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Behavior Books - O through W

You can find lots of reviews of books on behavior for parents of children with special needs in the Harried Parent's Book Club. In this folder are books whose titles start with O through W.

Book Review: Optimistic Parenting
A psychologist offers "hope and help for you and your challenging child," starting with some ways to change your own thinking.

Book Review: Parenting with Positive Behavior Support
Bring the techniques of Positive Behavior Support into your home to help your child, your whole family, and even yourself behave better.

Book Review: Raising Your Spirited Child
Changing your attitude toward your child's behavior can help to change the behavior, too. This empowering book helps parents appreciate their child's personality, and understand themselves better, too.

Book Review: Should I Medicate My Child?
A fairly even-handed look at the issues involved in deciding how to treat children with behavioral issues.

Book Review: Sleepless in America
Review of a book by the author of "Raising Your Spirited Child" that places the blame for a lot of childhood behavior problems in sleep deprivation.

Book Review: The Explosive Child
Help your child get "unstuck" from bad behavior with this calm, practical guide to reducing frustration -- yours and your child's.

Book Review: Transforming the Difficult Child
This excellent behavior-management book helps focus intense, energetic kids into more positive patterns, and gives parents something to feel good about too.

Book Review: Transforming the Difficult Child - True Stories of Triumph
Review of a book offering stories on successful implementation of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Book Review: Understanding Your Child's Puzzling Behavior
Figuring out what a child's behavior means is one of the great challenges of parenting, and when there's any sort of disability mixed in, the degree of difficulty rises. Psychologist Steven Curtis offers steps and charts for figuring out what's really going on.

Book Review: What It Takes to Pull Me Through
Ever wonder what goes on in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens? "What It Takes" follows one group through the 15-month program at one such facility, the Academy at Swift River in Massachusetts.

Book Review: When the Labels Don't Fit
Review of a book offering a positive behavior management approach to understanding a challenging child's traits and temperament.

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