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News on Asperger Syndrome

News stories of interest to parents of children with Asperger syndrome, from the Parenting Special Needs blog and news sources around the Web. For the latest news, go to the Today's News folder.

Does Asperger Syndrome Still Exist?
About.com's guide to autism considers the question in light of new DSM-5 criteria.

Boy With Autism Safe After Hostage Ordeal
Disability Scoop reports on the rescue of a boy kidnapped and held in a bunker in Alabama.

Kindergartner Kidnapped in Alabama Has Special Needs
You may have read about the gunman who killed a bus driver and grabbed a child to be his hostage. A Huffington Post article mentions a detail I hadn't heard -- that the youngster trapped in a bunker with the kidnapper has Asperger syndrome and ADHD.

Using Mindfulness Practices to Develop Calm in Asperger’s Syndrome
The JKP Blog offers a post from the author of the book "Asperger's Syndrome and Mindfulness."

Meeting the Educational Needs of Aspies
Chosen Families looks at the challenges.

Executive Dysfunction: Why Aspies Must Goal and Plan Differently
On the blog Aspie Writer, an adult with Asperger syndrome offers some ideas on "Goal Planning 101."

Asperger-Syndrome News 2013
Catch up on news stories on Asperger syndrome, from around the Web, featured in the daily news folder on About.com Children With Special Needs in 2013.

Asperger-Syndrome News 2012
Look back at the Asperger-syndrome-related topics we were reading about in 2012.

Asperger-Syndrome News 2011
Look back at the Asperger-syndrome-related topics we were reading about in 2011.

Asperger-Syndrome News 2010
Look back at the Asperger-syndrome-related stories that were making headlines in 2010.

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