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Finalist: Next Dollar Up

Favorite Special-Needs App


App: Next Dollar Up
Company: Limited Cue
Website: www.limitedcue.com
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A Message from Limited Cue

Next Dollar Up
Image courtesy of Limited Cue
I asked Wade Koning from Limited Cue what makes Next Dollar Up special, and he wrote: "Users of the app, particularly those with special needs, will gain the confidence necessary to use money in the community to purchase items up to fifty dollars. While we can't take credit for the original concept of Next Dollar Up, we were able to recognize a need to build this successful teaching strategy into a useful and enjoyable app. Based on the positive feedback received from parents and educators around the world, we consider it to be a success."

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From the Friendship Circle App Review

Special Needs Apps
Logo courtesy of Friendship Circle
According to the Friendship Circle App Review, a service of last year's Readers' Choice Awards winner for Favorite Special-Needs Regional Resource, "Next Dollar Up focuses on teaching essential math skills and the essential life skill of money management. The app teaches the concept of buying and selling and gives individuals with special needs the confidence to purchase goods in a real-life setting." Find a complete listing of special-needs apps at friendshipcircle.org/apps.

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For more information on Next Dollar Up, visit these pages recommended by Wade Koning: Our Apps | Screen Shots

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