1. Parenting

Videos of Children With Autism

View videos about autism that families have shared to offer information, raise awareness, tell stories, or declare their pride.

A Little Bit Longer
A cousin shares images of a little girl with autism, interspersed with autism awareness messages.

A Tribute to Trent
In this YouTube video, a four-year-old girl pays tribute to her big brother to the tune of "When You're Smiling."

Another Face of Autism
A video history of Stefano, from birth through diagnosis with autism through improvement with dietary and other interventions.

Autism Awareness - Teddy Willis, 5th Grader Speaks Up!
A fifth-grade boy with autism, initially refused permission to speak with his class about his diagnosis, won the right to share his experience with his school and later the school board. Here, his words accompany a slide-show of photos from his life.

Autistics, Brothers and Sisters
Siblings of children with autism show their love in an inspirational video.

D's Autism Society Presentation
A text-only video Q&A between participants in an autism conference and a boy with autism.

If Venus Was a Boy
Life and aspirations of a boy with autism.

The Reason: The Joy of Adam
A production of the Autism Acceptance Project, "The Reason" offers a slide show of photos of a boy with autism as he grows from a baby to a young child.

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