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Handling Your Child's Developmental Issues

You know the feeling: Your child is playing in a roomful of kids his or her own age, and you notice how much the others are talking, or playing together, or performing feats of physical dexterity, while your child sits silent, playing alone, relying on repetitive movements. Every child marches to his or her own developmental drummer, but if yours is marching far off the track, you may need to bring in special help.
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Your Child's Diagnosis: Developmental Issues
Use this alphabetical index to find information on autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, intellectual disabilities, and related disorders.

Before You Worry About Your Child
Think something's not right with your little one? Here's a guide to developmental milestones, charts and checkers to help you decide whether it's really time to worry.

The Dreaded "Wait and See"
So you're worried about your child, and you've brought your concerns to your pediatrician, and your pediatrician has uttered the three least satisfying words in the English language: "Wait and See." Welcome to Worry Limbo!

Sites of the Day: Developmental Disabilities
Listing of sites on developmental disabilities that have been featured as a About Parenting Special Needs Site of the Day.

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