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Holiday Stress Relief for Parents

Sanity Savers for Your Stressful Season


Hey, we all love the holidays, right? Right? Some things, sure. But the stress overload Santa dumps down our chimney this time of year is something we could all do without. To help you save your sanity, I've filled my bag with some great tips on easing Christmas craziness from all around the About.com Parenting channel, and wrapped them up with some holiday verse that I hope will give you a smile along the way.

Shopping and Sending

Twas the holiday season, and all through my head
Ran to-do lists, too-late lists, such feelings of dread.
Shopping and sending for some is a cinch
But holiday stress turns me into a Grinch.
Don't Grinch out! Go easy on yourself with these tips for de-stressing your shopping and spending and card-sending routines. Scroll down for more

Tantrums Unending

The children were lying awake in their beds,
While holiday stressfulness messed with their heads.
The wanting, the waiting, the breaks in routines
Brought holiday tantrums and terrible scenes.
The most wonderful time of the year? Not always. If holiday traditions make your kids bonkers, try these tips for toning it down.

Family Descending

When out from the living room came such a fuss,
It was clear that houseguests had descended on us.
Relatives are such a blessing, you know,
But things would be peaceful if they would just GO.
Family stressing you out? Follow these tips for taking family gatherings in stride, or at least laughing about them after.

Lives Upending

Weeks on the calendar moving so fast
Reminded me of all those holidays past
And how things have changed for the better or worse,
Those memories can be a holiday curse.

Are changed situations in your family life causing extra stress this time of year? Follow these guidelines for getting with the new program.

Moms and Dads Fending

Now Mama! now, Papa! now, grandparents too!
Some seasonal stress was delivered for you.
We all had our own special reasons to whine,
But nobody's load was as heavy as mine.

Nobody understands what you go through, do they? Check these tips tailored to your personal situation to get some individual advice.

Peacefulness Pending

My head, how it pounded! my nerves were in knots!
My patience exhausted, my energy shot.
No more would I slave like an overworked elf,
At last it was time to take care of myself.
When holiday madness is in full swing, it's hard to find a moment to spend on yourself -- but if you don't recharge now and then, you'll never make it through. Read these stress-relief tips and inspirational messages to fill those batteries.

Offense Intending

I was feeling much better, but here's a confession,
Nothing cuts stress like a good old gripe session.
Letting off steam about others' offenses
Worked wonders at bringing me back to my senses.
So it's not the cheerful holiday thing, but sometimes venting about your seasonal disappointments and hurts puts them in perspective. Tell your tales of woe in these Reader Respond pages.

Spirits Ascending

With a spring in my step, I looked back at the season,
And saw that at least it would give me a reason
To have a good laugh at my holiday plight.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a calm night.
Even the hardest holidays can allow for a little twinkle. Read these articles for some seasonal humor, and share your own good memories and reasons to be thankful.

For more seasonal advice from About.com Parenting guides, visit the Family Holidays Survival Guide.

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