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Book Review: The Floppy Sleep Game Book

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Book Review: The Floppy Sleep Game Book
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The Bottom Line


By Patti Teel; 305 pages. Subtitle: A Proven 4-Week Plan to Get Your Child to Sleep

When your child can't sleep, it's hard on your child and hard on you. You don't want to refuse all help and support, but you also don't want to constantly respond to the pitter-patter of little feet tripping down the hall. This four-week plan will give you something constructive to do about the problem.

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  • Gives a specific, spelled-out plan for helping your child sleep
  • Offers detailed instructions for relaxation exercises and guided visualizations
  • Includes information on special-needs sleep problems
  • Comes with CD your child can play to help with sleep
  • Easy to read writing style with emphasis on practical information


  • More appropriate for younger children than older ones
  • Requires lots of time and effort from parents in first couple of weeks
  • Some material seems based more on opinion than on fact


  • Part One: The Problem with Sleep Today
    Chapter 1: Why Kids are Sleepier Than Ever
  • Chapter 2: How the Floppy Sleep Game Can Help Your Child
  • Part Two: Understanding Your Child's Sleep
  • Chapter 3: The Most Common Sleep Disturbances Kids Face Today ... and How Parents Can Help
  • Chapter 4: Eating Right for Sleep
    Chapter 5: Your Child's Sleep Journal
  • Part Three: Giving Your Child a Good Night's Sleep
  • Chapter 6: Establishing a Healthy Bedtime Routine
  • Chapter 7: The Four-Week Floppy Sleep Game Program
  • Chapter 8: Overcoming Anxiety and Maintaining Sleep Success
  • Appendix A: Bedtime Activities and Rituals
    Appendix B: Relaxation Techniques

Guide Review - Book Review: The Floppy Sleep Game Book


It's hard to know how to help a sleepless child. Change bedtimes? Change rooms? Lower the lights? Raise them a little? Turn on some music? Increase the quiet? Enforce isolation? Encourage snuggling? Is your child doing this to get attention, or because of a health problem, or due to severe emotional needs? What's going on, and can you please just go back to bed? The greatest virtue of The Floppy Sleep Game Book is that it gives parents a specific, detailed, day-to-day plan of what to do to make things better. Scripts for relaxation exercises and guided visualizations, along with a CD to gently move your child from needing your voice to listening to a recording, should help most children transition gently into sleep. They're also handy for dealing with anxiety in other situations, and teaching your child self-calming techniques. (Wouldn't hurt you to learn a few of them, too, most likely).

Sure, it's a lot of work in the beginning. If you're so exhausted by your kids' bedtime that you can barely shove them under the covers before you begin to nod off yourself, you may find the recommended bedtime routine, exercising and storytelling to be more than you can muster. Tough it out, though, and you'll likely be rewarded by a good night's sleep uninterrupted by "Mooooooom, Daaaaaaad, I can't sleep." Nothing worth doing is ever easy.


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