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Finalist: Lessons from Matthew and Isaac

Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


Title: Lessons from Matthew and Isaac
Subtitle: Living with two special needs children with CHARGE Syndrome
Url: lessonsfrommatthew.com
Online Since: April 2010
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A Message from the Blogger

Lessons from Matthew and Isaac
Photo courtesy of Kevin Troupe
I asked blogger Kevin what makes Lessons from Matthew and Isaac special, and he wrote, "We are a family that wears our faith on our sleeves and tries to take every opportunity to show how good God is. It is our desire to come alongside families who may be struggling in thier journey of raising a special-needs child with inspiration and encouragement. It's not what happens in our lives, but how we respond that determines the outcome."

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Reader Testimonials

When nominating Lessons from Matthew and Isaac for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog, reader Wendy wrote: "The author accurately and convincingly describes some complexities and beauties of raising two children who have complex special needs. The array of issues, health-wise, learning-wise and family-wise, touch on universals for any family or person who knows a child with special needs." Wrote reader Cheyenne, "This blog deserves the award because Kevin is a dedicated father of five children and two of the five have CHARGE Syndrome. Winning this would assist in raising awareness for CHARGE and allow this family to be a light in the CHARGE community."

Three Posts to Start With

For a sampling of Lessons from Matthew and Isaac, visit these three posts that Kevin reports were voted to be the most-read and favorite posts:
+ Willing or Unwilling?
+ Can lightning strike twice? Please Pray, it may have...
+ Feeling the heat, but not giving in to the burn...

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Readers' Choice Awards Finalist
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