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Before You Make Your Holiday Plans


It's the season to be stressed-out, that time between Halloween and New Year's when malls deck their halls and carols make you crazy and traditions take you down. But maybe you've found a good strategy for the season, or have a story to tell that other parents can relate to. Take a moment, before the holiday daze descends, to give of your experience and wisdom on the Readers Respond pages below.

On Thanksgiving

Kicking off Stress Season is turkey day, which involves the always tricky combination of food, family, and The Way We've Always Done It.

On Gift-Giving

Finding just the right gift is always a challenge, and one too many people don't bother to step up to. Share the good, the inspired, the inexplicable.

On Traveling

Over the river and through the woods and to hell and back -- traveling with a child with special needs often feels like an epic adventure, full of twists and setbacks and thrilling rescues. Tell your tall tales.

On Trouble Spots

Often, the holiday routine forces us into areas we might otherwise avoid with our kiddos, from multi-level malls to multi-part outfits. How do you handle these seasonal stress-magnets?

On Family

Maybe they're loving and accepting, maybe they're anything but -- either way, the holidays are likely to bring more family togetherness than you know what to do with. Share your stories good and bad, as well as your fondest (or funniest) wish for the season.

On New Year's Resolutions

If you survive the holidays, it's time to look at the year ahead and figure out what you'd like to do differently -- or what someone else should think about changing.
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