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Preparing the School for Your Child with Bipolar Disorder


Teachers can be great allies in keeping your child with bipolar disorder safe and successful in school, but you'll need to make sure they have all the knowledge they need to help. Use these suggestions to create a information packet to bring educators up to speed.

Five Things Teachers Need to Know

1. Excessive thirst, stomach problems and sleepiness are all possible side effects of my child's medication.

2. While it's important for school staff to know about my child's medication and be able to monitor side effects, please keep the information confidential and don't discuss it casually or in front of students. 

3. Bipolar disorder is a relatively new diagnosis in children, and one that is often misunderstood. I would be happy to make a presentation about it to the staff.

4. Any suicidal or threatening comments my child makes should be taken seriously.

5. Please keep the lines of communication open between our home and the school. My child needs all the adults in her life working together.

Print-Outs to Share with Teachers

Facts About Childhood-Onset Bipolar Disorder
Source: NAMI

Educating the Child with Bipolar Disorder
Source: Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

An Educator's Guide to Pediatric Bipolar Disorder
Source: Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Bipolar Disorder
Source: SchoolBehavior.com

Accommodating Students with Mood Lability: Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Source: SchoolBehavior.com

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