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Gifts for Autism Advocacy

Spirited slogans give autistics their say


Click on one of the following slogans for kids, teens, or anyone with autism to find out what products it's offered on.

"Autistic kids rock! ... and spin, and flap, and ..."

"Celebrate the Beauty of the Autism Spectrum"

"Autism: It's Not Like You Think"

"Autism Know Me Know It!"

"I have autism and I am amazing!"

"I AM Someone with Autism!"

"It's Not Autism, it's AWEtism"

"Awesome Undaunted Talented Immeasurable Sensational Magnificent"

"Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious"

"Autism: It's Not a Processing Error, It's a Different Operating System"

"I Love My Neurotypical Mom"

"I (Heart) My Perseverations"

"It's a Stimmy Day"

"Not being able to talk is not the same as not having anything to say"

"I'm not trying to be bad. I have AUTISM. Please have patience with me."

"No, I have not had too much sugar. I'm just autistic."

"I'm Autistic, not stupid"

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