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Handling Your Child's Behavior Issues

Is it that your child won't or can't? So many children with special needs have behavior problems built into their diagnoses, and may act out due to impulses or self-protective routines that we can't understand. That doesn't mean you have to accept chaos as a way of life. Here's some help in handling the unique behavior challenges special-needs kids present us with.
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Your Child's Diagnosis: Behavior Issues
Use this alphabetical index to find information on ADHD, Tourette syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, and related diagnoses.

Why Does My Child DO That?
If you find yourself wondering what on earth your child could be thinking when he or she misbehaves, informal behavior analysis can help you find an answer. Here's how.

The ABCs of Behavior Management
Getting your child's behavior in check may seem like an impossible task, whether it's out of control all the time or just in specific situations. This ABC list of challenges and solutions can direct you to resources on this Parenting Special Needs site that will put you back in charge of the situation. It's not exactly as easy as ABC, but you...

Before You Discipline Your Child
You've had it up to here with your child's behavior -- but is it really misbehavior worthy of disciplinary action, or behavior related to your child's special needs that can be better addressed with understanding, support, and accommodations? Often, changing your actions and reactions will change your child's behavior for the better. Ask yourself these twelve important questions before you…

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior
From choosing realistic goals to picking your battles, here are ten strategies for making your child more manageable.

Write Your Own School Behavior Plan
Frustrated that the school isn't providing the plan your child needs? Find out what a behavior plan should look like and propose one of your own.

Sites of the Day: Behavior Issues
Listing of sites on behavioral special needs that have been featured as an About Parenting Special Needs Site of the Day.

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