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Runner-Up: Mealtime Hostage

Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog


Title: Mealtime Hostage
Subtitle: Learning to love food
Url: mealtimehostage.wordpress.com
Online Since: August 2012
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A Message from the Blogger

Mealtime Hostage
Image courtesy of Mealtime Hostage
I asked blogger Skye if she had a message for the fans who helped Mealtime Hostage tie for second place in a very tight race for Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog, and she wrote:

"I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everybody who took the time to support Mealtime Hostage in the About.com Readers Choice Awards. Finishing in 2nd place as a runner-up finalist is a humbling achievement in a competition against blogs with a much larger following. Your support demonstrates what we can achieve when we help each other succeed, and success does not always translate as 'best' by another's standards, whether that success is an online competition or overcoming feeding challenges.

"In that context, every blog nominated for this competition is a winner. Congratulations to you all.

"Thank you all very much for your support, for your encouragement, and for helping to reach many other parents with children who struggle with eating."

About Mealtime Hostage: "Mealtime Hostage welcomes parents of children, both with and without special needs, and unites everybody in the search to overcome our challenges with eating. Selective eating children are not just 'picky eaters'; selective eating children have a genuine inability to tolerate the sensory characteristics of food, and these kids often don't just grow out of it. Unfortunately, a parent's only resource for information about Selective Eating Disorder is another parent with a selective eater, and many have already discovered they are not alone through the Mealtime Hostage blog."

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Reader Testimonial

On the Readers' Respond page for Mealtime Hostage, reader Michelle wrote, "I've been desperate for help for so long. Time and time again getting the same advice, and time and time again failing my child. Failing at progress. Finding Mealtime Hostage has changed everything. It's a relief knowing I am not alone. And not crazy. I have received such helpful tips and strategies that have already changed our behavior, tone, words and redefined 'trying.' It has given me the tools to make a plan to better my child's experience eating as well as make mealtime more enjoyable for our family, something we haven't had in four years!"

Three Posts to Start With

For a sampling of Mealtime Hostage, visit these three posts recommended by Skye:
+ Beyond Picky: You Are Not Alone
+ Picky Eating vs. Selective Eating Disorder
+ Learning to Enjoy Eating (Even With Spiders)

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