a number of issues in developmental psychology, including the nature vs. nurture debate. Are we the product of genetics or the environment? Do early ...
When Do Child Behavioral Problems Require Professionals?
If your child has some behavior issues or if you aren't sure how to discipline ... by a professional to rule out developmental problems or mental health issues. Ads.
What Is Development? - Psychology - About.com
Before you begin your study of development, it is important to understand exactly what we mean when we say the ... Next: Issues in Developmental Psychology ...
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