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Before You Take Kids on a Car Trip


When you're traveling by car with children, anything that puts off that constant demand of "Are we there yet?" is your friend. Keep these games, songs, and other easy activities at hand to make the miles pass quickly.

Learning Fun

Long car trips provide a good opportunity for sneaking some learning or therapy work into your silly songs and games. The kids don't need to know they're doing work.

Games to Play

Other games focus on the fun of travel -- license plates, road maps, sights to catch through the window. Make them part of your trip tradition.

Songs to Sing

Singalongs are always fun, though often ear-popping. Teach the kids some camp songs or pop standards and belt your way along the beltway.

Stories to Tell

Telling a story or playing an audio book are good ways to keep kids quiet and attentive on the road. Less quiet, but maybe more fun, are games that let kids tell the stories themselves.

Activities to Print

Keep a folder full of fun travel printouts for kids to use on the road, along with a bag of pencils and some sturdy surfaces that can be employed as writing desks.

Toys to Bring

Playthings made just for the road are a good addition to your supply of travel amusements.

Supplies to Load

Things like snacks and pillows and maps aren't really amusements, but you'll likely need them to get through a long road trip comfortably. Pack up.
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