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First Five Things to Do After Your Child Is Diagnosed with Apraxia


1: REVIEW the Family Start Guide on the Apraxia-Kids site.

2: READ Speaking of Apraxia, a parent-written book outlining everything you'll need to know to help your child.

3: JOIN a support group, in your community or online.

4: BUY fun books and music designed to help kids with apraxia make sounds, such as The Big Book of Exclamations and Time to Sing.

5: PREPARE for school issues your child may face.

Do you have suggestions for parents of children newly diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech? Tell them about that book that explained everything, that website full of resources, that e-mail group you still lean on, that experience with your child that made you see things differently. Those of us who have been there have important gifts to give those who have not yet done that. Offer your words of wisdom and experience where you see "Readers Respond" below.

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