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Finalist: SpecialMoms

Favorite Special-Needs Online Community


Community: SpecialMoms
Venue: Website
Url: specialmompreneurs.com
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A Message from SpecialMoms Special Needs Parenting Club

Logo courtesy of SpecialMoms
I asked Marla Murasko, president and founder of SpecialMoms, to tell us what's special about it, and she wrote: "I wanted to create a 'one-stop' resource community where other like-minded special-needs moms could network and share both their personal and professional lives in one safe environment. It has really opened up the door for new friendships and networking opportunities for these moms, and it only keeps growing. Our newly created forum gives the mothers a place to share their stories, passions and dreams, whether they own a business or may be looking to start one. SpecialMoms has been named one of the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs to Follow in 2013 and Top 100 Special-Needs Resources on the Web. "

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Reader Testimonial

In a contribution to the Readers Respond page for SpecialMoms, reader AutisMAMA wrote: "I find SpecialMoms to be a wonderful resource for moms of children with special needs. There is a wealth of information and positive support. Thank you!!!!"

Recommendation from a Fellow RCA Finalist

Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting from Day One
Cover image courtesy of Margaret Meder
I asked 2013 Readers' Choice Awards finalists to pick their favorites in categories other than their own, and Margeret Meder, whose book Uncommon Beauty: Crisis Parenting from Day One is a finalist for Favorite New Special-Needs Memoir, picked SpecialMoms. She wrote: "SpecialMoms website is a place that energizes the special mom in me. Each time I visit this site, I find new valuable information. Whether it is information about my child's special needs or information about parenting, I feel a connection to the content and community at SpecialMoms. There are so many resources for improving the things that I currently do: caring for my child, overseeing my child's education, improving the 'mom entrepreneur' in myself, and just getting a daily dose of inspiration. Thank you for this great website that motivates me to keep going."

A Sampling of SpecialMoms Special Needs Parenting Club

For a sampling of SpecialMoms, visit these pages chosen by Marla Murasko to best show what the group is about: eLearning Campus | Special Needs Resources | Reviews

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Meet the Other 2013 Readers' Choice Awards Finalists

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SpecialMoms is one of five finalists in the Favorite Special-Needs Online Community category. To learn about the rest, go to the category index. There are seven other categories in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards, and you can find out about them at the Readers' Choice Awards HQ.

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