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225 Substitutes for the R-Word


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You Don't Really Need to Use the R-Word
Be a Fan of Respect
Image courtesy of special Olympics

Often, when asked not to use the R-word, defensive speakers will reply, "You can't say anything these days!" But people, that's just a failure of imagination. Many, many, many substitutes for that offensive slur against individuals with intellectual disabilities are just a thesaurus away. In fact, I'll make it even easier than that -- in these pages, I'll share 225 words that can easily stand in for the R-word and make your vocabulary less limited.

For some thoughts as to why this is important, view the PSAs created by the Special Olympics R-word campaign at r-word.org. While you're there, take the pledge to stop using the R-word and grab a graphic like the one above to spread the word.

Still concerned this respect thing is going to cramp your linguistic style? Move on to the next page to see some of the many, many words still at your disposal.

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