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Finalist: Big Blueberry Eyes

Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


Title: Big Blueberry Eyes
Subtitle: None
Url: mdbeau.blogspot.com
Online Since: February 2006
Find on: Twitter

A Message from the Blogger

Big Blueberry Eyes
Screenshot courtesy of Big Blueberry Eyes
I asked blogger Michelle what makes Big Blueberry Eyes special, and she wrote, "I don't consider my blog any more special than another blog. I have been consistently blogging for seven years now and feel I've remained true to what my blog was when I started it. I share about my family's experience raising two kids, parenting my daughter who has Down syndrome, and being a military family. I share about the joys and triumphs and also the struggles and frustrations."

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Reader Testimonial

When nominating Big Blueberry Eyes for a Readers' Choice award, reader Monique wrote, "This is an incredibly honest blog about raising a special needs child. The blog shares triumphs, defeats and everything in between. Beautiful."

Recommendation from a Past RCA Winner

Readers' Choice Awards Winner
Image courtesy of About.com
Vanessa Infanzon, whose blog eSpecially Ben won the Readers' Choice Award for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog in 2011, gives this recommendation for Big Blueberry Eyes: "The About.com Readers' Choice Awards are such a great way to support bloggers by giving them the recognition they deserve while also increasing their readership. I was glad to see Big Blueberry Eyes as a finalist because I have been following this blog for a few years. Michelle's writing is positive, open and educational. Many bloggers come and go but she has been writing consistently for several years supporting others in the blogger community. Voting for this blog would help give Michelle's work the recognition it deserves."

Three Posts to Start With

For a sampling of Big Blueberry Eyes, visit these three posts recommended by Michelle:
+ Hope and Normalcy
+ An Open Letter
+ Afternoon Greeting

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Meet the Other 2013 Readers' Choice Awards Finalists

Readers' Choice Awards Finalist
Logo courtesy of About.com

Big Blueberry Eyes is one of five finalists in the Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog category. To learn about the rest, go to the category index. There are seven other categories in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards, and you can find out about them at the Readers' Choice Awards HQ.

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