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Books on Central Auditory Processing Disorder


The following books of interest to parents of children with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) have been reviewed for the Harried Parent's Book Club. They are sorted by Guide Rating, with five stars being best.

1. On Their Own

Cover image courtesy of Newmarket Press

Think learning disabilities stop when your child finally makes it out of school? Think again. Anne Ford, who first shared her daughter's story in the book Laughing Allegra, follows her into adulthood now with a look at the way problems with organization, focus and social skills just go on and on and on. Fortunately, parents can help -- once the kids are adults, and before they get there. 4.5 Stars

2. Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar, and More

Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

If your child has behavioral challenges, you've probably had the experience of reading symptoms for one diagnosis after another and feeling your child could be tagged with any of them. Kids in the Syndrome Mix works to sort out some of those tangled strands and lead parents to meaningful interventions for their children, whatever the diagnosis may be. 4 Stars

3. The Mislabeled Child

Cover image courtesy of Brock Eide, M.D., M.A.

The authors, founders of the Eide Neurolearning Clinic, have seen plenty of children who have received diagnoses of ADHD, autism, and mental illness -- and discovered that in some cases, the real problem was a learning or language disability. They share their expertise here with parents, at great length and maybe excessive detail. But if you've worried that professionals just don't quite get your kid, this could be a lifeline. 4 Stars

4. Supportive Parenting

Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Learning your child has special needs is daunting enough -- finding out that this means you will have to become your child's case manager, an expert in all his or her needs and strengths and challenges, can leave a parent feeling seriously unworthy. Author Jan Starr Campito has been there, done that, and taken notes to help parents new to the process, and those who just need some reassurance as they go along, take up the task of fighting their child's good fight. 4 Stars

5. A Life in Balance

A Life in Balance
Photo courtesy of Learning Breakthrough

"Learning Breakthrough" is a program that uses a balance board, pendulum, bean bags, and other therapy items to train kids' brains and make learning easier. Frank Belgau, who developed the program, tells of his experiences in the classroom and in academia as he worked with children to find the techniques that would turn the lights on for them. It's an engaging tale, maybe even enough to make you want to seek the program out and buy a kit at the end. 3.5 Stars

6. Understanding Your Child's Puzzling Behavior

Image courtesy of Lifespan Press

Figuring out what a child's behavior means is one of the great challenges of parenting. Addressing one thing when another thing is causing the problem can be frustrating for both parents and kids, but how do you properly put the puzzle together to get an accurate picture and plan? Child psychologist Steven E. Curtis offers a small book-full of charts and steps to help you do just that, and while it won't take you all the way, it's a good start. 3 Stars

7. Dyslogic Syndrome

Cover image courtesy of Jessica Kingsley Publishers

The subtitle of this book by Dr. Bernard Rimland is, "Why Millions of Kids Are "Hyper," Attention-Disordered, Learning-Disabled, Depressed, Aggressive, Defiant, or Violent -- and What We Can Do About It." If the "what we can do about it" part of this slim volume was more of the story than the "why millions of kids are messed up" part, I might have liked it better. By the time Dr. Rimland gets done sharing statistics on widespread brain damage, toxic environments, and medical malpractice, hope seems like kind of an afterthought. 2 Stars

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