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Theories of Emotion - Psychology - About.com
What exactly are emotions? What causes these feelings? Learn more about some of the major theories of emotion that have been proposed by researchers, ...
What Are Emotions? - Psychology - About.com
Emotions exert a powerful influence over our lives, but what exactly are emotions ? Learn more about some key characteristics and components of emotions.
Emotional Intelligence | What It Is and Why It Matters - Psychology
The ability to express and control our own emotions is important, but so is our ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Imagine a  ...
Coping With Emotional Reactions in PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress
Jun 17, 2014 ... People with PTSD often experience strong emotional reactions. For example, a person with PTSD may experience sadness, anger, and/or ...
Purpose of Emotions - How Our Feelings Help Us Survive
Emotions can play an important role in how we think and behave. First, it is important to understand the three critical components of an emotion. Our emotions ...
What Is the Two Factor Theory of Emotion? - Psychology - About.com
What exactly makes up an emotion? According to one major theory of emotion, there are two key components: physical arousal and a cognitive label. Cognitive  ...
Emotion - The Psychology of Emotion - About.com
Learn more about emotion and the powerful influence it has on human behavior.
How Accepting Emotions Can Improve Emotional Health
Practicing accepting emotions can lead to better emotional health. Learn more about the benefits of accepting emotions.
The Expression of Emotion - Psychology - About.com
Emotions are also an important topic in psychology and researchers have devoted a great deal of energy toward understanding things such as the purpose of ...
What's Your EQ? - Emotional Intelligence Test
What is your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)? Take this quick quiz to discover how emotionally intelligent you really are.
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