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Disability Rights

People with disabilities are fighting for the right to participate equally in society, to be included in schools and in the workforce, and to have their lives valued as highly as anybody else's. These articles deal with the fight for disability rights, from the ADA to the protest against "Million Dollar Baby."

Americans With Disabilities Act Turns 21
And yet, every day, we seem to hear about people who don't believe those rights exist. (7/27/11)

What Is the Americans With Disabilities Act?
Learn about the law that requires organizations accepting public funds to make their buildings and their programs accessible to people with disabilities.

Person-First Language
A definition of person-first language, with a link to more information.

We Expect Respect
If parents of children with special needs would speak together with one voice in demanding respect for all, perhaps businesses and community groups would not feel so free to exclude us.

225 Substitutes for the R-Word
When people are asked not to use the R-Word, they often respond with "You can't say anything these days!" Not so! Here are 225 words that will do nicely in place of an offensive term that's outlived its usefulness.

Eight Things You Can Do for Children With Special Needs
It's easy to post a kind saying about kids with special needs with your social networks, but how you deal with real kids in the real world means more.

What Is the R-word?
A definition of the R-word, with links to more information.

Books on Disability Rights
Parents of children with disabilities have a particular responsibility to learn about issues surrounding disability rights and not only make sure those rights are respected, but fill their children with an appreciation of their own value and strength. These books give a good introduction to the challenges faced by the disabled in today's society and their fight to be respected rather than pitied.

Americans with Disabilities Act Marks 15th Year
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) marked its 15th year anniversary on July 26, 2005. Has it made good on its promise to broaden access to businesses, schools and jobs for the disabled? These 15 links give a range of information on ADA's successes and challenges.

Is "Million Dollar Baby" Dangerous?
A look at the controversy surrounding the film, which some have accused of promoting euthanasia and unfairly depicting life with disabilities.

Who Decides There's No Hope?: Euthanasia and Disabilities
The much-debated case of Terri Schindler Schiavo is at heart a disability rights issue. Do the cognitively impaired have rights? Can those rights be waived? Who decides when a life no longer has value? Parents of children with special needs, as caretakers of the helpless and voiceless, need to make sure their children's rights are being...

See what inspires young artists with disabilities from all over the U.S. in...
Young artists with disabilities share what inspires them in entries from the All Kids Can CREATE art contest from VSA and CVS Caremark.

All Kids Can CREATE
Artwork by students with disabilities is on display in this gallery of winners of the All Kids Can CREATE contest hosted by CVS Caremark and VSA.

Book Review: Forced Exit
Those advocating euthanasia promote it as a way to help someone who no longer wishes to live find release -- but does that help ever come in the form of a push? Wesley Smith presents disturbing evidence that what may start out as a humanitarian impulse can quickly turn into survival of the fittest.

State of the Art
For an exhibition marking the 20th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, CVS Caremark and VSA held a contest for young artists with disabilities and picked one winner for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Take a walk through this virtual version of the gallery and appreciate the talent and wisdom of these creative...

Americans With Disabilities Act Turns 20
The Americans with Disabilities Act, which seeks to find a broader place for people with disabilities in U.S. businesses, workplaces and schools, became law on July 26, 1990. In honor of its 20th anniversary this year, I've updated the list from the law's 15th anniversary to offer 20 links to information on the ADA and the anniversary from...

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