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Nut-Free Charoset

Adapting a Passover tradition


Nut-Free Charoset
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The Passover specialty Charoset is traditionally made with fruit and nuts, but if your child has a food allergy, that dish will need a do-over. Instead of just leaving the nuts out of your usual family recipe, try one of these five from around the Web that don't have nuts in the first place. Or check with other parents in an online forum to get ideas for this and other Passover favorites.

Charoset Recipes

New-Age Passover Haroses
Source: Melissa's

Nut-Free Haroset
Source: LA Cooking Examiner

Yemenite Charoset
Source: Aish.com

Yemenite Charoset
Source: RecipeZaar

Charoset, Cranberry and Dried Fruit
Source: Canadian Jewish News

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