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Five Behavior Books That Work


If the system of discipline you're using works for you, good for you! But if your child's behavior seems to resist every control you throw at it, maybe it's time to try something new. These books take a special look at the behavioral challenges of children who are intense, inflexible, developmentally different, inattentive or just plain puzzling -- and offer disciplinary strategies tailored to their needs.

1. The Challenging Child

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What's really going on when a child is sensitive, self-absorbed, defiant, inattentive, active or aggressive? Dr. Stanley Greenspan, in his wonderfully reassuring way, describes the bundle of neurological, sensory, and developmental factors that combine to create those troubling types -- and how you can play your way through. Read the Review | Compare Prices

2. The Explosive Child

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"Children will do well if they can." That's the philosophy behind this helpful behavior book, which then seeks to figure out why some kids can't. In this case, author Ross Greene looks at those children who seem unable to change their behavior even in the face of all reason, parental urging and dire consequences. Are they willful? Oppositional? Or just stuck? Read the Review | Compare Prices

3. Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach

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If you've heard of "positive discipline" but wondered how on earth to do it, this is the book that can show you. The Nurtured Heart Approach involves bombarding kids with positive statements, while treating misbehavior with unemotional time-outs. A credit system adds more positive feedback. You may be surprised how well it works. Read the Review | Compare Prices

4. Raising Your Spirited Child

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Sometimes, changing your attitude toward your child's behavior is far easier than actually changing that behavior. And in fact, sometimes changing your attitude changes the behavior, too. Appreciating the good qualities in our kids that often appear to be bad qualities is what this book is all about. Your own particular qualities will factor in, too. Read the Review | Compare Prices

5. Steps to Independence

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Showing kids how to do things for themselves is a nice idea, but it's so much easier to just do it for them. This is a book that teaches parents how to teach their children well, with step-by-step instructions on how to help kids learn to do everything from shoe-tying to home repair. Read the Review | Compare Prices
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