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Books on Sexuality


The following books on sexuality have been reviewed for the Harried Parent's Book Club. They are sorted by Guide Rating, with five stars being best.

1. Easy for You to Say: Q&As for Teens Living With Chronic Illness or Disability

Cover image courtesy of Firefly Books
Not for the faint of heart, this book is all about giving unflinchingly frank replies to the kinds of questions teens are embarrassed to ask their parents (and parents, all too often, are embarrassed to answer). 4 Stars

2. The Rules of Sex: Social and Legal Guidelines for Those Who Have Never Been Told

Cover image courtesy of Nora J. Balderian
"The talk" is a daunting prospect for any parent, and one you may feel you can duck if your child has developmental disabilities. But a frank talk is essential to making sure your child stays safe from abuse, disease, and legal trouble. This book offers a good start on that conversation. 4 Stars

3. Sexuality: Your Sons and Daughters With Intellectual Disabilities

Cover image courtesy of Brookes Publishing
You may think it's not necessary to talk to your special-needs child about sex, but think again -- about that conversation, and about your conviction that your child can never have a full, satifsying adult life. This book has a lot to say on both subjects. 4 Stars

4. The Facts of Life ... and More

Cover image courtesy of Brookes Publishing Company
What sort of life do you see for your child with intellectual disabilities? If it involves lifelong chastity and childishness, the authors of the essays in this book want you to know that you're probably dreaming. They argue -- on behalf of people with disabilities, and against well-meaning families and staff who think otherwise -- that sexuality is a part of life that should not be denied, and that denial will be circumvented in dangerous ways. 3.5 Stars
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