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Speech Therapy (Pathology) Definition - Children With Special Needs
A definition of speech therapy, with a link to more information.
Speech Therapy - Children With Special Needs - About.com
Learn more about speech-language pathology, school speech therapy, and children's communication problems.
Speech Therapy Books and DVDs - Continue the Learning at Home
With the tips and products offered in these publications, you can support your child's speech therapy with lots of at-home enrichment.
Speech Language Pathologist Career Profile - Health Careers
A speech language pathologist, or speech therapist, helps people who have difficulty communicating. Speech language pathologists evaluate and treat a variety ...
What Is Pragmatic Speech? - Definition - Autism Spectrum Disorders
Most people think of speech therapy as a tool for improving pronunciation, reducing stutters, or simply building the ability to use words at all. Many people with ...
At-Home Speech Therapy During School Breaks
Professional speech therapy, at school or in a private office, is invaluable to a child with speech and language problems. But inevitably, there are breaks in ...
Speech Language Pathologists Jobs: Career Opportunities for ...
Speech-language pathologists or speech therapists work with special education students to assess, diagnose and treat disorders related to speech, language, ...
Speech Therapy Activities - Children With Special Needs - About.com
... you're playing with your child are already ones that help strengthen speech and language skills. Here's how to tweak them for some impromptu speech therapy.
Take the Speech Pathologist Career Quiz
The speech pathologist career quiz can help you decide if this is a good career choice for you. ... Speech Therapist - Thomas Tolstrup / Taxi / Getty Images.
Speech Therapist - How to Find a Speech Therapist
Jul 22, 2013 ... Question: How to Find a Speech Therapist. My child's speech therapist comes highly recommended, but I don't think she's doing much for my ...
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