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Gluten-Free Candy

Which name brands are safe?


Wondering which treats are safe to give your gluten-intolerant child, and which have sneaky wheat ingredients lurking within? These lists from around the Web -- some provided by manufacturers, some assembled informally by parents -- will give you a good place to start looking. Since ingredients often change without notice, you'll still want to check the list on the product yourself, and contact the manufacturer directly if you have any doubt.

About.com Celiac Disease


GFCF Diet Support Group

Gluten-Free InfoWeb
(Click on "Food List," then "Candy/Gum," then "Candy")

OK Celiac

Celiac Canada

(Click on "Which Necco products are Gluten Free?")

Trader Joe's

See's Candies
(Downloads pdf; all candies except the ones listed as containing gluten are gluten-free.)

St. Claire's Organics

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