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Asperger-Syndrome News 2011


Asperger-Syndrome News 2011

In 2011, I blogged about Parenthood episodes involving camping trips, Michael Emerson as a bug expert, telling a child he has Asperger's and the book they gave Max, and Max and the magical mainstream. Other Asperger-syndrome-related stories featured in Today's News and Views in 2011 came from the following sites and blogs:

About.com Autism
+ Editor of Diagnostic Manual Says Explosion of Asperger Syndrome Was an "Oops"
+ James Durbin on American Idol: The New Face of Asperger Syndrome
+ The Dangers of an "Asperger's Defense"

+ Interview with Julie Clark, author of Asperger’s in PINK

+ Teen with Asperger's Killed by FL Police

Circle of Friends
+ Introducing Your New Neighbors to Asperger's: a Letter for Families

Disability Scoop
+ Asperger's Growth Presents Dilemma For New DSM

JKP Blog
+ Aspies on Mental Health
+ What Teachers Need to Know About Asperger Syndrome

The Daily Beast
+ Asperger's Removed from the DSM: How Will It Affect Autism Patients?

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