1. Parenting
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Changing the Environment


Definition: Changing the environment refers to eliminating the events that typically happen before a child's bad behavior so as to prevent the behavior from starting. It is useful in changing the behavior of children who, due to their special needs, are unable to control impulses, foresee consequences, or make good decisions. When it becomes clear that they are not able to avoid misbehavior under certain circumstances, the parent or teacher can change the circumstances so the behavior never becomes an issue. It's useful to do a behavior analysis to learn what triggers the troubling behavior, so that routines can be changed to eliminate that chain of events.
Alternate Spellings: Change the Environment
If your child has trouble working on math papers with lots of problems bunched together, change the way the paper looks -- either write the problems on another page with more space, or create a window for isolating each problem. Changing the way the problems look will work better than nagging your child to focus on something that frustrates him.

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