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Work Issues for Parents of Children With Special Needs

When your child's needs demand all your time and attention, it can be hard to fit work in around the edges. Find out how other parents have handled these challenges, and see if you can find a way to gain some flexibility while keeping a career.

Balancing Your Career With Your Child's Special Needs
Parents of children with special needs require extraordinary flexibility in their jobs and their schedules. Moms who've found that as About.com guide share their tips for balancing work with a child's challenges.

Five Places to Look for More Flexible Work
Want to stay home and work while you care for your child with special needs? Check these five places to look for a more flexible work schedule, starting with the job you have right now.

Request a Work Schedule Change with a Flexibility Proposal
If your current work schedule and your childcare needs don't coincide, think about whether a change in hours would solve your problems. Then use a sample flexibility proposal memo from the book "More Than a Mom" to guide you in making your case to your employer.

Work Profile: Jeanette Bradley, About.com's Guide to Food Allergies
What do you do when your career is incompatible with your child's needs? For Jeanette Bradley, finding a more flexible job also made her work life more fulfilling.

Work Profile: Lisa Jo Rudy, About.com's Guide to Autism
Homeschooling can add an extra degree of difficulty to a schedule already stretched by a child with special needs. Lisa Jo Rudy shares how she made it work for her family.

Work Profile: Wendy Boswell, About.com's Guide to Web Search
When your child has significant needs, "work" has to fit around the real work of keeping your child alive. Wendy Boswell explains how she's ordered her priorities.

Work Profile: Angela Patterson, About.com Guide to Dallas
Your child needs you, and you need to have some work outside of parenting. Angela Patterson found that writing for About.com allowed her to meet both needs.

Work Profile: Carrie Craft, About.com's Guide to Adoption
When an older child with special needs comes into your family, the advocacy requirements can be particularly intense. Carrie Craft recalls how she handled the challenge.

Work Profile: Cynthia Nellis, About.com's Guide to Women's Fashion
When your child (and your child's school) needs you to be constantly available, a 9-to-5 job becomes impossible. For Cynthia Nellis, freelancing from home has been the only solution.

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