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Autism Parenting News 2011


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Autism Parenting News - March/April 2011

Stories for parents of kids with autism featured in Today's News and Views in March and April of 2011 came from the following sites and blogs:

About.com Autism
+ Autism Awareness for Friends and Family
+ Play With Your Autistic Child: More Easily Said Than Done
+ Religious Inclusion and Autism: A Guest Blog from Bill Gaventa

+ How to tell your child about their Autism

Autism Rocks
+ What In the World Can You Do? AA Day April 2nd

+ 'Eye on the door': Life with autism wandering

Diving for Pearls
+ Welcome to Church! Can I Take Your Autism?

The Inclusive Church
+ 5 Things to Know about the Mother of a Child with Autism – Part 3
+ 5 Things to Know about the Mother of a Child with Autism – Part 4

Hopeful Parents
+ What I Wish I Had Known About Autism 4 Years Ago

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
+ April Is Autism Story Sharing Month on TPGA
+ iPads and Autism Resources: Fundraising, Donations, Research, and Education

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