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Behavior Books - A through N

Find reviews of books on behavior for parents of children with special needs in the Harried Paren't. In this folder are books whose titles start with A through N.

Book Review: Connected Parenting
Review of a "groundbreaking, parent-approved program" for handling challenging behavior and being a more effective parent.

Book Review: Disconnected Kids
A guide for parents on the "Brain Balance Method," a new way of helping children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other neurological disorders.

Book Review: Don't Swear With Your Mouth Full!
Review of a book that offers help "when conventional discipline fails unconventional children."

Book Review: Dyslogic Syndrome
Autism authority Bernard Rimland applies his recommendations for dietary interventions to ADHD, learning disabilities, depression, and antisocial behaviors.

Book Review: Freedom From Meltdowns
Review of a book that offers techniques for parents and professionals on how to prevent meltdowns from getting started.

Book Review: Happy Families
Review of a book that offers "a parents' guide to the non-violent resistance approach."

Book Review: Helping Children With Complex Needs Bounce Back
A short course in "Resilient Therapy" for parents of children with special needs.

Book Review: Kids in the Syndrome Mix
A review of "Kids in the Syndrome Mix," which looks at a number of different diagnoses that affect behavior.

Book Review: Late, Lost, and Unprepared
A parent's guide to helping children with executive functioning.

Book Review: Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior
Review of a book that offers a questionnaire to follow when trying to understand the behavior kids with neurological differences

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