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Down-Syndrome News 2012


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Down-Syndrome News - January/February/March 2012

In March of 2012, I blogged about World Down Syndrome Day. Other Down-syndrome-related stories featured in Today's News and Views in the first three months of 2012 came from the following sites and blogs:

+ Boy With Down Syndrome Becoming an Unlikely Ad Star

Barriers, Bridges, and Books
+ Wrongful Birth Suits: A No Win Situation…

Big Blueberry Eyes
+ Who is the Burden?

+ Parents Sue After Daughter Born With Down Syndrome

Carrie With Children
+ Special Needs Mom Response: Couple Sues for "Wrongful Birth"

Different Dream for My Child
+ So Full of Love: Siblings and Down Syndrome

Disability Scoop
+ Down Syndrome Awareness Gets Boost From UN
+ Parents Net Millions After Daughter Born With Down Syndrome
+ Funding For Down Syndrome Research Shrinks
+ With UN Backing, Down Syndrome Day Makes Mark

Down Syndrome New Mama
+ Hippotherapy—Just Horsin' Around?

Down Wit Dat
+ Better Living Through Peek-A-Boo
+ Happy World Down Syndrome Day! (and, Welcome to the T-21 Blog Hop! )

Life With My Special Ks
+ Choice

Lovin' Life
+ World Down Syndrome Day

+ Child model with Down syndrome inspires thousands

Noah's Dad
+ 5 Things Target Said By Using A Model With Down Syndrome
+ World Down Syndrome Day 2012

Support for Special Needs
+ Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day
+ World Down Syndrome Day by @SnapsofOurLife

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