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Latkes Everybody Can Love

These versions of the potato pancake fit with restricted diets


Latkes, the delectable potato pancakes fried in oil, are a favorite Hanukkah tradition, but traditional recipes contain ingredients that children with diabetes, Celiac disease, or allergies to wheat or eggs will need to avoid. These recipes -- from gluten-free, vegan, and diabetes resources around the Web -- cater to those restricted diets while keeping the crispy classic on the holiday table.


Zucchini Latkes
Karina's Potato Latkes
Easy Morning Potato Pancakes
Naturally Gluten Free Potato Latkes


Vegan Latkes
Bryanna's Potato Pancakes
Allergy-Free Side-Dish Recipes: Latkes
Potato Apple Latkes


Wild Rice and Potato Latkes
Potato Latkes
Cabbage Latkes
Zucchini Latkes
Traditional Latkes

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