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Parenting Children With Special Needs
Credible advice for parents of children with special needs, including fun activities, behavior intervention, working with their teacher, and more.
Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog - Children With Special Needs
Learn more about the finalists for "Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog" in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards, then vote for your favorite.
Harried Parent's Book Club - Children With Special Needs - About.com
No time to read long book reviews? We'll distill the most important information on those special-needs parenting books you've been hearing about and let you ...
A Special-Needs Parent's Wish List - Children With Special Needs
Family asking what you want for a holiday gift? Give them this list of things that will really make a difference for a parent of children with special needs.
Has Your Special-Needs Parenting Experience Been a Nightmare?
If your life as the parent of a child with special needs has been a nightmare, share your story here, and find some understanding and common experience in the ...
Grandparenting Special Needs Children - Grandparents - About.com
Grandparents of a special needs child face several challenges, including coming to terms with the grandchild's condition and learning how to help.
Isaiah 54:13 Parenting Special Needs Children - Share Your Story ...
Why I Started. I wanted to give a faith-filled perspective for other parents trying to navigate the landscape of Christian parenting for a child with special needs.
Personal Reflections on Parenting Children with Special Needs
In the early days of receiving a diagnosis and coming to terms with disabilities, parents of children with special needs can feel isolated and alone. It helps to ...
Books on Parenting Children with Special Needs
Reading about your child's disability, or about how others have handled the challenge of special-needs parenting, can give you much-needed information and ...
Parenting Strategies for Raising Children With Special Needs
Raising a child with special needs requires extra creativity and flexibility. Here are some strategies for helping your home run more smoothly and teaching your  ...
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