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Preparing the School for Your Child with Tourette Syndrome


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Teachers can be great allies in keeping your child with Tourette Syndrome safe and successful in school, but you'll need to make sure they have all the knowledge they need to help. Use these suggestions to create a information packet to bring educators up to speed.

Five Things Teachers Need to Know

1. My child's tics may appear to be voluntary behaviors, but they are signs of a neurological problem, not a disciplinary problem.

2. My child may be able to control his tics for short periods, but it will use all his concentration and they will come back stronger afterwards. Please don't expect him to hold them in.

3. It's okay to let my child's classmates know about her condition as long as it's done in an appropriate way; I'd be happy to help prepare a program.

4. My child has significant challenges, but he also has many strengths and gifts. Please use these to help him have experiences of success.

5. Please keep the lines of communication open between our home and the school. My child needs all the adults in her life working together.

Printouts to Share with Teachers

Educating Children With Tourette Syndrome (pdf)
Source: SchoolBehavior.com

Tics And Tourette's Syndrome: An Overview
Source: SchoolBehavior.com

Teaching Children with Tourette Syndrome
Source: ERIC Digest

Children With TS Have Special Educational Needs
Source: Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

Getting Help at School
Source: Tourette Syndrome Association

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