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Parenting Children With Special Needs
Credible advice for parents of children with special needs, including fun activities, behavior intervention, working with their teacher, and more.
Has Your Special-Needs Parenting Experience Been a Nightmare?
If your life as the parent of a child with special needs has been a nightmare, share your story here, and find some understanding and common experience in the ...
Special-Needs Parenting News - January 2014
Special-needs parenting news stories featured in the daily news folder on About. com Children With Special Needs in January 2014.
Grandparenting Special Needs Children - Grandparents - About.com
Grandparents of a special needs child face several challenges, including coming to terms with the grandchild's condition and learning how to help.
Harried Parent's Book Club - Children With Special Needs - About.com
But it's hard sometimes to know if all those special-needs parenting books and medical tomes are really going to help us with our children's problems or just ...
Isaiah 54:13 Parenting Special Needs Children - Share Your Story ...
Why I Started. I wanted to give a faith-filled perspective for other parents trying to navigate the landscape of Christian parenting for a child with special needs.
Living With Your Child With Special Needs
There's pretty much no way for the parent of a child with special needs to avoid stress entirely, but you can manage it instead of letting it manage you. Here are ...
How Has Parenting a Child With Special Needs Affected Your ...
We often hear about marriages that crack and fail under the stress of parenting a child with special needs. Yet many couples find that facing the challenge of a ...
What Are Special Needs? One Term, Many Definitions
"Special Needs" is an umbrella underneath which a staggering array of diagnoses ... This Parenting Special Needs site devotes sections to the following specific ...
Parenting Strategies for Raising Children With Special Needs
Raising a child with special needs requires extra creativity and flexibility. Here are some strategies for helping your home run more smoothly and teaching your  ...
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