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Asperger-Syndrome News 2012


Asperger-Syndrome News 2012

December in Asperger-syndrome news ended with an outpouring of commentary on the school shooting in Connecticut, and the assumption in the traditional and social media that the shooter had Asperger syndrome and that autism and violence are linked. The following stories reacting to those assumptions were featured on my blog post "Speaking to Your Kids About the Unspeakable," and are included here in the order I saw and posted them there:

+ ASAN Statement on Media Reports Regarding Newtown, CT, Shooting from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network
+ Responding to Fear With Facts and Stepping Into the Void from A Diary of a Mom
+ The Connecticut Shootings: What's Autism Got to Do With It? from Love That Max
+ When Children Die, It's Time to Grieve and to Reflect, Not to Scapegoat and and Dear Elisabeth, Who Thinks That All Autistic People Should Be Locked Up from Disability and Representation
+ Mother with Asperger Syndrome Grieves Sandy Hook Elementary Victims from Paula C. Durbin-Westby Autistic Advocacy Blog
+ In Response to Connecticut from Yes, That Too
+ Autism, empathy, and violence: One of these things doesn't belong here from Emily Willingham
+ AWN's Appeal to Media Sources Covering Newtown, CT from Autism Women's Network
+ Statement on Newtown, Connecticut from Autism Speaks
+ Autism Rights Watch Grieves for the Families after Newtown, CT Shootings from Autism Rights Watch
+ Thoughts on Newtown, and Love to the Autism Community and Why? #Newtown #Autism from Raising Rebel Souls
+ I Am Adam Lanza's Mother from Gawker
+ You Are NOT Adam Lanza's Mother from Autism Wars
+ Can I Hide Somewhere Until It's Over? from Autistic Hoya
+ AANE Statement on the tragedy in Newtown, CT from Asperger's Association of New England
+ The Connecticut Tragedy and Autism and A Letter to Elisabeth J.A. from Yeah. Good Times.
+ Plea from the Scariest Kid on the Block from Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
+ After Newtown: Why Amateur Diagnoses Are Dangerous from Child Mind Institute
+ Autism: The Target from The Joy of Autism
+ I Was One of the Scary Kids from Cracked Mirror in Shalott
+ Taking Off the Mask: Disability and the Truth of Social Appropriateness from Disability Chick
+ In Grief, Stereotyping Mental Illness by Ari Ne'eman, from The Jewish Week
+ We Need to Talk About Adam Lanza by Shannon Des Rochas Rosa, from BlogHer
+ Where Fear Leads Us from Emma's Hope Book
+ Please Don't Pathologize Asperger's Syndrome from Care2
+ Conn. School Shootings Unleashed Attack on Disabilities, Too from Education Week's On Special Education blog
+ Our Sons Are Not Future Killers by Emily Willingham, from the New York Times Motherlode column
+ Why I Prefer to Say "Challenging Behaviors" from We Go With Him
+ AAPD Condemns Media Coverage Linking Autism to Violence from American Association of Persons With Disabilities
+ I Have Asperger's; I Am Just Like You from CNN.com
+ Making Sense of Sandy Hook from Into the Woods, Living Deliberately
+ Five Things Parents Should Know About Autism from Bloom
+ No Distance from Spectrummy Mummy
+ Statement of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) Related to the Sandy Hook Tragedy from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
+ In Shooting Aftermath, Autism Backlash Feared from Disability Scoop
Other Asperger-syndrome-related stories featured in Today's News and Views in 2012 came from the following sites and blogs:

Aspie Writer
+ DSM-V - New Diagnostic Criteria for ASD

+ Asperger's and Sibling Rivalry

+ Illinois Police Shoot Teen With Asperger's
+ Workers with Asperger's and Autism Are Not Cheaper Labor

Disability Scoop
+ Psychiatrists Approve New DSM, Asperger's Dropped
+ To Teach Social Skills, Educators Turn To TV

Education Week
+ New Definition of Autism Drops Asperger, PDD-NOS Distinctions

+ Just In: Aspergers Prevalence Predicted To Fall To Zero

JKP Blog
+ Finding Employment with Asperger's

+ 'Best Practices': Learning To Live With Asperger's

Special Happens
+ Asperger's, Autism and Girls: A Review

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